‘Dear Child’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Lars The Kidnapper?

In Dear Child Episode 6, things are getting even more intense. The Police are closing in on some disturbing connections between the kidnapper and the missing women. Meanwhile, the siblings, Hannah and Jonathan, have contrasting beliefs about their mother’s fate, causing tension between them. Gerd is going through a personal crisis, and the mysterious kidnapper continues to lurk in the background, staying ahead of the authorities. There may be a pivotal confrontation between the police and the kidnapper in the next episode. As they get closer to identifying him, tensions could rise, and we might witness a high-stakes showdown. With this, we might get deeper insights into the kidnapper’s motivations and history, potentially uncovering what drives him to abduct women who resemble Lena.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Are Things Progressing According To The Kidnapper’s Agenda?

Amidst the chaotic aftermath of Hannah’s return home, it’s painfully evident that her arrival doesn’t bring the expected happiness. Instead, it brews more tension between Matthias and Karin, who are dealing with their own issues. Their relationship is strained, partly due to Karin’s previous romantic involvement with Gerd and partly due to Matthias making unilateral decisions regarding Hannah and Jonathan. This disagreement escalates, as they can’t seem to see eye to eye on whether Hannah requires psychological treatment or not. Frustration reaches a boiling point, leading Karin to make a dramatic decision: she packs her bags and leaves the house. On a parallel track, Gerd is wrestling with his own feelings of inadequacy, haunted by his inability to protect Lena.


During his investigation, Aida tells him about a man named Jasper Neeskens, who was initially suspected to be the kidnapper. However, it turns out that Jasper is just an ordinary person who has just recently relocated to the area. At the same time, Gerd’s attention is not solely focused on Jasper; Instead, his Concern is more deeply rooted in Jasmin’s recent peculiar behavior and lies. To further complicate matters, a shocking revelation surfaces: Jasmin is pregnant. Jasmin’s complex struggle to free herself from the clutches of her traumatic life continues, and we see how Jasmin manages to break free and escape from her tormentor. However, Jasmin’s respite is short-lived, and she is willingly ready to return to her captor’s clutches. Her experience with kidnapping has left a deep psychological impact on her, akin to the Stockholm Syndrome. Jasmin has developed complex emotions and an attachment to her captor, making it difficult for her to seek help. 

As Jasmin resumes her daily life, including rescheduling appointments with an eerie calmness, it becomes clear that she’s mentally trapped in the kidnapper’s twisted world. She behaves as if she can leave at any moment, waiting for the kidnapper to reclaim her. This disturbing behavior is a stark reflection of how deeply she is convinced that this is her rightful place. Jasmin’s mind oscillates between past memories, particularly a crucial one where she struck the kidnapper and attempted to escape. At this moment, the kidnapper’s face is unveiled for the first time, showing us that we have never seen him before.


What Happens When Hannah Goes Missing?

A disturbing series of events unfolds, as night turns into day. Matthias, awakened by a strange scraping noise, discovers that Hannah is signaling to someone outside the window with the blinds raised. Startled by this unsettling behavior, he closes the blinds and urges her back to sleep. However, the next morning brings a shocking revelation: the front door is wide open, and Hannah is nowhere to be found. Panic sets in, and Matthias desperately searches every corner of the house for his granddaughter. Unbeknownst to him, Hannah is in the company of the kidnapper, and they are waiting together in a trailer.

Meanwhile, Gerd, who seems to have some insight into the kidnapper’s plans, positions himself outside Jasmin’s house, anticipating the arrival of the kidnapper. He senses that the time is ripe to catch the perpetrator in the act. To create a diversion, the kidnapper orchestrates a swarm of reporters outside Jasmin’s building, effectively concealing her departure. As Jasmin makes her way out from a different exit to avoid detection, Gerd is keenly observant and notices her leaving. He decides to follow her, determined to uncover the truth. What he doesn’t yet realize is that he’s on the brink of a confrontation with the kidnapper himself, who is waiting for Jasmin in the trailer.


How Do Gerd And Aida Connect The Kidnapper To Matthias And Karin?

The tension escalates, as Gerd diligently follows the trailer while urging Aida to delve deeper into the Rogner and Son security company, a place they had previously investigated due to its connection with Matthias’ family and the kidnapping. The ongoing mystery continues to perplex, especially considering Jasmin’s surprising pregnancy despite her traumatic experiences. Hannah, on the other hand, is eager to leave for their new house but expresses a desire for grandparents. In the midst of this, intriguing revelations start emerging. We learn that the kidnapper wasn’t raised by his parents, but by his grandparents, and when Jasmin inquires about the reason behind this, a painful expression crosses his face. Hannah, who yearns for Nurse Ruth to accompany them, remains unaware that Ruth has already fallen victim to the kidnapper.

Nevertheless, he promises to fulfill all her wishes, and Hannah, in her innocent way, requests a visit to the lighthouse in Egmond, a place that Lena had told her stories about. Despite his Aversion to it, the Kidnapper decides to honor her request because he has made a promise. An unexpected twist comes into focus, when the identity of the kidnapper starts to unravel. It is revealed that he goes by the name Lars and owns the Rogner and Son security company. Notably, Lars bears a striking resemblance to the senior Rogner, and it becomes evident that they share familial ties. Lars’ backstory unfolds, disclosing that his mother abandoned him when he was a baby, and she strikingly resembles young Lena. Aida stumbles upon a crucial photograph in the company, leading her to connect the dots.


Surprisingly, it’s revealed that the Rogner security company had installed and maintained the security systems in Matthias’ house. This is where the narrative weaves seamlessly between the past and the present, connecting Lena’s history with Lars to the ongoing events in Matthias’ house. It’s revealed that Lena first encountered Lars when she accidentally locked herself out of her house with her dog trapped inside. Desperate to reenter her home, she called for help through the security system, and Lars responded to her distress call.

How Did Lars Meticulously Plan Everything?

As episode 6 of Dear Child unfolds, it becomes clear that the kidnapper, Lars, meticulously orchestrated every detail of the unfolding drama. Even Jasper, the man who lost his life in the house, was targeted by none other than Hannah herself. She was aware, that her father would have wanted her to take this drastic step. When Lars chases after Hannah, upon discovering her absence, he realizes that Hannah has acted against Jasper, causing his injuries. In response, Hannah justifies her actions by claiming that she punished the driver, who had hit Jasmin with his car. In a surprising turn of events, Lars decides not to let Jasmin die, but instead opts to call an ambulance for her.


On the other hand, Hannah decided to maintain the facade of a happy family and insisted on keeping Jasmin as her mother figure. She believes that Jasmin has been loving and nurturing from the very beginning, helping fill the void left by Lena’s absence. Consequently, Lars accedes to her wishes and contacts the ambulance. After ensuring that Jasmin receives medical attention, Lars proceeds to eliminate the man and disfigure his face as part of a staged act for the medical professionals. As Aida and Jonathan delve deeper into their investigation, Jonathan makes a significant revelation about Lars’ family. He points out the striking resemblance between Lars’ Grandfather and his own father. This discovery piques Aida’s curiosity, and she decides to follow this lead, hoping to uncover more about Lars’ family history.

Together with Gerd, they set their sights on an inherited house in Mönchengladbach that may hold crucial information. In parallel, Lars makes a stop for a bathroom break during their journey with Jasmin. It’s during this moment that Jasmin seizes the opportunity, and hides a glass shard to use as a weapon. She attacks Lars with it, inflicting serious harm. When Gerd arrives at the scene, he finds Lars desperately fighting for his life while Jasmin has disappeared from sight. However, Gerd’s priority is not Lars’ survival; He cuts to the chase and directly questions Lars about Lena’s whereabouts. In his final moments, Lars reveals that Lena is buried in the garden of his house. With this Revelation, Lars succumbs to his injuries.


In a contrasting and poignant scene, Jasmin and Hannah take a peaceful walk along the beach. For a brief moment, Hannah experiences the happiness that Lena had described in the past, offering a glimpse into the fleeting moments of tranquility. Meanwhile, Gerd, watching from a distance, is joined by Matthias, as they observe Jasmin and Hannah strolling along the beach. The next day, the police make a significant breakthrough, discovering the remains of Lena’s body buried in Lars’ garden. This discovery finally brings justice to Lena, closing the chapter on a long-standing mystery.

With this resolution, life gradually returns to a sense of normalcy for the characters involved. Hannah and Jonathan, despite their traumatic experiences, find a way to move forward and embrace their new lives, ultimately finding happiness and acceptance in their changed circumstances. Jasmin, too, learns to rebuild her life after enduring the psychological torment. Matthias and Karin take a significant step in their healing process by attending group therapy sessions. Through this experience, they come to terms with the loss of their daughter, finding solace in the realization that Lena will always hold a special place in their hearts.


As Dear Child Episode 6 ends, it becomes clear that Lars, the kidnapper, was a deeply disturbed individual. His actions were driven by psychological torment stemming from the unresolved pain caused by his mother’s abandonment. Lena’s striking resemblance to his mother likely fueled his obsession and led him to punish her, as he saw in her a surrogate for his mother. Through it all, Lena remained strong, never losing her true self despite enduring unimaginable problems. The ending of Dear Child offers closure and catharsis, highlighting the strength of all the characters and their capacity for healing and moving forward, even when there’s seemingly no hope.

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