‘Delicious In Dungeon’ Episode 3 Recap Spoilers: Did Laios Overcome His Fear Of The Living Armor?

The third episode of Delicious in Dungeon made Laios the central figure of the episode as we went into his past and figured that he possessed magical features. Strangely, there was just a single conflict in this episode, and that came in the form of Living Armors, which terrified Laios as they were hollow from the inside and had been thought to run magically. Laios hadn’t been able to defeat them earlier, and this time he had a bigger responsibility to overcome them and reach Falin. They were fierce and didn’t stop at anything. The whole episode became a way to show how Laios overcame his phobia of the Living Armors and what the others did when they found the ‘magician’ who was running them.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Laios And Others Run Away From The Living Armors?

It was time for Laios, Marcille, Chilchuck, and Senshi to embark on a new journey as they went deeper into the dungeon, and soon they found themselves crossing a hallway being guarded by the Living Armors. Living Armors were deemed to be magically operated hollow Armors, which could not be defeated, as if any part of the armor was severed, it did it no harm, as it could pick it up again and continue the fight. Laios was especially weary of the Living Armors, as this wasn’t the first time he had encountered them. Many years ago, he had accompanied the gold miners into the dungeon, and they had been slaughtered by the Living Armors. Laios had died in the dungeon, but he had some lives remaining, so he survived. This also shows that Laios has more than one life, and based on his risk-taking abilities, it seems this is not his last. Nonetheless, he was afraid, as the trauma had not been overcome. Laios was petrified, but they had to cross the level. The hallway wasn’t the only way, but it was the shortest. Laios knew from his previous experience with the Living Armors that they wouldn’t disturb you if you didn’t get too close to them. The plan was to cross the hallway by remaining as far away from them as possible. But the trick was useless, as they attacked anyway. Marcille rightly advised everyone to run back to where they came from, and the hallway entry door was shut, and Laios and others survived.


How Did Laios Defeat The Monster?

The trick had not worked, and Laios got a little perplexed as the Living Armors had behaved in a strange way, contrary to what Laios had previously experienced. They had stayed away from the Living Armors, and yet they had been attacked. On closer inspection, it seemed the Living Armors were guarding the door on the other end of the hallway. Marcille was of the opinion that the Living Armors were magically operated, but then why were they guarding the door? Perhaps the magician was behind that door and didn’t want to get killed at the hands of Laios and the others. Senshi was no amateur when it came to swinging the ax. Marcille had her magic wand. Chilchuck could find traps and kill the magician through those. Everyone’s interest was piqued as they wanted to find out who was the one controlling the Living Armors. A strategy was devised, and Laios slipped through the door to find a giant Living Armor. He wasn’t controlling the other Living Armors, but he did seem to have an egg attached to his shield, and everything became clear to Laios. The Living Armors had to have a monster inside them because if it were being magically operated, they wouldn’t need to screw back their helmets to be able to see something. Laios knocked over the giant Living Armor’s helmet, carefully examined it, and found that its inner lining was occupied by monster mollusks, which had created a muscle-like structure joining at the joints to operate the Armors. He walked out the door and told this secret to the others, and they could not believe it. But he was correct. The Living Armors had guarded the door because the giant Living Armor had their egg, which they wanted to protect. Now that the mystery was solved, everyone cut open the mollusks from the inner linings of the helmet and other parts of the armor.

Why Did Laios Not Kill The Mollusk?

Laios was so pleased to have solved the mystery that he asked Senshi to create a meal out of the mollusks. He persisted in his request even though Senshi wasn’t sure what to make of them. Laios had sounded like an idiot when he claimed earlier that there could be a dish prepared by the Living Armors. Everyone had made fun of him, for they thought that Laios was actually thinking of eating iron and leather. Laios had committed a faux pas, considering the Living Armors to be monsters, but he was later proven partially correct as the mollusks were found in the helmets and he could make it look like he had been indicating correctly. The others let him have his partial win, and the mollusks were made into different food items by Senshi. Laios tried them all, while Marcille was disgusted by them as she hated monster food.


Laios was pretty pleased with himself, as he had found the mollusk inside the helmet. But during the fight, he had broken his sword, and he needed another one. Just like in his previous experience, when Laios had died and had to use another life, he had taken away the sword of a Living Armor, and now he found no other way to get a new sword. So he took one, but there was a mollusk peeking from the handle of the sword. Laios seemed to have seen it, but he did not kill it. The others weren’t aware of a fifth member having joined their journey. Perhaps Laios liked the mollusk, and he knew it could do no harm without the armor. What harm it could do or the help it could provide would only be known in the next episode.

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