Connor Reed In ‘Code 8: Part II,’ Explained: How Did Connor Help Pavani?

The movie Code 8: Part II by director Jeff Chan showcases the story of an ex-con named Connor who surrenders himself in police custody after his mother’s death, seeking to make amends for his involvement in corrupt dealings with Garrett and his associates. He had entered into this illicit business to get money for his mother’s treatment. However, upon her passing, he realizes her desire for him to embrace his mutant powers for good in a society filled with corruption. Connor leaves jail after serving his sentence and meets Garrett once again. This time, Connor is determined in his commitment to staying away from illicit activities. However, he encounters challenges when he meets Pavani, a young girl seeking justice for her brother, who has been wronged by corrupt police officers. Through his efforts to combat the legal system and secure justice for Pavani’s brother, Connor demonstrates various admirable character traits, such as being a protector, a seeker of truth, and a genuine helper. But how does he defeat the people who have wronged them? That’s what we are about to find out in this explanation. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Connor Take Pavani To His House? 

After getting out of prison, when Garrett tries to talk to him, Connor ignores him because he knows he needs to keep his distance from him and all the corruption he is associated with. Garrett wants to help Connor since he saved Garrett and his crew and turned himself in instead, allowing Garrett to maintain control over the Psyke drug trade, which involves a substance made from the spinal fluid of powered individuals. Connor tries to live a decent life by working at the community center, doing tasks like mopping floors and cutting down trees. However, there’s trouble brewing as people with mutant abilities who are trying to work in manufacturing face discrimination from the LCPD’s new robotic police officers called Guardians. These Guardians are meant to combat powered criminals, but their lethal actions are causing concern. The police are considering reducing the number of Guardians and adding non-lethal robotic canines to ensure Lincoln City’s safety. Since Garrett is involved in the drug business, he bribes the police to keep his operation running smoothly.


To pay off Sergeant Kingston, Garrett drops off a bag of money. Unfortunately, Pavani’s brother Tarak takes the money to help pay for Pavani’s education. However, a K9 robot dog attacks Tarak, injecting him with a deadly dose of the drug. Pavani tries to save her brother, but gets attacked too. Luckily, Pavani is a transducer through which she can convert energy from one form to another, and manages to control the robot dog’s power, escaping to seek refuge at the community center where Connor works. When Pavani tells Connor what happened, he realizes he needs to protect her. He knows the corrupt police might come after her since she witnessed her brother’s death. Also, she knows how the K9 dogs, meant to safeguard the community, are actually taking orders from corrupt police sergeants to kill people. Connor understands the danger Pavani might face, especially if she tries to expose the truth to the community. Connor takes Pavani to his home as a temporary shelter when he sees the police arriving at the community center to attack her. Despite the risks, Connor is determined to keep Pavani safe and uncover the truth behind the corrupt actions of the police and the deadly K9 robots.

Why Did Connor Take Garrett’s Help? 

The police approach Connor’s door, using drones to track them. As Connor and Pavani attempt to flee, the Guardians emerge to attack them. However, Connor’s electric power allows him to defeat the Guardians, and Pavani assists by disrupting the drone’s tracking signals, preventing them from following. Realizing that they need help, Connor understands that Garrett is their best option. Despite their past feud, Connor remembers that Garrett owes him for saving him. Thus, Connor asks Garrett to provide Pavani with a new identity, a safe place to stay, and some money for her safety. Upon hearing this, Garrett agrees to take Pavani under his wing, offering her a job working with the powered individuals he trains.


Aware of Pavani’s abilities as a transducer and her involvement in disabling the K9 robot, Garrett decides to erase her memory of her brother’s death, freeing her from any emotional obligations. However, Connor, concerned about Pavani’s well-being and the truth, decides to disclose to Pavani that her memory will be altered. He promises her that he will accompany her, ensuring that she knows the truth about her situation before agreeing to Garrett’s plan. But Connor realizes that Garrett lied about only erasing the memory of Tarak’s death.

Garrett actually intended to erase any memory Pavani has of her brother altogether, removing any emotional burden she might carry. This angered Connor deeply because he understands the significance of family bonds and empathizes with Pavani’s loss, knowing she only had her brother, much like he only had his mother before her passing. Thus, Connor electrocutes Garrett and his subordinates to protect Pavani from their nefarious plans to exploit her powers. They flee the scene, realizing they must leave the city for their safety. They take Mina’s car, the supervisor of the community center. But on their way, they get ambushed by both Garrett and the police. The police believe Garrett would shoot Connor, but he doesn’t. This leads to the loss of Garrett’s associates as the Guardians fire at them. Sadly, Mina lost her life in the gunfire as well. With no other options, Connor reluctantly seeks Garrett’s help again, trusting him to protect Pavani. Despite their troubled history, Connor knows he has to rely on Garrett to keep Pavani safe from the attacks.


How Did Connor Bring Down Sergeant Kingston?

Connor, along with Pavani and Garrett, went to Sergeant King’s house to retrieve the K9 dog. Their aim was to expose the police corruption to the community as the robotic dog had recorded Tarak’s death, revealing the truth that the police, led by Kingston, was the real threat to society, not Tarak. But after taking the robot, Garrett removed its head, where its memory was stored, as he thought of threatening Kingston with it so he could use it as leverage. Connor realized his mistake in trusting Garrett once again.

When the police arrived to attack, Connor took Pavani’s hand and attempted to escape. However, the K9 dog attacked Connor, injecting him with the Psyke drug just as they had done to Tarak. But Pavani, using her transducer power, took control of the robot, turning it against its attackers. The exertion took its toll on Pavani, leaving her feeling dizzy and bleeding. Connor, seeing her condition, led her outside the building. Connor seized the opportunity, taking a camera from a reporter and live-streaming Pavani’s brother’s victimization by the police, exposing their illegal actions for monetary gain and Sergeant King’s exploitation of public trust. The entire city witnessed the truth unfold.


Thus, Connor’s actions reflect his newfound sense of morality and responsibility. Despite facing numerous challenges and betrayals, he consistently chooses the path of righteousness with his courage and integrity. The way he took care of Pavani and sought justice for her is noteworthy. At the end of the movie, Connor’s character arc comes full circle as he is shown working at the community center. This choice symbolizes his commitment to making a positive impact on society, particularly on younger children like Pavani, by providing a safe and nurturing environment for them to play and learn, fulfilling the dream of Mina and his mother. 

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