‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 7 Recap Summary: How Did Kira Scott Die?

Previously in Death and Other Details episode 6, Llewellyn Mathers committed suicide by jumping off the ship, but before he took such a drastic step, he revealed to Imogene that he was well acquainted with Kira Scott (Imogene’s mother), who didn’t deserve to die. Imogene was baffled by the entire scenario, realizing that Mathers knew something about her mother’s death, so she urged Rufus to enlighten her more about her mother’s murder case that the detective had previously worked on. But Rufus, who had left the investigation in the middle, told Imogene that he had missed some crucial clues regarding the case.


In the seventh episode of Death and Other Details, things became unnecessarily tricky, which is an amazing way to keep us hooked but the ending was unsatisfactory as nothing much was revealed regarding Kira’s murder. In this episode, Rufus tried to put Imogene in his own shoes and walked her through the time when he had worked on this case. Imogene is seen playing the part of Rufus Cotesworth in order to live out the memories he had regarding the investigation. The entire episode portrayed Imogene as Rufus Cotesworth, to establish that Rufus was not only telling the story of his investigation, but he also wanted Imogene to recall those crucial bits of her memory that could unravel the mystery of her mother’s death.

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Why Did Rufus Leave The Investigation?

Death and Other Details Episode 7 opened in 2005, when Imogene woke up in Rufus Cotesworth’s room, where she found Rufus’s assistant Danny approaching her. Imogene was in Rufus’s memory as Rufus was conveying how he ended up investigating the particular case. It was actually little Imogene, who was fascinated by the world’s greatest detective, Rufus, who asked her guardian, Lawrence Collier, to hire him so that he could find out who killed her mother. Imogene was the only child of Kira Scott, who was divorced from her husband. After Kira’s death, the Colliers adopted Imogene. Kira’s mother was not very disheartened by the fact that Kira was killed; rather, she believed that Kira was a crusader for justice, which had probably put her in trouble.

Rufus came to learn that Kira had been investigating the Colliers’ factory in Jiangsu, and that’s why she had accompanied Lawrence to Shanghai. In the previous season, we saw Anna and Imogene arguing over the Jiangsu factory issue and how the Colliers were responsible for producing a toxic chemical that claimed so many lives. Perhaps Kira had been looking into the case, trying to find out the truth behind the Colliers’ factory to bring them down. But Rufus’s investigation was thwarted in the middle as Lawrence abruptly asked him to stop the investigation, claiming that this seeking of truth was taking a toll on Imogene’s mental health, and therefore, they didn’t want to drag the child into this mess anymore. Even though it wasn’t a fair enough reason to stop the investigation, Rufus officially closed the investigation. 


Who Was That Person Kira Argued With In The Diner?

Meanwhile, something in Kira’s little journal was stuck in Rufus’s mind. It was the name of a diner named Opal, where Kira had met with someone. Therefore, Rufus went to the diner to dig up what he could there, and he eventually learned from a waiter that Kira had gotten involved in an argument with someone there. She had also brought her kid (Imogene) and another lady along with her. Imogene had forgotten everything regarding the diner, but as she put some pressure on herself, she was finally able to recall exactly what happened in the diner that evening.

Kira recalled that in that diner, her mother Kira had been in an argument with a woman, named Alexandra. Alexandra was an attorney back then, and she had promised Kira that she’d help her in this case to file a complaint against the Colliers, but it seemed like Alexandra had already been bought by the Colliers. Therefore, despite the fact that Kira had proof regarding the deaths caused by the chemicals produced in the Colliers’ factory, Alexandra straight up refused to take the case, saying that her documents didn’t have much proof to take the case to court. After Alexandra dismissed the case, a devastated Kira came back to meet another friend who had come along with her to the diner. Imogene finally remembered that it was Celia Chun, the matriarch of the Chun family, who had just made a business deal with the Colliers in previous episodes of Death and Other Details. Kira apologized to Celia, expressing that she had failed to bring her the justice that she deserved. It probably suggested that the deaths caused by the Colliers’ factory were somehow personal for Celia, or that, from a humanitarian aspect, she wanted to speak out against it. 


In the ending of Death and Other Details, episode 7, we finally witnessed the tragic demise of Kira Scott in Imogene’s memories. Imogene recalled that before her mother was killed, she had a conversation with her mother. Even though Kira had a heated argument with Alexandra at the diner, Kira made sure that Imogene wouldn’t be able to see them, but Imogene had managed to see whom she had been arguing with. As Imogene talked about the incident, Kira was amazed and thought that her little daughter might have had great observation skills. So before even knowing that it was their last conversation, Kira told her daughter that she had a gift. Imogene knew what was just about to happen to her mother, and she recalled that significant moment in her life, which she once wanted to forget. Her mother’s tragic death scarred her mentally, so she never wanted to delve deeper into those memories, but after all these years of healing, when Imogene finally chose to recall those incidents, a lot of quarrels were resolved in her mind. She finally got closure knowing that her mother, who wanted to seek the truth, was killed by the Colliers, who might have never wanted the truth to come out. It was also revealed that Mathers was also aware of the Colliers’ involvement in Kira’s death, and as he was in love with the woman, he couldn’t cope with the guilt and hence committed suicide.

However, it is still a mystery what Celia Chun’s role was in this whole case and why she became a business tycoon, dealing with her enemies, the Colliers. Is it part of her elaborate plan to bring her rivals down, or is there something more to the story? Let’s find out in the upcoming episode of Death and Other Details

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