‘City On Fire’ Episode 7 Recap & Review: Where Did Nicky Plant the Bomb? Is Amory Gould Arrested?

Charlie has informed the emergency services about the bomb that Nicky is planning to detonate. Only time will tell if he is apprehended before it’s too late or not. Meanwhile, William is about to meet someone about the LH Project that Nicky was a part of. We also have Regan’s child in the picture now. It’s all about timing now. Parsa and McFadden will have to find the bomb. William needs proof to establish how Amory is connected to the Bronx fires. Episode 7 of City on Fire surrounds these two possibilities and shows how William is finally able to point the finger at Amory for his crimes, including trying to kill William.


Spoilers Ahead

A Glimmer Of Life

It is surreal how Samantha, even in a coma, is affecting the lives of many people; some of whom she doesn’t even know. And when she flits her eyes in front of her father, it’s the best surprise she could give him on her birthday. It is the first sign of life for her since she was admitted. Interestingly, we see her dreaming while still being able to hear her father’s voice. Unfortunately, she seems to be stuck at an Ex Post Facto concert. This is proof of how she is still the very same Samantha who was madly in love with the band. It also proves that she is alive, so she can come out of the coma. But there’s still time for that. We know that in such situations, the most crucial character returns in the last episode, or rather when everything else fails.


The Final Sign

Lorraine has finally admitted to Charlie’s sentiments. In other words, his love for Samantha has affected Lorraine to the point where she now tries to make Nicky understand that they need to reconsider their plan. Maybe Charlie has reminded her of her capability to care as well. She was angry at her own life, but Charlie unlocked her dead emotions. The bomb, if activated, will lead to the deaths of many innocents who have nothing to do with the message they intend to send. But Lorraine isn’t successful. Nicky is bent on getting revenge on Amory. And what’s more, the explosion will be his ultimate declaration of “artistic freedom” to the world. While he doesn’t care about anyone, Charlie is all for Samantha. There are many things he wants to tell her, but more than anything else, he needs to be with her. She made him feel special when he thought himself to be a loser, and now he has to be by her side and support her. We again see how Samantha is able to hear Charlie’s voice in her dream as she frantically searches for him but to no avail. She is stuck in her subconscious. The fact that she can hear everything shows how inherently her character holds together every aspect of the plot. Without her, Ex Nihilo wouldn’t have pulled off all that it has, and perhaps it is providence that she is still alive to bring them to justice. But we must remember that she, too, was a part of the arsons, so it shouldn’t be shocking if she is arrested along with Nicky and his group after coming out of the coma. Then, as fate would have it, Keith, too, arrives at Samantha’s ward and comes face-to-face with Charlie. This is the first time Samantha’s lovers have come face-to-face. The irony is that both think that the other is the one who shot her. But neither of them has. Keith still calls security on Charlie because the cops are looking for him. Maybe they need to catch him because only he can tell them what they need to know about Ex Nihilo and Nicky’s plan.

Brother Is Back

William is perhaps the only one who could talk to Regan about the baby she delivered in Buffalo, Italy. He knows how painful it must have been for her to keep quiet about it for so many years. If only he had been around, he could have helped her. But for Regan, her brother getting along pretty well with her children (fathered by Keith) is more than she had imagined. But remaining together has to wait as they have to look for their father, who has wandered off. But maybe it’s a good thing because Bill Sr. seems to have realized that Amory plans to remove him from the company’s proceedings so that he can take over. William’s hug with his father has been a long time coming. Misunderstandings disappear, and love triumphs, bringing the Hamilton family back together again.


The Culprit

Not just William, but Bill Sr. too knows that the person paying Nick for the arsons is Amory. It is only natural for Bill to realize by now that Amory is bent on taking over his empire. So when Parsa finds proof of Amory’s blight decree, he wastes no time and pulls out an arrest warrant in his name. Thankfully, Amory now has nowhere to go. Unless he escapes to God knows where, He has no end of means, after all. Meanwhile, Keith might also be arrested because he assisted in Amory’s illegal payments to Ex Nihilo. The bomb being named after Amory (the demon brother) is the ultimate proof that Nicky and Amory are together in all that’s happening. But no one knows that Nicky intends to take revenge on Amory. And frankly, it doesn’t even matter because if the bomb detonates, multiple floors of the building will go up in flames, if not the whole building. So no one will survive questioning.

Do Parsa And McFadden Arrest Amory?

On the one hand, Parsa orders an arrest warrant for Amory, while on the other hand, Amory receives a bomb threat and leaves his office. Now it’s all about who takes action quicker. What follows is utter chaos. While Charlie goes after Lorraine to ask her for the bomb’s location, William is stabbed by Amory’s assistant and bodyguard. It won’t be wrong to say that Lorraine has been suffering from self-hate due to how she has completely disregarded the value of life just so that Nicky’s pseudo-movement can achieve its objectives. Charlie, yet again, comes to her rescue and convinces her of the good that’s in her. She finally reveals the bomb’s position. William getting stabbed and Amory’s escape is, one might say, the climax. The fact that Amory snaps at William proves that he doesn’t have anything to defend himself with anymore. His game is finally over. The last we see of Charlie in Episode 7 is when he jumps onto the boom with the intention of somehow diffusing the bomb. The episode ends with New York City losing its power. Why? We do not know. Maybe it has something to do with the bomb. Meanwhile, Samantha’s nurse tries her best to keep her alive.


The blackout seems to be the final reset that will hit the lives of all the characters in our story. All that remains is for Parsa and McFadden to catch Amory and bring him to justice. The best thing that can happen is if Samantha turns up when Amory is arrested. But the most important question that still remains unanswered is, “Why did you shoot Samantha?” Perhaps, the finale episode will answer this question.

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Episode 7 of City on Fire surrounds these two possibilities and shows how William is finally able to point the finger at Amory for his crimes, including trying to kill William.'City On Fire' Episode 7 Recap & Review: Where Did Nicky Plant the Bomb? Is Amory Gould Arrested?