‘Blue Again’ (2023) Ending, Explained & Movie Summary: Does Ay Regain Control Over Her Life?

Life often shifts and transforms, resembling the changing shades of blue. Just as the sky transitions from light to dark, our journey is marked by highs and lows. How we navigate these shifts is within our control, much like steering through the cycles that surround us. Just as the sun rises and sets, our choices and actions shape our path through these phases. Ay, a young woman of mixed heritage, faces a journey akin to the shifting hues of blue. Her story unfolds as she deals with the complexities of nurturing a harmonious bond with her mother, her friendships, and pursuing a rigorous four-year fashion course. Just as the color transitions, the film Blue Again navigates the highs and lows of Ay’s experiences, shaping her path through these phases of life.


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How Does Ay Deal With Her Personal Problems?

At the start of the movie Blue Again, Ay draws a meaningful parallel between the indigo plant and human emotions, expressing her own need for care and nurturing. As the story unfolds, Ay’s connection to the plant mirrors her own longing for emotional support. This theme continues when Ay meets Pair on her first day of college; their friendship unexpectedly blossoms, seamlessly clicking into place. Ay’s genuine nature shines through as she makes sincere efforts to foster positive connections with everyone around her, showcasing her genuine and earnest personality. Indeed, there are moments when Ay withdraws from others, unintentionally isolating herself. This hints at her challenges in maintaining relationships, which could stem from her personal issues, especially her strained communication with her mother. Their interactions seem limited to just a few words, reflecting a lack of meaningful connection between them.


Ay encounters bullying due to her unique appearance, including her mixed heritage, tall stature, and distinct hair and eye color. Some peers feel uncomfortable with her standing out and attempt to force her to conform by punishing her, such as spraying her natural hair black, only to discourage her individuality and compel her to blend in. This reflects the challenges she faces in trying to find her place and be accepted by others. During her vacations at home, Ay’s experience takes a gloomy turn as she feels isolated and unwelcome within her own house. She observes her mother’s sadness, and this prompts Ay to consider a solution. Ay envisions revitalizing her mother’s dying business, which revolves around the indigo plant. This idea arises from Ay’s desire to aid her mother and make a positive change. She sees the opportunity to establish a shop together, breathing new life into the family’s venture and strengthening their bond.

How Does Ay’s Relationship With Sumeth Contribute To Her Happiness?

Sumeth and Ay share a strong bond that dates back to their school days. Despite his own family’s challenges and curiosity about Buddhism, Sumeth finds solace with Ay. This connection is mutual; Ay feels a sense of belonging and comfort when she’s with Sumeth. Every time Ay returns to Sakon Nakhon, she eagerly seeks out Sumeth’s company. He’s the one who truly understands her and prevents her from feeling isolated. Ay values their time together, especially when she’s away studying in Bangkok. Her priority upon returning is to spend time with Sumeth, as his presence alleviates her loneliness and offers her a sense of homecoming. As their story unfolds, the show skillfully shifts between past and present, illustrating how Sumeth has been Ay’s steadfast protector.


When faced with tough situations, including bullies who would harm her, Sumeth consistently stood up for Ay. This unwavering support has led to a special bond between them, allowing Ay to feel safe and confident when he’s around. Sumeth’s actions have shaped Ay’s best self, highlighting the impact their friendship has had on her. The director of Blue Again, Thapanee Loosuwan, has played a significant role in bringing these scenes to life. Drawing from her own encounters with a friend who shares similarities with Ay’s life, Thapanee has expertly woven real-life experiences into the movie’s narrative. The film serves as a compelling illustration of how individuals respond in diverse circumstances. By incorporating the personal stories of her friends and seniors, Thapanee skillfully captures the impactful situations that people commonly face in their everyday lives.

How Does Ay’s Life Change During Her Later Years Of The Fashion Course?

As Ay progressed to her second year of the fashion course, her workload increased, leading to a surge in orders. Pair, her supportive friend, assisted her by managing material procurement and deliveries. However, a minor misunderstanding arose when Ay opted for a logo not created by Pair, straining their relationship. Disappointments seemed to have no end, and every time Ay returned home, her expectations clashed with the less-than-ideal reality. When she required Indigo fabric for her collection in the Blue Ocean Night fashion show in her third year, Ay’s mother couldn’t provide even a mere 20 meters, leaving her in a predicament.


At times, Ay’s desire for perfection led her to appear unsupportive. This is evident when she can’t acquire the indigo fabric she wants for her designs. Ay is determined to select her own materials to match her vision, but her classmates, unable to wait, proceed with Pair’s material and alter the lineup. While it’s understandable that they can’t wait indefinitely, Ay feels unsettled by the sudden change. Her intention is to maintain the original plan, but the lineup alteration leaves her labeled as irresponsible and inflexible.

Does Ay Regain Control Over Her Life?

As the time for Ay’s final year thesis presentation arrives, she is well-prepared, but a major setback occurs due to her choice of synthetic dye for her presentation. The authenticity of indigo vat dyeing requires patience and a specific texture, making it crucial for her mockup. This setback adds to her troubles. Meanwhile, Pair’s behavior towards Ay is a mix of disrespect in public and genuine care in private. While Pair strives to please others publicly, she doesn’t extend the same validation to Ay. This incident further contributes to Ay’s unhappiness. Frustrated and disheartened by her current condition, Ay makes the decision to return home and temporarily suspend her business pursuits.

When Ay goes back to her hometown, another unexpected revelation hits her when her mother announces her decision to go abroad for three months, leaving Ay disheartened. Ay desperately tries to persuade her mother to stay, highlighting her upcoming vat dye experiment and the need for her mother’s support. Despite Ay’s pleas, her mother remains unmoved, driven by the desire for a better life and financial stability. The weight of societal judgments about her past relationship further pushes her mother to pursue this path. Ay suggests her mother stay with her, but her efforts are in vain. Overwhelmed by sadness, Ay seeks solace in the only person she feels truly understands her: Sumeth.

When Ay reunited with Sumeth for the last time, she initially held hope for a positive change. However, over time, he began sensing a lack of warmth and acceptance within his own home. Sumeth had anticipated that obtaining a solid engineering degree would lead to a promising job, allowing him financial independence. Unfortunately, reality proved different; most of his earnings went towards supporting his parents, leaving him with little personal advancement. Despite his transformation into a monk, Sumeth chooses to accompany Ay to the festival. They share a memorable night together, strolling the streets, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and enjoying each other’s company.


Before parting ways, they made a pact to reunite the following year. Ay expresses the idea of being together, but Sumeth departs with a content smile. He assures her that he will always be there whenever she needs him. As the scene transitions back to the ordinary, Ay stands there, her eyes welling up with tears, watching Sumeth walk away. During Blue Again‘s ending, Ay manages to restore her life to its previous rhythm. Her business regains momentum, her thesis presentation goes smoothly, and she secures the indigo fabric for her final dress. However, during the final class photo, Ay chooses not to join her classmates, declining Pair’s invitation as well. As she prepares to depart, Ay captures a poignant moment by taking a photo of herself standing at the entrance of her school, symbolizing a reflective glance back at the memories she has gathered throughout her journey.

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