‘Death And Other Details’ Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Katherine Collier?

In the penultimate episode of Death and Other Details, Imogene finally identified who Viktor Sams was, and it was revealed that Hilde Ericsson, the Interpol agent, was the culprit all along. However, Hilde wasn’t even her real name, as she was none other than Imogene’s deceased mother, Kira Scott, who faked her death and ran away. She returned only to take her revenge on the Colliers, who had once tried to kill her. As Imogene finally gets her mother back, will they be reuniting, or will she struggle to forgive her mother for faking her death and traumatizing her in her childhood? Let’s look for the answers in the season finale of Death and Other Details.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Kira Scott Fake Her Death?

In the very ending of episode 9, we saw a blast on the ship, which suggested that the people on the ship might have died or been badly injured, but Kira didn’t want to kill them. In episode 10, she asked her daughter Imogene to escape the ship via boat and assured her that the rest of the other people on the ship would be rescued by a ferry approaching the ship. The bomb was set in the server farm on the ship, where all the information regarding Viktor Sams’ activities was kept. The explosion was meant to destroy all the servers so that there would be no evidence against Viktor Sams. After Imogene headed out with her mother, together they had a chat about the hard choices that Kira had made. She told her daughter that the Colliers didn’t kill her, but they indeed attempted to. An assassin sent by Lawrence had tried to kill Kira, but she survived the attack and killed the man. She wanted to run away from the place, taking her daughter along, but at that time she was already associated with Andreas’ gang. Andreas asked Kira not to take the child, as it would be a mistake for her to raise her child in perilous circumstances. Andreas also told Kira to fake her own death, but to make sure that she had left samples of her DNA at the scene. Kira wished her daughter a final goodbye, and after Imogene got out of the car, she pulled her teeth out and left the car. Out of Imogene’s sight, she ran away from the car and got into a truck sent by Andreas. The car exploded in front of Imogene’s eyes, and she thought she had lost her mother. Imogene was flabbergasted to know that her mother, for whom she had been fighting all along, had made her watch her fake death and left her traumatized for the rest of her life. But Kira was unapologetic about it, as she believed that, by choosing this path, she was able to punish the rich. Imogene asked her mother about Keith, who was an innocent guy, and Kira’s reply was that she had had to make some difficult choices in her life for a greater purpose. Imogene told her to leave her blackmailing business and start afresh because her revenge had been taken, but Kira wasn’t about to stop. 


What Happened To Kira?

In the meanwhile, everyone on the ship got on the ferry and was rescued. They finally made it to the shore, where Sunil and Teddy united with Rufus, who had been looking for Imogene and wondering if he would ever be able to meet her. Finally, that opportunity came to Rufus, with whom Imogene still had some unfinished business. Six months later, in a mountainous area, we saw Imogene and Kira skiing, and from the outside, it seemed like a reformed Kira had left her criminal activities behind for the sake of her daughter. However, Kira was still a schemer who was secretly operating her organization and was about to blackmail another rich victim of hers. At a luxurious restaurant, Kira and Imogene had a conversation about a ranch, and the latter asked her mother if she had bought this ranch with her blackmailing money. In the meantime, Rufus also joined the conversation, surprising Kira, who felt trapped by her own daughter. The entire area had already been surrounded by the FBI, and Imogene’s gang, Sunil, Jules, Teddy, and Leila were also there. Imogene revealed that Kira’s servers were not destroyed because, when she was being confronted by her daughter, her friends removed all the servers from the place to hand them over to the FBI later. Kira was captured by the police because, no matter what happened to her, she wasn’t any different from the corrupt rich she’d been targeting. She had killed an innocent guy like Danny and continued her blackmailing job. Kira was arrested, and Sunil gave testimony against her. Sunil also had to suffer a bit for his mistakes, as he was the one who allowed Viktor Sams into his ship. After everything was sorted, Imogene still couldn’t completely forget Sunil, so she decided to resume her romance with Jules. 

Who Killed Katherine Collier?

Meanwhile, Anna Collier, who had cut all ties with Eleanor Chun, had turned to drugs and alcoholism as a distraction from her pain. She had also signed the divorce papers to get Leila out of her life, but Leila was still compassionate and sympathetic toward her. The Colliers were bankrupt and had nothing but their mansion. Meanwhile, Anna had been seeing random women, one of whom she invited to her room without even trying to know who she was. In the concluding moments of the episode, we saw someone show up at Anna’s doorstep, and it was Andreas, who was still out of prison. It was revealed that Anna, who had lost her sanity after knowing what her mother did, killed Katherine and threw her into the pool. She instantly regretted her choices when Kira witnessed her doing that. Kira offered her assistance, telling her to act innocent, and that she would take care of the matter. Anna acted accordingly, but she didn’t know that Kira didn’t save her neck unconditionally, as she wanted Anna to work for her in exchange for the favor. The Death and Other Details season finale ended with Anna agreeing to do whatever Kira would ask her to do, which suggested that this series may be coming back for another season, where Anna will secretly be working for Kira, who’d probably take her help to get out of prison. 


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