‘Call It Love’ Episodes 3 And 4: Recap And Ending: Where Did Dong Jin Meet Min Young Again? 

Woo Joo has declared Dong Jin as her sworn enemy in “Call It Love,” when she discovers that he is the son of her father’s wife, who ruined their family. Moreover, Woo Joo and her siblings lost their house because of that woman. To get revenge, Woo Joo joined Dong Jin’s company but, in no time, got fired after being framed as a spy. She had given up on her revenge, but Dong Jin called her back to apologize and asked her to join the office again.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Dong Jin Call Woo Joo Back?

Dong Jin’s business partner Kim has a misunderstanding that Dong Jin exposed his affair, but it is far from true. Sun Woo has to meddle to clear up the misunderstanding between them. Kim is important to them, and they cannot afford to lose him. When Sun Woo finds out that Dong Jin was with Woo Joo at night, he starts teasing him, saying that he is finally dating someone. However, he thinks dating a betrayer is a little odd, and that’s when Dong Jin reveals to Sun Woo that Cha is the real spy. He had seen him talking with Shin and also has a record of him entering the office at night. Woo Joo was not going to join the company again, but seeing her younger brother sleeping in a small room made her want to get their house back. Her friend Yoon Joon doesn’t want her to go back because he knows that Woo Joo will get herself into trouble again. As soon as Woo Joo enters the office, everyone starts glaring at her, and they ask her how she could come back without shame. Dong Jin defends her, though, and announces that he has called her back. This time, she is not a part-time employee but a full-time employee on the business team. Dong Jin has brought her back to spy on the real spy, Cha. Dong Jin believes that even if Cha is fired, Shin will turn another employee against him, so it is better to keep Cha in check.


Min Young, Dong Jin’s ex-girlfriend, has returned to Korea and is in contact with CEO Shin for business. Sun Woo has been looking for her, but Min Young surprises him by visiting him first. Meanwhile, Dong Jin is only focused on work. Cha is still working for his company, and he doesn’t like that Woo Joo is still working. He is worried and confused if Dong Jin has found out the truth. He lets his anger out on Woo Joo every chance he gets. Woo Joo doesn’t hold back this one time and asks Cha if he is guilty of something. Woo Joo doesn’t understand how Dong Jin has the patience to handle a person like him, to which he replies that he let his ex-girlfriend cheat on him for a year. As they return to the office after their lunch break, a surprise awaits both of them.

Dong Jin’s mother goes to his office to inform him that she has a new boyfriend. Dong Jin is used to such news and keeps quiet the whole time. Woo Joo has to bring coffee to her, and she is worried that she might recognize her and ruin her plan again. However, Dong Jin’s mother doesn’t recognize Woo Joo, and Woo Joo also pretends not to know her. Woo Joo gets angrier thinking that now that woman won’t even acknowledge her existence. It only increases her urge to ruin Dong Jin’s business and get her revenge faster. She tells Cha that Dong Jin knows he is the spy and that he should execute his plan quickly to make Dong Jin go bankrupt.


Why Did Dong Jin And Min Young Break Up?

Dong Jin is already facing difficulties keeping his business running, and one big problem arises. Kim hasn’t been picking up their calls, and they find out from an external source that he is on a business trip to Shanghai. Kim hasn’t signed the contract with Dong Jin yet, and it is crucial for their upcoming project. Sun Woo doesn’t have a good feeling about it and has been going back and forth to Kim’s house. While walking back home with worries on his mind, Dong Jin runs into Woo Joo’s sister, Hye Seung. He doesn’t recognize her until she tells him that they have met before at the bank and that she is Woo Joo’s sister. She forces him to join her for drinks, and later, her brother also joins them. Hye Seung has seen Dong Jin and Woo Joo together, and she believes that there could be something between them. She wants to know more about Dong Jin to see if he is the perfect man for her sister. However, Yoon Joon and Woo Joo go to the same restaurant, and Woo Joo panics after seeing them together. She drags Dong Jin out and tells him to leave and not meet anyone from her family again. He tells her that he wasn’t interested in meeting her sister and that she forced him to go. Before leaving, he tells Woo Joo that just because someone doesn’t react doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt. Hye Seung doesn’t understand why Woo Joo doesn’t like Dong Jin to this extent, but she believes that Dong Jin likes her for sure.

The next day, things are awkward between Dong Jin and Woo Joo, but Dong Jin relieves the tension by telling Woo Joo not to worry about her rude behavior. He says that he must have gotten used to it because he doesn’t feel anything about it. Woo Joo doesn’t know how to react to it, as she is not used to someone this tolerant. She goes to collect Dong Jin’s bag that he left with her sister last night. Sun Woo is already at the bank to ask for a loan when Dong Jin calls him. Dong Jin goes to the bank too, and on their way back, they see Hye Seung and Woo Joo, and they overhear them talking about Dong Jin. Woo Joo tells Hye Seung that she doesn’t like Dong Jin because he looks lonely and pitiful. Hye Seung thinks that Dong Jin must be deeply heartbroken to have turned out like that. She is correct, and no one really knows the heartbreaking story of Dong Jin other than Sun Woo. Dong Jin was in a relationship with Min Young for seven years, and he let her cheat on him because he was too afraid to let her go. In the end, he received a wedding invitation from the girl he had loved for seven years, and the pain made him want to end his life.


‘Call It Love’ Episode 4: Ending

Min Young has been hanging out with Sun Woo, and she finds out that their company is struggling because of Shin. She has to help her friends, so she cancels her business deal with him. She doesn’t tell Sun Woo about it, but he ends up finding out something else. Min Young is living next door to Dong Jin and has been knocking on his door every night after getting drunk. Dong Jin has complained a lot of times, but he didn’t bother to find out who his neighbor was. However, he finds out when he accidentally runs into Min Young in the corridor. He is not happy to see her and asks her if she has any respect for him. Min Young assures him that she won’t bother him again, but Dong Jin just leaves.

Dong Jin is disturbed after seeing Min Young and gets drunk. He doesn’t have control over himself or his emotions and tries to jump in front of a car. Woo Joo has sworn her enmity towards Dong Jin, but this is the second time she saves him. Dong Jin is broken, and Woo Joo can see right through him. In “Call It Love”, Woo Joo has found out about Cha and Shin’s plan to completely destroy Dong Jin’s company, but she doesn’t feel good about it for some reason. Will she save Dong Jin the third time, or will she let Cha destroy Dong Jin? Let’s find out in the next episode.


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