‘Destined With You’ Episodes 13 And 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Mu-Jin Stab Aeng-Cho?

The new episodes of Destined With You are clearly gearing us towards a happy ending. Episode 14 gives us a detailed look at everything that happened in her past life that led to Aeng-Cho dying at the hands of her love, Mu-Jin. In the present, Shin-Yu tries hard to get back with Hong-Ju, who is determined to stay away from him after what the old shaman told her. Strangely, this is the same shaman who told her that they were destined to be together, so what really goes on? Hong-Ju found out that it was she in her past life who cursed Shin-Yu’s family for eternity, and so now she is trying to stay away from them because that’s the only solution. Let’s see how that works out for her.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The 13 Episode?

Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that it doesn’t matter what she said before; she needs time away from him because she’s remembered some things that are making her uncomfortable. At the same time, she shows Shin-Yu physically that he can’t stand the thought of her hand on his face, so how exactly does he expect them to be together? Eun-Wol told Hong-Jo that unless someone died, the curse could not be lifted. As always, Shin-Yu can’t stay away, though, and he tries to come see her, using the excuse of his mother sending food to her, then as a drunk guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but Hong-Jo doesn’t budge from her stance. On the other hand, Jae-Gyeong tells Shin-Yu about Haum, and he is not happy about it. He reminds Jae-Gyeong that this is a personal grudge, so he should figure out what side he’s picking.


Hong-Jo’s coworkers force her into having a housewarming party, even though she’s been living there for two years. They just want to hang out with Jae-Gyeong, but this helps them all because it takes Hong-Jo’s mind off things, and her colleagues are friendlier than before. Jae-Gyeong is happy that he could be of help. At work, Shin-Yu’s assistant waters the plant gifted to him by Na-Yeon. He gets distracted while talking to Shin-Yu and pours in a little too much without realizing the water is overflowing. But the water is red rather than clear, making them worried. When they clean out the pot, they find the shirt and gloves Na-Yeon had stolen to give the gardener. Shin-Yu finally pieces things together, and even though Na-Yeon pretends she was threatened into helping the weird man, Shin-Yu is certain she did it on purpose. Jae-Gyeong, who is on a business trip, happens to see a weird man on the CCTV footage and informs Shin-Yu immediately. Hong-Jo, as always, doesn’t know how to pick up her phone when needed. The police have been called, and she finally answers, but before she can close the window, Jung-Beom reaches towards her through the window grill and grabs her by the collar. He tells her that if he were a younger, more handsome man, she wouldn’t have threatened him like this. Fortunately, before things get out of hand, the police arrive, and he flees the scene. 

Shin-Yu sees how shaken Hong-Jo is and decides to take her to his home. He has no intention of making her go back  until Jung-Beom is in prison, but also because he’s happy they’re back together. Shin-Yu steps out to get some medication, even though Hong-Jo tells him not to. He actually knows that Jung-Beom has followed them to his apartment and goes to face him. By that time, Jung-Boem had made it to the apartment (somehow, he knew the right flat). Again, they can’t reach each other, and Hong-Jo decides, even with a stalker on the loose, that after being hurt by him, she will open the door anyway. She doesn’t open the door fully, though, and when she shuts it back, Jung-Boem is standing right there on the side. He’s about to do something when Shin-Yu makes it back up the stairs. After some time, when Hong-Jo comes back out, she hears Shin-Yu’s phone ring somewhere nearby. When she steps into the stairwell, she sees a stabbed Shin-Yu lying on the floor with a lot of blood around him.


What Happens In Episode 14?

Shin-Yu somehow wakes up when Hong-Jo starts screaming and crying for him to open his eyes. He says her past-life name and goes unconscious. Hong-Jo takes him to the hospital, and when his parents arrive, she’s too ashamed to be there, so she leaves.

Mu-Jin and Aeng-Cho were deeply in love, but because Aeng-Cho was a shaman, she was considered a lowlife, even lower than animals. Mu-Jin’s father didn’t approve of her and told Mu-Jin to get married to another woman, threatening some horrific things about Aeng-Cho if he didn’t. On the other hand, Aeng-Cho gets threatened and tells Mu-Jin to stay away from her. Her grandmother is tortured, and she has no choice but to lie to him. In the meantime, the queen (probably a second one) asks Aeng-Cho to perform a spell to make sure she is gifted with a son. When the kid is born, she is overjoyed, but there is another problem. A crowned prince is already in place, so this queen forces Aeng-Cho into using black magic to kill the crown prince.


When she’s at the palace, where she’s supposed to be hidden from everybody before the queen gives birth, Aeng-Cho accidentally meets Mu-Jin. Again, there’s a confession, and again, they start hanging out whenever they can. In the meantime, the army hears that there’s a deadly shaman in the palace, causing problems for the kingdom. Although Aeng-Cho tries to do the spell to kill the crown prince, she stops midway because it’s too much for her. She had told the queen that if she used black magic, she would have to pay for it. The queen had threatened Mu-Jin at the time, but still, Aeng-Cho had stopped. The crown prince one day spits blood mysteriously and dies. This is when the king finds Aeng-Cho and tortures her for the death of his son, the king-to-be. Aeng-Cho denies it and tells him in many words that it was the queen who wanted the crown prince dead, and she may have poisoned him. Furious, the king grabs a sword and tries to kill her himself. She yells out at him, “Try me if you like, but whoever kills me will be cursed for generations.” The king stops himself and gets her thrown in a well (without water), where she’s to starve and die from the cold.

At the same time, they have destroyed all the spell books she used to use, except the one she wrote herself. The queen wants that spell book because the truth about her telling Aeng-Cho to perform the curse will be out in the world. Both Jae-Gyeong and Jung-Beom are also part of this past life. They’re the soldiers who are tasked with bringing the book back to the queen. Jae-Gyeong’s past self is greedy, so he’s willing to have his men kill her. Mu-Jin saves Aeng-Cho from the well and tells her that the queen has demanded the spell book. She tells him that she doesn’t want to give it to her, but when she’s asleep, he takes it with him. Jae-Gyeong and his men find him. The spell book is worth a lot, so he doesn’t want Mu-Jin to take it to the queen. Moreover, he would like to take Aeng-Cho with him, too. There’s a huge fight, and an injured Mu-Jin has some kind of superpower because he’s able to fight even though he’s massively outnumbered and terribly wounded. Finally, Aeng-Cho shows up there too, and everybody thinks Mu-Jin is dead because Jae-Gyeong stabbed him in the back, but he was somehow still alive. He says he will kill Aeng-Cho himself because Jae-Gyeong had threatened to have her dismembered (maybe the worst possible way to die in that period). That is why Mu-Jin had stabbed her himself and said that it didn’t matter if he was cursed; he would do it 100 times for her.


Does Shin-Yu Survive The Stab Wound?

Mu-Jin’s wish before Aeng-Cho dies in his arms is for them to be happy in the next life. In the present day, Shin-Yu finally wakes up. The first thing he asks his mother is where Hong-Jo is. Jae-Gyeong and Hong-Jo have been talking, and he’s been making sure she’s alright in the past few days. She ships herself off to a safe space, the home of a neighbor from her childhood who knew her mother. Shin-Yu asks Jae-Gyeong to help him get to her, but he refuses to help. Because Hong-Jo is unwilling to meet him, Shin-Yu tricks her into thinking that Jung-Beom wants to see her in a park. He uses his voice and tells Hong-Jo to meet if she doesn’t want anything worse to happen to Shin-Yu. She meets Shin-Yu, and he asks how she could come to see Jung-Beom with no fear. She admits that Shin-Yu is precious to her, so she would do anything to keep him safe.

Finally, at the end of Destined With You Episode 14, Shin-Yu gets Hong-Jo’s hand to touch his face. She is the one who flinches this time, but when he places her hand on his cheek, she is reminded of the good things from the past. He tells her that because he was dead for a bit, he remembered everything in his past life, which also means the curse has been lifted (someone had to die, right?). They’re back together now, hopefully for good.


PS: We’ve seen many stupid characters in K-dramas, and Hong-Jo definitely falls under the category of the dumbest ones.

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