‘Colin From Accounts’ Recap Before Watching Season 2

Directed by Trent O’Donnell, the series Colin From Accounts dwells on the story of a paralyzed dog and its two caretakers, Gordon and Ashley. The comedy is lighthearted, with a hint of romance. How the two bond over the dog, turning from complete strangers to a cute couple, has been depicted in the series. The age difference between the couple adds to the layers of the comic elements. The amazing cast includes Harriet Dyer, Patrick Brammall, and others. They have done complete justice to the first season of the series. Does Colin ignite a spark between the couple? Do they regret their decision to give Colin away to another family? Let us find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Led To Colin’s Accident?

It is unlikely that you drive past a woman and she flashes her mammary glands at you! But that is exactly what happens when Gordon drives past a random pedestrian and she flashes at him. This leads him to get flabbergasted, and he hits a dog on the road, causing the poor thing permanent spinal damage. Gordon and Ashley get into an altercation after the event and finally take the dog to a veterinarian. They are given the option to either euthanize the dog or take care of it, as it would live with wheels for its hind legs permanently. Ashley takes pity and says that she will take care of the dog. Ashley’s landlord doesn’t allow pets, so they are forced to take the dog to Gordon’s place. She promises him that she will leave as soon as she finds a new place to move into.


How Do Gordon And Ashley Develop Feelings For Each Other?

Gordon is resentful of the crippled dog and wants it and the girl out of his hair! He allows Ashley to stay at his place for the first night, but when she is unable to find a place to shift, he gets impatient. He disapproves of the dog because he thinks that it is crippled and that it is an additional task to help it take a dump. He was also irritated by Ashley’s weird habit of peeing in his drawer in her sleep. Later, when he brings one of his dates to his house, she introduces herself as his sister. Gordon is slowly taking a liking to her weird habits. Ashley, who has just gotten out of a relationship, is also emotionally vulnerable. We see them starting to get intimate when Gordon comes to his senses and backs out. Gordon was suffering from testicular cancer, and a cystoscopy had left him unable to engage in sexual activities. Ashley, however, misunderstands the situation and thinks that Gordon is not interested in her. She finally decides to move into Megan’s house along with Colin, which makes Gordon feel lonely. Later, Ashley comes to know from Gene, her dean, that he and Gordon had cancer and were in remission together. The bond that had developed between Ashley and Gordon had gone from a sour first experience to a bittersweet emotional bond. They helped each other in times of need, which ensured that they got to know each other better eventually!

What Is Ashley’s Relationship With Her Mother?

Ashley’s flirtatious mother, Lynelle, has been depicted as a peculiar character who doesn’t share a close bond with her daughter. She never praises her daughter and tries to put her down in front of others. Gordon also notices it when he goes to Ashley’s mother’s house for an invitation. She is always bringing up traumatic experiences to subdue Ashley’s happiness. Even on her 30th birthday, Lynelle brings up an incident that took place on her 22nd birthday when a boy drowned during the party. However, Lynelle was a noble human and had adopted many underprivileged kids, but she could not be a good mother to her own daughter. She also had very bad taste in men, which created a gap between them. Lee, her mother’s current boyfriend, was a pervert, and Ashley had warned her against him, but she did not pay any heed to it. It is possible that Ashley wanted to give Colin the maternal warmth that she had always lacked. It is possible that she refused to put Colin down because she wanted to take care of him as a mother would. She wanted to understand if she would be a better mom than her own mother. 


How Does Gordon Try Impressing Ashley’s Friends?

There is a huge age gap between Ashley and Gordon. Gordon tries dressing as per the liking of Ashley’s age group to make a good impression on her friends. All her friends are invited to Gordon’s brewery to celebrate her 30th birthday. Ashley, however, does not introduce Gordon to her friends properly. Her ex-boyfriend is also invited to the party, and she refers to Gordon as her father. Her friends go off limits and wreak havoc on the place, which forces Gordon to ask them to leave. Ashley gets very upset and says that he insulted her friends. This event eventually leads to their breakup! However, later, Megan comes over to the brewery to pay the bills for that night, but Chiara and Bretty do not let her pay the bills and tell her that Gordon would not take the money from her.

What Eventually Happens To Colin?

Ashley, upon finding a missing poster of Colin, tried contacting his real owner. Upon learning that Colin was now crippled for life, he did not want to take on his responsibility. This brings out the selfishness and unwillingness of some humans to help innocent creatures like Colin. When Ashley and Gordon try dropping Colin off at a dog shelter, they do not like the condition in which the other dogs are kept and decide not to drop him off. Finally, Bretty’s neighbor decides to take Colin in. When they go to drop Colin there, they notice that the kid in the house was harsh to the dog, and she just wants a replacement for her recently deceased dog. They drop Colin there, but they regret their decision later. Gordon had initially put on a cold and practical facade in front of Ashley about having to let go of Colin, but he later sobs bitterly. He also expresses his feelings to Ashley, and they finally decide that they will get Colin back from that family.


Final Thoughts

There are many emotions that are associated with a pet. How a dog manages to create a bond between two humans who were complete strangers to each other has been depicted in the series. Even the logical mind of Gordon gives up after putting Colin up for adoption. He squeals like a baby and says how much he misses the dog. This series is a message against the atrocities inflicted on innocent animals. We, as humans, have the duty to look after the animals that we might have unknowingly harmed. Despite being a comedy, the series carries a strong message, and we eagerly await the release of the second season. It is likely that Ashley and Gordon might face some issues in trying to get the dog back from the family. I am, however, confident that the duo will go to any lengths to get Colin’s custody. Ashley and Gordon’s emotional bond with Colin is likely to deepen further in the next few seasons.

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