‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending: Does Park Ae Ran Get Divorced?

Shin Sung Han is a former pianist who switched careers and became a lawyer. He only takes divorce cases and seems to have a motive behind them. Previously in “Divorce Attorney Shin,” Sung Han helped Lee Seo Jin win custody of her son in a complex divorce case. Sung Han is counting his wins and plans to do something big after achieving his goal. His nephew, Gi Young, seems to be the reason behind it. Sung Han has a poor relationship with Gi Young’s stepmother, Jin Yeong Jin, and he seems to be plotting something against her.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Sung Han Choose To Become A Lawyer?

Sung Han got drunk, and the pianist in him came out while reminiscing about the past. He passionately played piano on the street at midnight without knowing someone was recording him. He wakes up the next day to find out his video is going viral on the internet, and he doesn’t like it. He sends messages to the owner of the video to take it down but doesn’t get a reply. While he is getting frantic over the video, his new client visits his office in a visible panic. Park Ae Ran has finally decided to divorce her husband, but she is worried because she hit her mother-in-law, who is now hospitalized. Sung Han is surprised to hear it at first but later understands her situation. Ae Ran has been enduring mental and physical torture from her mother-in-law, and Sung Han is her only hope of getting what she wants. She wants her share of the building that her husband owns, but the problem is that the building is registered under her mother-in-law’s name. Her husband did that to save the property when his business went bankrupt. Ae Ran knows her husband has a document that mentions he is the real owner of the building, but he refuses to give it to her when she tells him that she is going to file for divorce.


Sung Han needs to know more about his client and her family, so his friend helps him. He pretends to be looking for a house and asks around Ae Ran’s neighborhood about their building. He finds out that Ae Ran is a hardworking woman whose mother-in-law is a nuisance. Ae Ran manages the building, so renting the house won’t be a problem, but he will often have to hear her mother-in-law shouting at her family members. Sung Han confirms that Ae Ran has something that can work in her favor in her complicated case. Meanwhile, Lee Seo Jin, who won the case and got custody of her son, is struggling to get a job. She needs to show proof of income to the court, but she is struggling to get a decent job because of her scandal. She is desperate and goes to Sung Han to get a job at his office. Sung Han doesn’t really need another employee but ends up hiring her as she proves that she can do any miscellaneous task.

Sung Han’s nephew, Gi Yeong’s stepmother, gets the idea that Sung Han might be coming after her and gets alert. She quickly asks her lawyer, Park Yu Seok, to pay a visit to Sung Han and talk to him about it. Park Yu Seok and Sung Han go back a long way, and both know each other really well. Sung Han is calm while talking to him, but there is a rage deep within him, waiting to come out all at once. Sung Han is going to take revenge against all those who were responsible for his sister, Ju Hwa’s, death. The reason he chose to become a divorce attorney, in particular, is his sister, who took her own life after losing custody of her son, Gi Yeong, in the divorce battle. His sister would have survived if she had a better lawyer. Park Yu Seok was her lawyer back then, and Sung Han holds a grudge against him for selling himself to Jin Yeong Jin and betraying Ju Hwa. Yu Seok knows the depth of this situation and is scared of what Sung Han might do. Yeong Jin is also as scared as he is because she knows that she is also one of Sung Han’s targets. Yu Seok decides to take down Sung Han before he can take any further action.


What Does Yu Seok Plan To Defeat Sung Han?

Lee Seo Jin got the job at Sung Han’s office, but later she felt that she put Sung Han in an uncomfortable position by using her tragedy in her favor because she was desperate. She goes to the office the next day to inform Sung Han that she won’t work at his office, but Sung Han suddenly sees a rise in the number of clients after he wins Seo Jin’s case. He is overwhelmed and asks Seo Jin to handle the crowd while he sneaks out of the office. Among the crowd is Choi Joon, the intern at Park Yu Seok’s Geumhwa law firm. Yu Seok has sent him to find out details about Sung Han’s new case. Choi Joon follows Sung Han out and finds out that his client is Park Ae Ran. He reports it immediately to Park Yu Seok, who asks him to take this case. Yu Seok promises Choi Joon that he will get Park Ae Ran’s husband to fight this divorce case with them and will also help him win the case no matter what. He just doesn’t want Sung Han to win. Sung Han has already decided on his strategy. Ae Ran’s mother-in-law is going to sue Ae Ran for assault, so Sung Han advises Ae Ran to countersue her mother-in-law for defamation, claiming that she never pushed her and is being falsely accused.

Park Yu Seok meets Ae Ran’s husband and tells him that he found out about her situation from his sister, who lives in his neighborhood. He first provokes him about how they have become gossip in their neighborhood and later tells him that their firm can take his case free of charge as they have a rule for new lawyers to take their first case pro bono. Ae Ran’s husband is skeptical about it and doesn’t accept their offer right away. Later, he meets Ae Ran to sort out their issue without a lawsuit, but Ae Ran is adamant about it and tells him that she is going to sue his mother for defamation. This leaves her husband with no choice, and he accepts Yu Seok’s offer. During the mediation session, both Ae Ran and her husband kept quiet, and their lawyers kept blaming the other side. Choi Joon claims that Ae Ran can’t get a share in the building because it doesn’t belong to her husband, and Sung Han claims that it is not true. Even so, Ae Ran still deserves the share because she has been supporting their family financially while suffering from depression and panic disorder. Ae Ran has been keeping quiet, but she feels guilty about lying. She confesses that she did hit her mother-in-law because she couldn’t tolerate it anymore, but she is still adamant about getting a share in the building for all that she has endured.


‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 4: Ending

After Ae Ran confesses, her husband also submits the voice recording and the document that mentions that he owns the building. The case doesn’t need to go any further after this, as both parties revoke their lawsuits. Ae Ran’s mother-in-law wanted them to get a divorce because she never liked Ae Ran. She always talked about the vice principal’s daughter, whom she wanted her son to marry, but this time Ae Ran’s husband speaks up for her. The vice principal’s daughter didn’t want to live with Ae Ran’s mother-in-law and said she should be sent to a nursing home. Ae Ran’s husband broke up with her right then, and later, he met Ae Ran, who was kind-hearted and took care of his mother like her own. His mother feels guilty after hearing this, and the next day, she apologizes to Ae Ran. Ae Ran cooks her mother-in-law a meal even after everything that’s happened and also apologizes to her.

Sung Han needed to win one more case to achieve his goal, but Ae Ran’s case got revoked. Lawyer Choi Joon gets impressed by Sung Han’s work and resigns from the Geumhwa law firm. He wants to become a divorce lawyer and thinks that working with Sung Han will be the best experience to learn from. He goes to Sung Han with his resume, but Sung Han clearly tells him that he neither has a place for another lawyer nor wants to have any connection with anyone from Geumhwa. However, Choi Joon has a strong card to use in his favor. He offers Sung Han to take down his video of him playing piano if he gives him the job. Sung Han had been begging the owner to take down the video, and Choi Joon turned out to be the one. It looks like Sung Han might just get Choi Joon on board, as he did with Seo Jin. “Divorce Attorney Shin” is about to get interesting with the expansion of Sung Han’s law firm and all these strange and unique characters.


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