‘Delicious In Dungeon’ Episodes 4-5 Recap Summary: Did Senshi Get Rid Of The Ghosts?

As absurd as it is, Delicious in Dungeon grows on you because it is a tale about friendship. We have seen those shows where misfits come together and form bonds, and this one follows a similar narrative trajectory and becomes engaging. The obsession with food on this journey is still a little hard to understand. But the overall gist is that these misfits are on an adventure to save Falin, who is trapped in a dragon’s belly. Meanwhile, there are lots of monsters they have to face, which gives them all the more chance to hone their skills at cooking delicious monster food.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Marcille Have A Problem With Golems?

The group had made it past the third level and was now in even more spooky territory as the number of monsters was going to increase and the intensity with which they fought was going to be challenging. At the fourth level, there were Golems to be found, which were magically operated and made up of 99 percent dirt. Senshi surprised everyone when he went straight into the dark area, where they were sure to attack the group. Laios and the others had to follow him, as he always seemed sure and trustworthy. But Marcille was perplexed, as Senshi couldn’t make a meal out of the Golems, which were huge but inedible. Senshi knew something they didn’t. As Golems were 99 percent dirt, Senshi had planted a lot of vegetables on them. He had done so because Golems maintained a perfect moisture content in the dirt for the vegetables to grow to their fullest. Everybody was stunned to hear that Senshi had basically used magical creatures for farming purposes. Marcille was offended, as she was a magical creature herself and didn’t like Senshi using such measures for his food. Senshi said that he had a shelter on the fourth level, and he came there to help the monsters that were stuck on the fourth level. Also, the vegetables held the Golems’ dirt together, making them stronger. So it wasn’t totally unethical.


Why Did Marcille Fight The Orc?

After getting the vegetables from the Golems, Senshi prepared a fantastic meal for everyone. As these weren’t monster foods, Marcille was thrilled. She got to taste normal food for the first time in a while. She learned that she shouldn’t be too quick to judge Senshi’s actions. He had made her aware that she relied on her magical ability a lot, whereas a skilled life had to be devoid of magic. The vegetables were not fully consumed in making a meal that filled everyone’s belly to the fullest. There was still a huge quantity remaining. Senshi decided to trade it for some spices. Luckily, there were some merchants who lived perpetually in the dungeon. They had a lot of customers who couldn’t go to the surface; perhaps they were delinquents or had done something unforgivable that kept them from going up. Senshi didn’t want to waste the vegetables and tried trading them to the merchant for some spices, but he disdainfully declined. Before Senshi could reason with him, the orcs arrived and massacred the customers. Senshi was an old pal; hence, he was left unharmed, but nobody was sure for how long. Senshi asked the leader of the orcs if he would allow the group to follow it to its village in the dungeon. It obliged.

The leader of the orcs had his own resentment towards the elves who had driven the orcs from the surface, and now their fate was to live underground. Marcille got fed up with the Orcs’ rant about the injustice and began a verbal back and forth about how the Orcs were responsible for their own downfall. They had looted the surface and, hence, were driven away. Senshi had no stake in this fight as he was busy preparing a meal, which is why he had followed the Orcs in the first place. Laios got to know that the Orcs had seen the Red Dragon. It was apparently somewhere on the sixth level. Laios promised that the Orc Village wouldn’t be attacked, and he was serious about keeping the promise.


How Did Laios Sense The Bugs?

In the previous episode, Laios had kept a mollusk in his scabbard and not told anyone about it. Perhaps he wanted to cook it later. When the group moved ahead towards the fifth level, they saw a group of adventurers dead in a hallway. They had died of a mysterious cause. Beside the corpses was a treasure chest, and gold coins were casually lying on the floor. It seemed as if they had tried to take the treasure away and died instantly. Laios had a tingling sensation as he sensed that the mollusc in his sword wanted to take control of the sword and attack as it sensed danger. Chilchuck was warned not to touch the gold coins, as they could be lethal bugs. Marcille got so frightened that she involuntarily used stun magic, ceasing the movement of all the bugs and blinding everyone for a moment. The treasure chest was full of bugs, and Senshi used the opportunity to cook them and make a great meal. It was hilarious to see him use every opportunity to cook monster food. Senshi managed to get Chilchuck to throw real treasure in a pit of darkness, leaving Marcille furious. It was a comedy of errors, as Chilchuck thought that all of the treasure was bugs, but Senshi had separated the real treasure from the bugs. Chilchuck thought that Senshi meant that some of the bugs were inedible, but all he was saying was that treasure is inedible.

How Did Senshi Get Rid Of The Ghosts?

On passing deeper into the fifth level, the group started to face creepy ghosts that couldn’t be fought with Laios’ sword, or Senshi’s ax, for that matter. When Falin first accompanied Laios on his quest to kill the Red Dragon, she had used a special spell to keep the ghosts away, but now everybody was vulnerable to them. Laios, more so, because he grew weak and regretful thinking about his sister Falin, who had been eaten by the Red Dragon. Laios faced his guilt for not having been able to avoid that. In that state, a ghost got hold of him, and Senshi had to prepare holy water to get rid of the ghosts. He used multiple items in his bag that had been traditionally used to ward off evil and mixed them in water with salt. The ghosts went away, and the holy water turned into sorbet. The explanation for this was that the ghosts interacted with the ingredients, and the good and the bad were neutralized in the holy water, making it into a delicious sorbet. Laios couldn’t believe his luck after having the delicious sorbet, and he even went ahead to claim that it wouldn’t have been possible if Falin had not been eaten by the Red Dragon. This statement shocked everyone, and Laios started to repent and cry profusely for being a horrible brother. He was clearly shaken up by the ghost, but he needed more strength than ever to go to the sixth level and fight the monster. 


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