‘Delicious In Dungeon’ Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Did Senshi And Chilchuck Reconcile?

In the second episode of the new Netflix anime Delicious in Dungeon, we follow the four individuals (very different from each other) who have to rescue Falin, but they have to have the proper ‘diet’ (Senshi’s favorite word) on their way. So what do they do? They have the monster food available in the Dungeon. The Dungeon has several levels, and a Red Dragon had ingested Falin in the previous episode, and she had 30 days before she would begin to be digested in the Red Dragon’s stomach. The creature lurked in the bottommost layer, and Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck had to make a go to save Falin. They were lucky to get the company of Senshi on the way, who was an artist when it came to cooking monster food.


Spoilers Ahead

How Was The Basilisk Defeated?

It was made pretty clear in the previous episode that Marcille couldn’t stand monster food. She did have some delicious food made by Senshi, but she fell asleep right after it, and the repercussions of having monster food were clear in this episode. Marcille had started to have nightmares. One such nightmare was about Marcille’s birthday when she was quite young. Her mother used to prepare delicacies that she loved, but in the nightmare, her mother had prepared her monster food, which disgusted her to the core. Naturally, after this shocking nightmare, Marcille was overwhelmed when she woke up. She was growing weak, it seemed, and Senshi and the others were trying to get her to eat something, but monster food just wouldn’t do. To make matters worse, someone was cooking pork not far away, and Marcille was jealous because she didn’t have ‘normal’ food to satiate herself. Senshi said that Marcille was craving fat, and they had to hunt for Basilisk, the king of snakes, to fulfill Marcille’s craving. The reason behind that was that the Basilisk snake had a tail made up of a monster chicken. If only they could cut off the snake part of the Basilisk, they would get a monster chicken to feed everyone, especially Marcille, who wanted ‘normal’ food for once. They were in luck because Senshi found Basilisk eggs nearby, which meant the monster wasn’t far away. It arrived and attacked the other party, who were in the upper layers of the Dungeon for an adventure. One of them was badly hurt by the Basilisk, and it was going to kill Marcille, who was holding one of its eggs in her hand. Thanks to Laios and Senshi, who attacked the Basilisk on both fronts, confusing its head and tail about what to do, the Basilisk was rendered confused, and Senshi and Laios landed the killer blow. However, the adventurer was on the verge of death, and the chicken part of the Basilisk had to be cooked quickly as it contained the antidote to its poison. Marcille wasn’t too convinced that the chicken she was eating was entirely ‘normal,’ but it was the closest she had to something resembling the food she used to have before entering the Dungeon.


Why Did Marcille Cast A Spell On The Big Bats?

A lot of time was wasted killing the Basilisk and cooking its meat. Laios and Chilchuck were concerned that, at the rate they were going, they wouldn’t get to the third floor of the Dungeon in time. So a plan was devised, and they all agreed to take a shortcut that had more traps than it had monsters. But Senshi was concerned that without monsters, they would be left without any food. They were running out of Basilisk meat as it was. Before the shortcut was taken, Senshi thought it would be best that they had some mandrakes with them for later. Marcille was being made to feel like a burden in this adventure, and hearing that Senshi wanted Mandrake, she wanted to be of help. She had a little book with her that described how to harvest mandrakes, which screamed when pulled out of the soil. The others ignored Marcille’s advice, as it needed a dog to be executed, and Senshi just cut off the head of the mandrake to curb the maddening scream. Marcille was left feeling even more useless. She cast a spell on the Big Bats to make them pluck the Mandrakes out of the soil, something she wasn’t willing to do on a dog, as the scream would have killed the dog in the process. The Big Bats went crazy hearing the scream and attacked Marcille. She survived, and she was left even more embarrassed than before. But she had taught Senshi something. Letting the scream fully out of their system made the mandrakes taste sweeter and more delicious. So Marcilles’ attempt to one-up everyone had some utility after all.

How Did Senshi And Chilchuck Reconcile?

Chilchuck appreciated Senshi’s culinary skills, but Senshi didn’t respect Chilchuck’s gauntlet navigation skills. The shortcut that was taken had a lot of traps, and without Chilchuck, everybody would have died. Senshi had no regard for his instructions while crossing the gauntlet. It put everybody’s life in danger, and Chilchuck got furious at Senshi’s irresponsible behavior. Chilchuck tried talking some sense into Senshi, but he had a very Viking-type mentality to the whole adventure. There were no monsters to kill, so perhaps this was his way to introduce some danger. When a lion statue started to breathe out the fire to kill everyone, Senshi was quite impressed. Chilchuck warned him that, generally, fire traps were companion pieces to boiling oil traps.


As soon as Senshi heard oil, he started to think about kakiage, a deep-fried dish that needed vegetable oil. Senshi commanded Chilchuck to show him an oil trap, and he could extract the oil required to make kakiage. Chilchuck couldn’t believe Senshi was willing to put his life on the line for a dish. The oil was scalding hot, but Senshi was unharmed by its flow, which left Chilchuck and the others stunned. Senshi had gotten his vegetable oil, which was also at the perfect temperature to prepare something deep-fried. He finally appreciated Chilchuck’s lockpicking skill, with which he navigated the shortcut and handled all the traps. When Senshi mentioned that he’d gone through the third floor of the Dungeon but never found out about the traps, Chichuck grew worried and warned him to never take the shortcut or else he would perish. Chilchuck was a bit disarmed after hearing the praise come his way, and he saw how much cooking meant to Senshi. Therefore, he decided to teach Senshi about the traps, as everyone knew that Senshi would part ways with them after their adventure was over. So there was a little hiccup in their friendship, but they put all enmity behind them. Now they had to move forward and save Falin, and Senshi had his eyes on the Red Dragon, which would make one hell of a dish for Senshi.

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