‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Jian Wun And Jian Ho Survive The Car Crash?

Episode 5 of “Copycat Killer” had the police go after Jian Ho and Jian Wun because they both had evidence that pointed to the fact that either of them could be the serial killer who is on a rampage and has managed to kill the third victim. Kuo has come very close to cracking the case, and he can only hope to get closer still so that the final 2% of the case also gets solved and they can get yet another serial killer off the streets. Kuo is walking on eggshells right now, and he is making sure to stay focused and not get distracted. Yong Lin, on the other hand, manages to get hold of Jian Wun and physically assault him in the hope that the boy will confess and reveal his daughter’s location. Yong Lin ends up getting injured. How will Kuo get to the final 2% of the case—catching the serial killer—now that they have narrowed it down to two suspects?


Spoilers Ahead

Jian Wun’s Predicament

Jian Wun’s life was going on as planned, but little did he know his curse would catch up with him. The police have zeroes in on him and Jian Ho, and he is sure Kuo will go after him because many of his alibis might not match his statements. An angry Jian Wun ends up raping Yu-Tong without realizing what he is even up to. Jian Wun knows there is no turning back from here. All he can do is make sure not to run into Yu-Tong and hope that no one catches up with him at this final time while he is planning to flee off to a new place. Jian Wun cannot sympathize with the women at that point because the man has brutally raped and killed women. His childhood trauma cannot be used to excuse what he did because, at the end of the day, it is a crime against another human being in the most gruesome form. There is no way he will go scot-free from here on.


Yong Lin’s Condition

Yong Lin thankfully survived the brutal assault Jian Wun inflicted on him. Yong Lin walked into a lion’s den without understanding the strength Jian had in him to go against a seasoned police officer like Yong. Jian managed to severely injure the man, but thankfully, Yong Lin is out of danger and will be discharged from the hospital in a few days. Kuo is shaken by how the events turned out between Yong Lin and Jian Wun, who is still on the run. Kuo manages to get hold of the gun left by Yong Lin, and Yong Lin hopes it will help Kuo track down Yu-Tong’s kidnapper and possibly kill the person in self-defense.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Will Jian Wun And Jian Ho Survive The Car Crash?

A well-known lawyer named Chen Hung-Liang shows up to have a chat with Kuo to discuss how he plans to proceed with the investigation against Jian Wun. Hung-Liang is not just a lawyer but one of the investors in the club Kink and happens to be an influential person in the legal circle in the city. His involvement would mean Kuo would have to slow down in his quest to catch Jian Wun. All of them are puzzled to know why this rich and famous lawyer is interested in making sure Jian Wun is not arrested by the police. Evidence against Jian Wun is yet to be collected, and before that, this man waltzed into the room in the hope of intimidating Kuo and his team and having them withdraw from the entire case. On further unofficial investigation of Hung-Liang, it was concluded that this man not only has political ambitions but that there is an indication that Jian Wun might be his son. His only son indulging in crimes of a heinous nature and being sent behind bars for it does not gel with Hung-Liang’s political image, and he must keep Kuo at bay by showing off his power, influence, and money. Kuo is not bothered and is keen on finding hard-core evidence against Jian Wun. Jian Wun being the prime suspect and now on the run from law and order, proves why it is essential to catch that man and interrogate him until he reveals all the details about all the crimes he has committed so far.


Jian Ho, on the other hand, is confused about how to handle Jian Wun. Jian Ho is a sincere man who wants nothing but peace and contentment in his life. He is trying to be here for his best friend, Jian Wun, and is trying hard to convince him that it would be better if he would just surrender and cooperate with the police. Jian Wun is trapped in the delusions of a chaotic mind, and he sees only the projections of his imagination, where he knows nothing good would come of turning himself in and talking to the cops. Jian Wun is trying to run away from this place, and he is expecting Jian Ho to join him as well because he would like to take his best friend away. Jian Ho realizes Yo-Tung has been forcefully locked inside the trunk of the car. Jian Ho tries to rescue the girl when Jian Wun knocks him unconscious and puts him in the car.

As he keeps driving, Jian Ho wakes up, only to see his best friend going through a trance-like phase; he has no clue where he is driving. Jian Wun, in his distorted state of mind, with nothing left to lose, takes the car and drives off the road into the mountains. Jian Wun and Jian Ho die on the spot, but the police find that Yo-Tung is breathing and is alive. Kuo cannot believe he came so close to nabbing the serial killer and ended up losing them again in a car crash. He not only lost Jian Wun but was also an important asset in Jian Ho. Joan Ho could have turned out to be beneficial for the police, for he stayed the longest with the serial killer and rapist Jian Wun. With both of the potential killers dead, it seems this chapter of serial killers is closed, but Kuo feels there is more that could be done when it comes to closing the case. A piece of the puzzle that does not fit right. Hopefully, there is something that he will eventually find out.


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