‘Chandramukhi 2’ Ending Explained & Movie Spoilers: Did Divya Kill Pandiyan?

Chandramukhi 2 is one such movie that does not require a viewer to use their brain to understand what is unfolding in front of their eyes. The same could be said about the first movie of the series as well, which was a poor remake of the cult Malayalam film, Manichitrathazhu. Chandramukhi 2 is an extension of the first film. The new family in this sequel come to know of the despicable king and his wayward ways to control the dancer, Chandramukhi.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Had Ill Luck Befallen The Family?

The story of Chandramukhi 2 begins with a car accident involving a family member of the matriarch, Ranganayaki. She comes from a third-generation business oriented family. Currently all the members are facing plenty of issues on business and personal front. Her daughter lost the ability to walk after the accident. They consult their family guru to find reasons for all the dreadful incidents that have occurred one after the other, as if a curse had befallen them.


The guru confirms that the family has been neglecting their deity. This is the cause of all the terrible events befalling them. The only solution is to appease the deity by making sure every member of the family attends the rituals, including the ones that have been ostracized. Ranganayaki’s family was keen on following the orders laid down by their guru but was apprehensive about inviting her grandchildren from her daughter, who caused embarrassment by marrying out of their community. This is a typical story one could come across about Indian households. The children are controlled, threatened and eventually shunned by their families for choosing a life partner of their choice. Something similar happened in the Ranganayaki’s family. They also faced the possibility of seeing the grandchildren during these rituals.

Who Is Pandiyan?

Pandiyan is the guardian assigned to Ranganayaki’s grandchildren after they were left orphaned. There is no explanation behind why Pandiyan was chosen to be the guardian. It could either be that he was their family lawyer or a friend of the parents who was financially stable. Since the ritual at the family temple required the presence of the grandchildren, Pandiyan decided to make a trip out of it and be a part of their journey to make sure the kids were alright.


Pandiyan and the grandchildren received a cold reception upon reaching the Vettaiyapuram Palace. The palace was the central character in the previous film, seventeen years ago. This film also has the caretaker/owner of the palace, Murugesan, who was seen in the previous film as well. He is making sure the incidents from two decades ago don’t repeat. Pandiyan is appalled by the treatment the children get from the family and is stern about the children needing their family more than ever at this juncture. Ranganayaki eventually embraces her grandchildren, and the rest of the family follows in her footsteps.

Why Is The Priest Against Any Rituals At The Family Temple?

The family comes across a sage, Rudrayya, and a temple priest who are against the idea of the temple being used as a place for their family’s rituals. The priest explains that Chandramukhi’s wrath will be unleashed on the palace and its residents if the temple is reopened for any kind of festivities. Such is the animosity the spirit of Chandramukhi carries. She will most likely become an unstoppable force unless she kills King Vettaiyan on the eighth night of Navratri. Chandramukhi 2 is no different from the first film. The story is repeated to accommodate new characters. The family plans to go ahead with the ritualistic ceremonies despite many warnings. They were not ready for the havoc that would be unleashed on them by this decision.


Who Was Possessed By Chandramukhi’s Spirit?

The family guru is called in again to discuss the history of the palace which could be a hindrance to all their plans concerning the ceremonies. They were keen to know if the spirit of Chandramukhi exists or if someone from the family was suffering from a mental ailment, as demonstrated in the first film. The family learns of a member who gets possessed by Chandramukhi’s spirit. That person could be the reason for all the chaos that has been unleashed on the family. There is no definite reason why Chandramukhi would possess a person who has no interest in the history of the palace. Ganga in the previous film was enchanted by the grandeur of the palace and the stories she heard, which led to her dissociative disorder and the spirit possessing her. Divya, who is in a wheelchair for most of the film, is revealed to be possessed by Chandramukhi. The bloodthirsty spirit is after King Vettaiyan and will not stop till she kills him. Divya is chosen to showcase the immense power of the spirit, which eventually makes her walk without any support.

What Is The Real Story Of Chandramukhi?

As the first day of the rituals begins in the family, Pandiyan is possessed by the spirit of King Vettaiyan, and thus the clash of two fiery spirits begins that might end in his demise. The family doesn’t want any of the two to die in this clash of bloodthirsty entities because Divya is the youngest daughter of Ranganayaki. Meanwhile, Pandiyan is the closest friend of Ranganayaki’s grandchildren. They have found a friend and a parental figure in him.


Chandramukhi was a famed dancer in the court of the Vijayanagara empire, which was invaded by the original King Vettaiyan and his army general Sengottaiyan. As King Vettaiyan was mesmerized by Chandramukhi’s beauty and showed his willingness to marry her, Sengottaiyan swooped in and killed his king, only to capture the throne to marry the same woman. Pandiyan, who resembled Sengottaiyan, is another reason why Chandramukhi’s spirit in the current timeline wants to get rid of him. Sengottaiyan was indeed a selfish and ambitious man who achieved what he was seeking. He was proud of getting Chandramukhi on his side without her consent. His kingly stature allowed him to make decisions for her, and the woman detested him. Chandramukhi was in love with Gunesekharan, a fellow dancer, and she offered him shelter in the palace. Angered by the thought of Chandramukhi’s infidelity, he beheaded her lover and burned her alive, as shown in the first film. This history allowed both Divya and Pandiyan to understand the rivalry between these spirits. They did not want to kill each other, but the entities had other plans.

Did Divya kill Pandiyan?

On Durgashtami, the final rituals begin at the temple. Meanwhile, the clash between Chandramukhi and Sengottaiyan, who fashioned himself as King Vettaiyan, began. Both are fighting for survival. Chandramukhi wanted to complete her revenge because the King made sure she did not live a peaceful life with her lover. Either could die before the end of the day, and the families are expecting bad news.


Chandramukhi 2 ends with what the audience perceives as Pandiyan’s death, which only implies King Vettaiyan’s spirit leaving his body at the hands of Divya, possessed by Chandramukhi. Just like in the previous film, the decapitated body of Pandiyan is set on fire with the help of family guru. Pandiyan’s supposed death led to Divya coming out of the possessed state, fulfilling the spirit’s final goal. The revelation of the sage Rudrayya offering himself for death instead of Pandiyan as King Vettaiyan comes across as a shock. This obvious twist in the tale was executed to get rid of the menace of Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan’s rivalry. He offered himself to be killed to break the curse, for the sage was a powerful man. His death would get rid of many bad omens. There is no better way to die than knowing your death would be beneficial to others. In this case, he wanted to help Ranganayaki’s family by bringing the rituals to a conclusion and reaping the benefits of them. Divya is now able to walk on her own, and Pandiyan leaves with the children he is supposed to be taking care of. It seems all is well until Murugesan witnesses a predatory bird again entering the mansion, hinting towards a third movie in the series.

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