‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 10 Recap Summary: Did The Surgery Help Jeong-Woo?

The light-hearted love story of Ha-neul and Jeong-woo takes a sweet turn in the tenth episode of the series Doctor Slump. They decide to keep aside their differences and aid each other in building their professional careers. Ha-neul makes sure that Jeong-woo regains his lost confidence so that he is able to perform surgeries without dwelling on his past failures. Jeong-woo also ensures that he stands as a pillar of strength for Ha-neul, protecting her from the rest of the world and helping her get over her past traumas. Will Jeong-woo be able to confront Kyung-Min for having used Ha-neul? Will Jeong-woo revive his lost confidence? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Ha-Neul Help Jeong-Woo Revive His Confidence?

When Ha-neul came to know that Jeong-woo had lost his confidence and was unable to perform surgeries, she decided to join his clinic to boost his confidence. She had requested that Dr. Bin let her remain present during the surgery, as Jeong-woo was unable to trust any of his other colleagues. His trust had been shattered after one of his former colleagues injected anticoagulants into the medication of his last patient, leading to her death. Ha-neul told Dr. Bin that she wanted to help Jeong-woo overcome his fears and start his career afresh. 


Dr. Bin allowed Ha-neul to assist Dr. Bin in his first surgery after the incident. When Jeong-woo saw Ha-neul inside the operation theater, he was shocked. Even though the surgery went well, he later blamed Dr. Bin for appointing Ha-neul as his assistant. Jeong-woo did not want her to assist him because he knew that her aspirations did not lie in assisting at a cosmetology clinic. He thought that Ha-neul was sabotaging her own aspirations for him to succeed in life. 

Why Did Mr. Han Come To Visit Jeong-Woo?

Mr. Han, Jeong-woo’s school teacher, came to see him at the clinic. He told Jeong-woo that he was extremely thrilled after getting to know that his former student had regained his position as one of the top-notch cosmetic surgeons in the city. When he saw Ha-neul with him, he was so impressed that both his former students had become successful doctors that he offered to take them out for lunch. 


Mr. Han told Dr. Bin how Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were the best students in his class and how they competed against each other. We are again taken back in time to when both of them were students. Ha-neul used to bring chili peppers to school to ensure that she did not fall asleep while studying. When Jeong-woo realized that consuming too many chili peppers affected Ha-neul’s health, he told her that chili peppers were banned in school. They all reminisced about their old school days, reviving their old memories. Later, when Jeong-woo and Ha-neul were walking back home, he told her that he had liked her since their school days and couldn’t see her suffer. He asked her to quit working at Dr. Bin’s clinic, as it had never been her dream. 

Why Did Jeong-Woo Go To Confront Kyung-Min?

When Jeong-woo came to know from Hong-ran how Kyung-min had been the reason for Ha-neul hitting rock bottom in her life, he was livid. He went to confront Kyung-Min and asked him why he had been so mean to Ha-neul. Kyung-min said that Ha-neul was incompetent for the post of professor and wanted to steal his limelight. He advised Jeong-woo to maintain his distance from her. Unbeknownst to Kyung-min, having talked ill about Ha-neul, he had stomped on Jeong-woo’s feelings for her. Jeong-woo got so mad at him that the two got into a sudden brawl. Later, Jeong-woo went to Ha-neul and told her that he was lucky to have her in his life. He further said that when he saw Ha-neul in the operation theater, his hands started trembling out of anxiety. At the back of his mind, he had been thinking about impressing Ha-neul with a perfect surgery. Ha-neul reciprocated, saying that she was also happy that the two of them were helping each other prosper in their lives. She then insisted that they go clubbing, and later they were seen enjoying their time at a nightclub. 


Did The Surgery Help Jeong-Woo?

Ha-neul told Jeong-woo that she had thought that if the two of them worked together, then they could prosper in their careers. She, however, retracted her sentence, saying that if Jeong-woo did not want her to continue working at Dr. Bin’s clinic, then she would respect his wishes, but before that, he had to help their teacher, Mr. Han, with a surgery. 

Ha-neul said that the last day Mr. Han had come to their clinic, he wanted to get surgery done for a lump on his back. He had, however, not told Jeong-woo about it after overhearing two nurses say that Jeong-woo had lost his former confidence in performing surgeries. He did not want to trouble Jeong-woo when he was already going through a lot. It was later that Ha-neul discovered the lump on his back and decided to help him with it. Ha-neul told Jeong-woo that Mr. Han’s surgery would be the last surgery that she would help him with so that he could gain back his position in the medical field. Jeong-woo agreed to the surgery, and Ha-neul was thrilled to have finally convinced him. Ha-neul constantly tried to boost his confidence, which eventually helped him perform the surgery on Mr. Han. 

What Will Happen Next?

Finally, Ha-neul came to know from her friend Hong-ran that Jeong-woo had taken her side and confronted Kyung-min for being unfair to her previously. Upon getting to know how protective Jeong-woo was of her, they eventually patched up and went back to being a happy couple, supporting each other in their endeavors. However, the next episode of Doctor Slump is likely to bring out some misunderstandings between the couple, which they are likely to sort out on their own. Their bond will grow stronger with time, making the duo inseparable over time. Whether Ha-neul will continue to work at Dr. Bin’s clinic to morally support Jeong-woo or pursue a different path will also be revealed in the next episode of Doctor Slump

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