Are Dane Whitman And Blade Signs Of The Arrival Of The Midnight Sons In The MCU?

Enough with light-heartedness! MCU Phase 4 threaded slowly into the dark side of the Marvel Universe with the introduction of Scarlet Witch, Agatha Harkness, and the Darkhold in “WandaVision.” And with “Multiverse of Madness,” Marvel has set the stage for the arrival of the demonic in Phase 5 and certainly beyond. Needless to say, the time has come for all of us to accept that there is a darkness present inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The introduction of Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight, in “Eternals,” accompanied by Blade’s voice in its post-credits scene, and the announcement of “Blade” for a November 2023 release, give a ray of hope for the rise of the dark superheroes of Marvel.

The Darkhold Theory

The Darkhold, a book of dark magic, was created by Chthon, a sinister Elder God. He was banished to another dimension. The book is his conduit, and every time it is used, Chthon’s chance of returning and wreaking havoc increases. Clearly, Doctor Strange 2 saw Scarlet Witch using the Darkhold extensively. This just gives Marvel more reason to bring Chthon to the MCU. However, since the Darkhold contains the darkest of magic spells, it is a primary source for demons, werewolves, and vampires. This is why, in the comics, a group of superheroes swore to contain the spells and guard the Darkhold against falling into the wrong hands. This group is known as the Midnight Sons. It has had many members, including Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Werewolf by Night. The group was brought together by Stephen Strange after he was unable to defeat Lilith, AKA the Mother of All Demons. This was after Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider, had a vision of Lilith’s resurrection in “Ghost Rider” vol. 3 #28 (1992), which posed a threat to Earth. The Midnight Sons first appeared in the same issue as well. The Punisher and Morbius were also part of the team at some point in the comics. Considering that Chthon was one of the prime enemies of the Midnight Sons in the comics, “Blade” might show Chthon’s arrival in the MCU.


Dane Whitman and the Ebony Blade

First of all, the Black Knight is not a member of the Midnight Sons in the comics. However, that doesn’t mean he cannot be, given his dark past as well as MCU’s right to improvise (that hasn’t proved itself wrong yet). But it all begins with the Ebony Blade. The sword was passed down through generations starting with Sir Percy, Marvel’s first Black Knight. Dane Whitman received it from his uncle, Nathan Garett. And it is the sword that will allow Dane to transform into the Black Knight. The sword can cut through almost any object or material conceivable, as well as deflect any magic spell, technically making its wielder invulnerable. But all this comes at a price. The Ebony Blade carries a curse that, with time, corrupts its wielder, making him crave death and bloodshed. The reason why Blade had warned Dane about the Ebony Blade at the end of “Eternals” is simple. As we stated in the intro, with Phase 5 about to go into further depths of exploring the supernatural side of Marvel, the contact between Dane Whitman AKA Black Knight and Blade is imperative; both characters being cornerstones of the genre in the comics.

Midnight Sons in the MCU

By now, we hope it is clear that Midnight Sons deal with the supernatural and horror. In other words, they deal with the Dark. We already have Doctor Strange, Blade, and the Black Knight. We also have Moon Knight, who is an explicitly supernatural character. Morbius is also there, although his position in the MCU is somewhat vague. As for Werewolf by Knight, AKA Jack Russell, Marvel apparently has “Werewolf by Knight” scheduled for a one-off Halloween 2022 release on Disney+ and, according to reports, has Gael Garcia Bernal in the titular role. It is directed by Michael Giacchino. The character has links to Blade and Moon Knight in the comics.


The only guy who remains to arrive at the MCU and who hasn’t been addressed at all is Johnny Blaze, aka the Ghost Rider. Fans have only conjectured that Tawaret’s revelation of the existence of more than one afterlife in “Moon Knight” means that there are multiple versions of heaven and, more importantly, in this case, hell. Hell, with a capital “H,” or Hades, is the pocket dimension where Mephisto resides and rules. His name is short for Mephistopheles, whom we came across in 2007’s “Ghost Rider.” Keeping in mind that it is he who gave Johnny Blaze his powers, his presence necessitates that of the Ghost Rider. However, for the latter to arrive, the appearance of the former is necessary. But since Werewolf by Night shares his space with the Ghost Rider in numerous issues, we might get a glimpse of the Rider or at least his mention in the upcoming Halloween Special “Werewolf by Knight” with or without Mephisto.

Final Words

With all the team members having arrived in the MCU, Marvel will need a formidable foe for them to take a stand. Chthon is a good choice, as we have mentioned earlier. We also have Lilith. Mephisto is also a strong contender. But this is all in the distant future. The first sign of Midnight Sons will either be in this year’s “Werewolf by Knight” or in November 2023’s “Blade.” Unless Marvel decides to surprise us again.

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