‘Bookie’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Danny Win The Bet?

Bookie is an interesting show that explores the wacky lives of people who are not ‘normal’ and live right on the edge of the criminal world. In the previous episodes, Ray and Danny had crossed the edge and came back, it seems, when Danny had shot a man who had tried to mug them. They did have Charlie Sheen’s expensive Mille watch, which Danny was flaunting. In the new episodes, Danny seems to have gotten away with his crimes scot-free, but gets into trouble when dealing with a mysterious character named Jack. Lorraine and Hector start a plan of their own to get a little side income going when they plan to start a ‘shamanic’ course for ‘troubled souls,’ selling them a whiff of enlightenment. Some of it works, while the rest goes down the drain.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Danny And Ray Do In The Morning?

First things first, the Mille watch had to be taken care of to settle the score with Charlie Sheen. So Danny and Ray were out and about in the morning. They tried selling the watch, hoping they would get the 75 grand that they had to extract from Charlie, but the stingy pawnbroker offered them a mere 45 grand, and that too after a lot of back and forth, which almost made Ray lose his cool. The morning was not yet over. Ray had to visit his three families, where he started a family and then divorced the ladies after knocking all of them up. Now he was liable to pay child support, an issue Danny extracted a lot of joy from by making fun of it. They did hand out the money to the winners of the bet; one of them was an adult film actor, Lex. Meanwhile, Lorraine and Hector were left to place the various bets while they started to discuss alternative ways to make money. Lorraine had almost gotten herself killed while selling mushrooms to a biker gang, and now she was planning to retire from that side hustle. Hector had something else in mind.


Why Did Ray Make The Deal With Walt?

Just after paying child support, Ray got a call from Walt, an old friend who sometimes got clients who wanted to place massive bets on football games. This time he had met a man named Jack, who seemed to be a mysterious figure from China. He had made some films in Hollywood, had a lot of money to spend, and now wanted to place bets. The problem for Danny and Ray was that if he won, did they have the kind of dough to pay him his winnings? While Danny went off to spend time with Sandra, Ray had already taken up the offer. He had placed a bet of 200 grand. If they lost, they would have to pay Jack a whopping 440 grand, but the result went in their favor. However, Jack wasn’t done with them. He was a shady figure, and Lorraine had found that the director he had made the film with had vanished, which implied that he would not hesitate to kill Danny and Ray if they ever screwed up. Greed had made Ray place the bets, and the offers soon increased.

How Did Lorraine And Hector Deal With Their First Client?

Lorraine and Hector were busy running their scam. Hector had set up Lorraine’s website, describing her as an expert in psychedelic therapy. The idea was to use her mushrooms and send the clients on a nice ‘trip’ and charge them a fee after they felt lighter. They didn’t expect to be working anytime soon, but a client showed up. A middle-aged woman, claiming she has only six months to live, wanted to experience the psychedelic therapy ‘Doctor’ Lorraine was offering. Hector chipped in with his weird ‘assistant’ get-up, and they both started to relax the woman by making her open up about her life. The woman told them that she had been married for 35 years and that her husband died recently. She then found out that she had cancer. Her life revolved around the medications, and she wanted to try the psychedelics before she said goodbye to the world. Lorraine and Hector gave her a dose, the amount of which was perhaps a little too strong—so strong that it killed the woman. The mixture of mushrooms with the myriad drugs she was already on might have been the cause of her death. Lorraine and Hector might have to think about their venture a little more carefully now.


Why Did Ray And Danny Want To Cancel Jack’s Bet?

Ray had done what he had done, but Danny, after getting the money from Jack, grew greedy as well. Danny too hastily took up the offers, and they both found themselves in a spot of bother when the players they hoped would play the games were not selected. Up until then, they believed Jack to be placing the wrong bets and were confident that he would lose. Ray had always worried about going bankrupt, and it seemed like that time was near. Their team, whom they needed to win, had just hired an unknown player. Danny and Ray prayed for their team to win, and in between the games, they were visited by an LAPD officer who wanted to warn them that Jack had diplomatic immunity, which meant their lives were in danger and their families would be able to do nothing against Jack if he killed them. They had tried to cancel the bets, but Jack had threatened to take all of them on a ‘boat’. It was the same place he had taken the movie director as well, implying he was going to kill them if they did not place the bets. They had no option now. Walt’s life, too, hung in the balance. The new unknown kid in their team worked wonders and won the match single-handedly, a feat nobody expected him to achieve. Danny had won the bet, and with the money in the bank, he could take a trip with his wife, whom he had grown to love more deeply in the past few days.

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