‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: Who Was Blackmailing The Governor?

In the previous episode of Death and Other Details, after Keith Trubitsky’s mysterious death, Rufus and Imogene began to investigate the murder. An Interpol agent, Hilda Eriksen, took over the investigation, and Jules became the prime suspect, as he was a wanted criminal in three different countries. Jules wanted to get the refugees to a safe place, and Imogene and Sunil helped him do this, but Interpol Agent Eriksen arrested Jules. Meanwhile, Leila, who was a reporter and someone who worked on the case of Viktor Sams, talked to Rufus, informing him that she suspected Viktor Sams’ involvement in Keith Trubitsky’s murder. Viktor Sams seemed to be the main antagonist of the story and an old target of Rufus Cotesworth. In Death and Other Details episode 5, let’s see how close Rufus was to finding out where Viktor Sams was.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Leila Want A Divorce From Anna?

In episode 5, Imogene and Sunil helped the refugees escape the ship overnight, while Jules was arrested. Imogene and Sunil were heading back to the ship, but Sunil suggested they should go to a nearby town, where he knew someone who could help tell them something about the shipping documents. Those shipping documents carried crucial information that could help Imogene identify her mother’s killer, so Imogene agreed to accompany Sunil.


Meanwhile, Anna and Eleanor spent a romantic night together, but Anna told Eleanor to forget about it afterward because she was married to Leila. Leila, on the other hand, had talked to Rufus about the last time she had spoken to Keith. She had told Keith about Viktor Sams and feared that they might all be in danger because Viktor Sams’ people might be keeping an eye on them. Rufus took Leila’s concerns very seriously and decided to investigate. Leila came back to the room and asked Anna to get off the ship as soon as possible because their lives were in danger, but Anna struggled to believe her as Leila didn’t say anything about what kind of danger she was referring to. A communication gap between the couple was gradually causing a rift, but still, Leila couldn’t help but maintain her silence out of fear that someone might be listening in on her conversation. Anna sought help from their couple’s counselor, but Leila shut off the laptop and communicated with Anna, saying that she felt hurt when her wife suspected her. Anna apologized, but Leila had made up her mind that she wanted a divorce from her wife. Leila was in love with Anna and wanted to protect her from any dangerous situation.

In Leila’s flashbacks, we came to find out that six months ago, in Arlington, she had met a man named Peter Meadows, who had been threatened by Viktor Sams, so he was anxious that his life was at stake if he spoke too much. Leila, however, covertly recorded her conversation with Peter, but while she was driving back home, the brakes of the car suddenly stopped functioning, and Leila, being unable to stop the car, veered directly into a ditch.


Did Sunil And Imogene Find Help?

Sunil and Imogene wandered around a beautiful town in Italy and finally met Sunil’s friend, who assured them that she would be able to dig up the details regarding these documents, but that she would need some time. She demanded the documents, but Imogene didn’t feel safe handing them over to her. Initially hesitant, Imogene finally decided to take the risk, hoping that she might learn some valuable information regarding her mother’s death. As they were heading back, Imogene and Sunil spotted a guy with a camera following them. Imogene had spotted him earlier in the market as well as in the church, so she told Sunil that they’d better run away. They hurried and managed to get into a cab and escape. On a boat heading back to the ship, Imogene and Sunil shared a romantic moment and kissed each other.

Who Was Blackmailing The Governor?

Teddy knew that her sister, Winnie, was just a puppet working for a powerful man, so she asked Winnie to tell her the truth, but Winnie shut her mouth and humiliated Teddy for the choices she had made in her life. Teddy told Winnie that no matter what she did, she always did it for her family’s best interest. However, Teddy didn’t put any pressure on Winnie, knowing that her sister had taken the blame to safeguard her, so before leaving, Teddy told Winnie that she would listen to her sister whenever she felt ready to speak.


Meanwhile, Governor Alexandra confronted Tripp about the images of the two of them having fun in her room. She asked Tripp if he was blackmailing her, to which Tripp explained that he had no idea where the pictures had come from, but later it was revealed that it was the Colliers who were spying on the Governor, and a secret agent working for them had emailed her those photos to blackmail her. Alexandra didn’t seem healthy in this episode, but she still managed to talk about the blackmail with the lawyer, Mathers, but he completely ignored her, saying that it might be a spy who had been keeping an eye on Tripp. Later, we saw Mathers and Agent Eriksen were probably having a secret affair going on.

The Colliers were powerful business magnets, and so were the Chuns. In the meeting, when Chuns demanded a fifty percent stake on the Colliers’ mills, Anna chose to walk away, but Anna’s father, Lawrence Collier, agreed to the deal and shook hands with Mrs. Chun. Anna and Tripp were flabbergasted and had no idea why their father took such a drastic decision.

What Did Rufus Find On The Ship?

Leila was still not at ease because she strongly believed there were listening devices in her room, so she searched the entire room and eventually got one. She quickly called Rufus, who came along with Teddy. Together, they looked into the footage to see any outsiders entering or leaving the deck. They spotted something, which led them to discover a hidden part of the ship where someone must have been stowed away. Rufus opened one of the rooms and looked into it. We have no idea what Rufus found in the room, and in the upcoming episodes, we’ll surely come to know more about it.

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