‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Why Did Mathers Kill Himself?

In the previous episode of Death and Other Details season 1, Rufus, Teddy, and Leila found Viktor Sam’s hideout on the port side of the ship, where a server had been set up by the people who worked for him. Meanwhile, Imogene and Sunil grew closer while wandering around a town in Malta, but someone had been following them all along. The lawyer named Mathers had something to do with Viktor Sams, as it seemed like he was working for him. Governor Alexandra might be the next target of Sams after Keith, and that’s why a spy working for Viktor has been spying on her. Let’s see what happened to Alexandra in the sixth episode of the series.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Sunil Work For Viktor Sams?

Episode 6 opened in 1992, when a little Imogene was watching a talk show on TV featuring Rufus Cotesworth, who had earned the title “World’s Greatest Detective.” Rufus had solved the mystery of the stolen necklace of the Contessa, which helped him earn huge fame. Imogene has looked up to Rufus since her childhood, as she had always wanted to be like him, a detective who desired to seek the truth.


Back in the present, we saw Imogene and Sunil share a physical intimacy, and it seemed like the two of them started falling for each other, but their union didn’t last for long. Rufus had been able to locate the secret hideout and the server, with the help of which Viktor kept track of the ship and what had been happening with the people on board, so he concluded that without Sunil’s help, Viktor wouldn’t have been able to install the server on this ship, which suggested that Sunil had been working for Sams.

As Imogene later met with Rufus, he told her the truth, which devastated her. She was on her way to confront Sunil, who had just received a call from Viktor Sams. Even though Sunil asked Sams not to spy on him and Imogene anymore, Imogene caught him in the act and was convinced that Sunil was a snitch. Sunil explained that after he faced bankruptcy, he had no option left other than joining hands with Viktor’s people five or six years ago. But he had never seen Viktor Sams, nor did he know who he was. It was the guy in the white suit, who had followed him and Imogene to Malta, who came to make the deal with Sunil. Imogene couldn’t believe that Sunil knew who the guy was all along and never told her a word about it. As a punishment, she tied him to a chair and left him in his office so that he could make no further calls. 


How Did Alexandra Die?

Anna and Tripp had been drowning their sorrows away, while Anna shared that Leila had decided to divorce her. Tripp felt bad, but he was not good at giving relationship advice. Meanwhile, we saw that Governor Alexandra seemed to be very sick, as she had been coughing since the day she boarded the ship. She found a file that had some evidence that could reveal the dirty business of the Colliers, but when she came to meet Hilde with the file to show it to her, Hilde found the file was empty. Before Hilde could react to it, Alexandra began to cough excessively and fell to the ground, unconscious. She started spitting blood from her mouth and eventually lost her life. Imogene and Rufus looked into the scene of her death and found it very unusual that the governor was wearing long sleeves even though it was warm weather. Imogene rolled up the sleeves and found injection marks on her arm, which suggested poisoning. Probably three days ago, when everyone was injected with a dose of vitamin A as an immunity booster, it was Winnie who administered the injection to Governor Alexandra. Perhaps Winnie had killed Alexandra, as she was Viktor Sam’s next target after Keith Trubisky. Imogene, Teddy, and Rufus went to the prison cell to confront Winnie, who was already aware of the consequences of the crime she had committed.

Why Did Mathers Kill Himself?

Llewellyn Mathers was associated with Viktor Sams all along, and he was well acquainted with Kira, Imogene’s mother. Viktor Sams had a hand in Kira’s murder, which was something Mathers never wanted, so for a long time he had been grappling with his guilt, and that’s why he chose to be punished in every way possible. Finally, after the governor’s death, Rufus believed that Viktor Sams was trying his best to stop the detectives from unraveling the mystery because they were getting closer to the truth; therefore, it’s likely that more deaths could take place on the ship. Meanwhile, a power outage on the ship perplexed everyone, while a commotion took place on the deck. Imogene and Rufus went outside to see what happened and found Mathers was on the verge of committing suicide by jumping off the ship. Before he took the drastic step, he bid his goodbyes to everyone and told Imogene that he felt sorry for Kira, whom he had really loved. Mathers jumped into the ocean, killing himself, but Imogene was left bewildered, as she didn’t have any idea that Mathers was close to her mother. 


What Happened At The End Of Episode 6?

During the power outage, Leila was trying to crack the passcode of the server, but she stumbled upon video footage of Anna having sex with Eleanor; however, Leila wasn’t much surprised to see other cheating wives. On the other hand, Imogene and Anna got into an argument, as Imogene firmly believed that it was the poisonous drug from Anna’s company that had killed her mother, but Anna denied her or her company’s involvement in it. Anna admitted that she knew that the drug her company had produced had a poisonous chemical, but the moment she learned about it, she tried to fix it. However, Imogene wasn’t convinced, and she continued blaming Anna for her mother’s death. Anna, being unable to control her anger, called Imogene ungrateful and a thief.

Imogene had to tame her anger and decided to look through Mather’s belongings so that she could find anything that could connect him with her mother. Imogene didn’t have much confidence in herself and asked Rufus to help her with it, but it seemed like Rufus wasn’t even the one Imogene could blindly trust. A flashback scene showed us that Rufis wasn’t actually the world’s greatest detective, because he didn’t solve the mystery of Contessa’s stolen necklace, but he managed to get his hands on it while gambling in a pub, where he defeated a guy in a card game. Therefore, Rufus was just a lucky guy, and Imogene couldn’t trust entirely in luck, so she realized that she would probably look deeper into this mess because she might notice what even Rufus was unable to see. Let’s see what Imogene might notice in the upcoming episode of Death and Other Details.

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