‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 9 Recap Summary: How Did The Colliers Go Bankrupt?

In the previous episode of Death and Other Details, Katherine Collier’s dead body was found in the pool after her daughter Anna came to know that her mother had a hand in Kira Scott’s murder. The ship was overtaken by Viktor Sam’s men, led by Andreas Windeler. An explosive on the ship was found by Sunil, Teddy, and Jules, and they only had a few hours before it would detonate. In the penultimate episode of the series, we finally learn the true identity of Viktor Sams, presented with a lot of twists and turns that sometimes seem very unrealistic and over the top. Let’s get into the ninth episode of Death and Other Details to know what happened to this elite group of people trapped on the waves. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Demands Did Andreas Make?

Episode 9 picked up where the previous episode had left off. Andreas took over the entire ship and captured Hilde and Rufus. He sent them to the shore via a boat because they were the only innocents on board. After that, Andreas gathered the rest of them in a hall and presented his demands. He said that the rescue helicopter had only nine seats, so whoever bid the highest amount would get to return to the shore alive. Everyone took the game very seriously, except for Celia Chun and Anna Collier. Tripp was aware of the three billion in their bank account, which was all they had left after they made the deal with the Chuns. He decided to use that money to bid for their lives, so he told Anna, intending to discuss it with her, but Anna was indifferent to the situation as she hadn’t moved on from her mother’s death yet. Tripp decided to act alone; however, his friend Brad came up with a solution. Brad told Tripp and his friends that they would steal the helicopter and fly away, so Tripp should gather the people whom he would want to save. Initially, Tripp rejected the idea and stood in the queue near suite 218, where Andreas had been making his deals with the rich captives coming to bid for their lives.


Sunil and Teddy discussed the matter with Imogene, Leila, and Jules, and they decided to find out who Viktor Sams was. Imogene decided to look into Andreas’ room to find any clue, so she also stood in the queue waiting for her turn. Meanwhile, Father Toby met Celia Chun and asked her to give him a billion dollars to save himself, but Celia decided not to take part in this game. Eleanor was stunned, so she asked her if she didn’t want her family to survive, to which Celia answered that she didn’t want to play a game where only rich people could survive. Seeing a dead end, Eleanor decided to think about her own life since her grandmother wouldn’t. She went to the suite and made a deal with Andreas, asking him to save only one seat for herself in the helicopter. 

How Did The Colliers Go Bankrupt?

On the other hand, Father Tobby played the game very well, and knowing Lawrence had dementia, he took advantage of him. Lawrence either had no idea what happened to Katherine, or he might have forgotten it, so when he was looking for her, Tobby sat him down and told him that Katherine had already agreed to give him the billions from their account to help him. As Katherine had approved, Lawrence also signed a check for Toby, who took all the money the Colliers had left in their bank. Tripp, having no way of knowing what Toby did, went to talk to Andreas and told them that he could bid three billion dollars to save the seats for him, Lawrence, Anna, Leila, and Imogene, but Andreas demanded proof to know if he really had such an amount of money. As Tripp checked his bank balance, he was stunned to see there were only a few dollars left. Andreas showed him Tobby’s check signed by Lawrence, which enraged Tripp. He confronted Toby, who was now a rich guy and devoid of any fear, so Tripp couldn’t intimidate him anymore. Tripp decided to go for Brad’s lame plan as he had no other choice left, but he couldn’t find Anna anywhere.


Meanwhile, Imogene came to talk to Andreas and sneakily stole Keith Trubisky’s notebook, which had previously gone missing. Keith Trubisky was Rufus’s assistant Danny’s pseudonym, and Imogene could well remember how Danny had kept notes during their investigation of Kira’s death. Imogene brought the notebook and showed it to her gang, and together with Leila and Teddy, she began to decipher the codes written in his notebook. Finally, Imogene realized that Danny had seen someone on the deck and noted down her mysterious presence. Imogene couldn’t recall who that mysterious person might be, but she quickly remembered Derek, Toby’s TikToker son, who used to video-record everything. Derek was also sent to the shore with the other children and the two sleuths, but his phone was in Toby’s possession. So Leila and Teddy almost snatched his phone from Toby’s hand and brought it to Imogene, who looked through the video and found the mysterious person. 

Did Imogene Figure Out Viktor Sams’ Real Identity?

Imogene found that the mysterious woman on the deck was Hilde Ericsson, who was present on the ship before she officially arrived pretending to be an Interpol agent, which suggests that Hilde was the actual Viktor Sams.  She realized that Hilde might not have left the ship, so she went to meet her. Finally, at the same suite where Andreas had been dealing with the bids, Imogene met the real Viktor Sams, Hilde Ericsson, who was glad to know that Imogene had finally figured it out. Imogene concluded that it was Hilde who had killed Keith through her follower Winnie, only to silence him because he had seen her face. She had also killed Alexandra because she was the one who buried the case against the Colliers years ago. Hilde had also revealed her true identity to Llewellyn, but she knew that he was too fragile to expose her, as he also knew Hilde’s past. Imogene concluded that all of what Hilde did was a result of a personal vendetta because Hilde wasn’t even her real identity. Hilde was actually Imogene’s deceased mother, Kira Scott, who had become a corrupt schemer who earned money through blackmailing rich people. Hilde told Imogene the same words that she had told her before her car exploded, but it transpired that the explosion didn’t take her life, as she’d managed to get away from the scene. In the final episode of the series, we’ll get to know how Kira managed to live and what the consequences of the illicit crimes she had been committing all along were. 


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