‘Bookie’ Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Danny And Ray Deal With Vigorish?

The idiosyncratic lives of two bookies, Danny and Ray, continue as they try to manage their daily affairs, getting into trouble and finding their ways out of them. The fifth and sixth episodes of Bookie introduced a few new characters, and we got a glimpse of how Danny had used his brains to deal with threatening situations over the years and hasn’t lost that touch to this day. Bookie is a comedy that doesn’t miss its chance to comment on racial stereotypes and pop culture references. For example, in Bookie Episode 5, Ray threatens to kill a young boy in ‘gangster style,’ and then jokes about it with Danny about how people believe his empty threats because he is a heavyset, black man who roams around with the Italian (Goodfellas, The Godfather inserts!) Danny. Filled with such references all over, Bookie is building itself up to be a decent comedy show that must be seen with a little concentration so you don’t miss the witty references.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Danny Having An Affair?

Danny, who in the last few episodes was showing extra love and attention to his wife Sandra, stumped us in Bookie Episode 5, telling his accountant about the ‘storage facility,’ i.e., a house he had rented to an actress who was helping him build his business. She was replenishing his ‘vitality’ and hence she was a business expense, and he wanted the accountant to find a way to get a tax deduction on the house. He was clearly having an affair with the actress, and the accountant just didn’t want to file anything in the tax report that would make him culpable as well. Money seemed to be flowing in, but there were some hiccups, like that of Zach, a young, overconfident college student who had won all his previous bets but did not have the money to repay them when he lost.


Why Did Danny And Ray Return The Jewelry? 

Ray had Zach trapped in his car, and he dialed Danny to discuss Zach’s fate. Danny, without missing a beat, told Ray to murder Zach and hose out the trunk later. Terrified, Zach promised to contact his parents and get the money, but he arrived with his stepmother’s jewelry. It was worth a lot more than what he owed, but the jewelry was useless to Danny and Ray. If they went to sell it, they would be caught the minute they made a deal. Annoyed but never really ungrateful for any mishap in their lives, they decided to give the jewelry to their loved ones. Danny had Sandra and the actress to please, and Ray had three ex-wives and a granny as well. As a ‘spontaneous’ show of affection, their gifts really changed their lives. Suddenly Danny felt relaxed, as he was having the best of both worlds, and Ray had never had this great a time dealing with all his ex-wives. But the ecstasy had an expiration date.

Zach’s father was Patrick Ryan, a wealthy man with connections to Detective Carl. Zach must have told Carl about who he gave the jewelry to, and he came to see Danny and Ray with Patrick. The deal was that Carl wouldn’t get them into any sort of trouble if and only if they returned the jewelry. Patrick was in no mood to press charges against his own son, making it possible for them to get away from the law, but not from Carl. He had been on them since day one, and whenever they messed up, he was there to make them fall in line. Carl could shut down Danny’s operations, and when he said to return the jewelry, there really wasn’t any other option for him or Ray. They both went through a metaphorical ‘hell’ getting back the jewelry from their loved ones and returning the jewelry to Patrick.


How Did Danny Find Out About Loarraine’s Side Hustle?

Danny was having enough problems, but then he found out about Loarraine’s psychedelic therapy that she was offering to people. A woman had already died, and yet they were after new clients who weren’t getting what they needed at all. Danny noticed Lorraine’s website, which had been set up by Hector, on his son’s laptop. Then he went to the office to find a whole growth of mushrooms, which were the psychedelic substances they were selling. An intervention was warranted, and both Lorraine and Hector were called in to sit down with Danny and Ray. Danny got his point across to Lorraine, who was jeopardizing the whole bookie operation with her fake therapy course, but it’s hard to say if she ‘got it’. The intervention was disturbed by a man named Tarifa, who was the mugger Danny had shot earlier in Bookie Episode 1. He was on a path of repentance after having joined a twelve-step program, and he gave Danny a heads-up about the waiter Jerry, who had tipped off Tarifa and later stabbed himself by accident. Later, Jerry almost shot Danny, but was run over by a bus before he could do so. 

How Did Danny Deal With Vigorish?

Bookie Episode 6 was dedicated to a feud between Teddy’s son, Vigorish, and Danny. Teddy had passed away, and Danny was distraught because Teddy was like a father to him and had taken care of him ever since Danny was a young man. He was also his boss, and Danny had provided him with his cut of 20 percent from each winning without fail for eighteen years. Danny didn’t mind that, but at least he wouldn’t have to do that now. In the middle of all the sadness, Teddy’s son, Vigorish, who resented Teddy for sending him to the military and never accepting that Vigorish was gay, came forward, ordering Danny to pass on the 20 percent cut of his earnings to him. Danny was in no mood to give any money to Vigorish, and there was a battle. Vigorish and his husband Marco threatened Sandra and ravaged her shop, giving Danny a signal to accept him as his new boss. Danny and Ray had to acknowledge that Vigorish wasn’t going anywhere, and they had to give him his cut. But not for long. They had noticed that Vigorish’s husband was a jealous man who used to hit Vigorish pretty badly for the most minor of offenses. Danny used the fact that Lex, the adult film star, and Stewie, the trans woman, owed him a lot of money, and got them to crash Vigorish’s party thrown on the occasion of his marriage anniversary. The plan was to make it look like Vigorish was cheating on his husband, Marco, and it worked. Lex and Stewie were pretty convincing themselves, but they didn’t expect Marco to lose his marbles, and while Marco was beating Vigorish to a pulp, Ray did the rest by calling the police. Vigorish ended up in the hospital, and Marco went to jail. There was nobody left to give the money to, at least for now.


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