‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 8 Recap Summary: Who Was Viktor Sams?

In the seventh episode of Death and Other Details, we learned how Imogene’s mother, Kira Scott, was murdered. Kira Scott knew about the corrupt Collier family, who were responsible for a lot of deaths due to their use of a chemical called Captionem Blue in their mill. But Kira couldn’t gather substantial evidence against the Colliers to bring them down, and because of her involvement, she ended up becoming a target of the Colliers. The Colliers orchestrated Kira’s murder by planting an explosive in her car; however, they didn’t know that there was another witness to their atrocities besides Kira. It was the Chun family matriarch, Celia Chun, who helped Kira in her quest to bring the Collier family to justice, but following Kira’s death, she had to back off from her mission. In this penultimate episode of the series, we learn more about Celia Chun’s motivations to act against the Collier family as well as the real identity of Viktor Sams.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Anna’s Father?

The eighth episode of Death and Other Details picked up where episode 8 left off. After Llewellyn Mathers committed suicide, Rufus and Imogene became skeptical about why he would have killed himself. Imogene suspected that he might have felt threatened by someone. As she entered Mathers’ room to search, she stumbled upon Anna, who was as confused as everyone else was. This is the time when Rufus and Imogene had a brief conversation about Kira’s past, and Imogene managed to recall whom she had seen arguing with her mother right before she died in the car explosion. She could also remember seeing Celia Chun accompanying her mother to the diner, which led her to confront the Chun family matriarch right away.


However, before Imogene stepped out to talk to Celia, another surprising event took place on the cruise, where both the Colliers and the Chuns were present. Celia Chun had threatened to kill Father Toby’s son if he didn’t divulge the dirty secrets of the Collier family. Father Toby had to confide in Celia, who broke the news in front of everybody, saying that Anna couldn’t be the CEO of the Colliers’ mill because she wasn’t even the biological daughter of Lawrence Collier. Devastated, Anna wanted to get answers from her mother, and by connecting the dots, her brother Trip helped her to conclude that it wasn’t Lawrence but Llewellyn who was Anna’s biological father. Anna was completely shaken to the core and found out that Llewellyn didn’t even have any idea that she was his daughter.

Meanwhile, Teddy recalled that someone had gifted Llewellyn with a bottle of wine, which was a very unusual gift out of nowhere. Probably, it was Viktor Sams who had gifted him this wine. Right after having the wine, Llewellyn found his health deteriorating, so before he would die in extreme pain, he jumped into the water, knowing that Viktor Sams wouldn’t let him live. 


Why Was Celia Chun After The Colliers?

Jules was finally out of the prison cell, but he didn’t feel it would be right to let Winnie out of the jail, as he knew she was the one who had killed Alexandra. Jules stumbled upon a tied-up Sunil inside his room, while Teddy also joined them. Teddy asked Sunil if he knew who Viktor Sams was, but he said that he had no idea about it.

Imogene, who’d just learned everything about her mother’s death, confronted Celia, demanding answers from her. Celia finally spoke up, revealing that fifty years ago, when the factory at Jiangsu wasn’t yet owned by the Colliers, she used to work there. It used to be a sewing factory, where Celia first met her husband and got married to him. Ten years passed, and the Colliers took over the factory and began to produce the poisonous chemical that claimed her husband’s life. Ever since, she became vengeful towards the Colliers, and built her own business to become powerful enough to take her revenge on them.  Even Eleanor didn’t have any idea about her mother’s past and the struggles she had been through, so she asked Celia why she didn’t tell them about all of it. Celia responded, saying that she didn’t want her children to have a childhood burdened by their past. 


How Did Katherine Die?

After Anna bashed her mother in front of everyone, Katherine went to her room, while Imogene tried to confront Lawrence, knowing that he was Viktor Sams, the one who’d killed her mother. But Lawrence couldn’t even recognize Imogene and started calling her Kira. Then Anna came and talked to Imogene, telling her that Lawrence had been suffering from dementia, so it would be impossible for him to commit the murders on the cruise. However, Imogene still believed that Lawrence Collier was the one who’d killed her mother, but on the other hand, Teddy came to know that it was Katherine who gave Llewellyn the wine. Leila speculated that it might be Katherine who took the identity of Viktor Sams and continued killing whoever became an obstacle in her path. Imogene and Rufus had a conversation, and Imogene lamented how she wasn’t able to give her deceased mother the justice she deserved. Rufus told her that she’d never wanted justice, she wanted her mother back, which would never be possible. In the meantime, a loud scream was heard.

As Imogene and Rufus rushed to the pool, they found Anna screaming in pain, as she had lost her mother, Katherine, who had just committed suicide by jumping into the pool. She had probably shot herself to death and jumped into the water, or perhaps she was also killed by someone, which suggests that Katherine isn’t the actual Viktor Sams. At that precise moment, Rufus found a helicopter approaching their ship, so he turned to Hilda Eriksen, asking if she had asked her team from Interpol to come there. Hilda denied it, saying that it wasn’t her team but someone else. A group of armed men who looked like military officers approached Rufus and Imogene, who asked if they were working for Viktor Sams.

The eighth episode of the series ended with raising a lot of questions, which would be further discussed and resolved in the upcoming two episodes of the series. 

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