‘Blood’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Helen? Was Owen Alive Or Dead?

“Blood,” a freshly released horror thriller by Brad Anderson, explores the blind maternal love that enables a woman to transform her kid from a human into a monster. Although “Blood” had a minor influence on the mind as a horror film, the narrative appeared to be good. Demonstrating the characters’ steady growth and adding a touch of emotion to the story, the film “Blood” revolves around Jess, a divorced mother who decides to take custody of her children, Tyler and Owen. She had a history of using drugs and being careless, but now that she’s come clean, she’s totally committed to raising her kids. She is constantly careful to ensure that she does not make any mistakes. But destiny was not on her side. Let’s see how she ended up on the wrong path as a result of a horrific incident.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Blood’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

“Blood” begins in a remote area near the woods, where Jess (Michelle Monaghan) lives with her son Owen (Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) and daughter Tyler (Skylar Morgan Jones). They had a yellow lab called Pippin. Tyler watched over Owen since he had always been a wild child. But Jess seemed to adore Owen a bit more than Tyler. We see Jess and her ex-husband Patrick (Skeet Ulrich), who is now married to a different woman and has a child of their own, sharing custody of the kids. Patrick was worried about his kids since he didn’t believe Jess was a good enough mother to raise them. Patrick felt he deserved to raise the children by himself because Jess had a history of drug use and negligent parenting. Jess might have been in rehab, which is why she had been apart from her children for so long. Thereafter, when she returned, she hired a lawyer to ensure that she had the legal right to parent her children. Patrick, however, kept interjecting.


Jess, a nurse who worked in a hospital, met Helen Osgood (June B. Wilde), a terminal patient who had already given up hope of survival. Jess reassured Helen that after all the darkest days, she, too, would see the light. Jess, though, had no idea that her worst times were just around the corner. Tyler and Owen enjoyed going on adventures in the woods and at a local lake that had dried up. However, there was a huge tree that strangely drew Pippin to it. Pippin dove into the lake’s mud, which quickly began to consume him. Tyler and Owen managed to pull him out. But as night fell, Pippin continued to fixate to a bush, and suddenly he dashed into the jungle.

Owen wanted to go to the woods to find him, but Jess persuaded him to return home. Pippin came back the very following night, but the dog didn’t act like usual. He leaped onto Owen and bit him on the neck. Jess took him to the hospital, where he had to be intubated due to a deep wound and severe blood loss. Jess continued to keep an eye on him after the treatment, but a call from Patrick briefly distracted her. As she hung up the phone, she noticed Owen drinking blood from the infusion bags. Jess freaked out and stopped Owen from doing this, but in a matter of seconds, Owen’s vital signs quickly returned to normal after consuming the blood. He appeared to be fine and healthy all of a sudden, leading Jess to believe that the problem had been solved. That, however, was not the case. Jess had gone to see another patient when she heard a code blue at Owen’s cabin, where she discovered her son had seizures and blood froth coming out of his mouth. Jess understood what Owen really needed to survive. She went to the blood bank and got a plasma bag. As soon as the physicians gave Jess permission to care for her son, she gave Owen the plasma, which satisfied his hunger and allowed him to return to stabilize.


Why Did Jess Kidnap Helen?

No matter how much a human mind is overtaken by internal demons and wicked thoughts, it always has a control button. We may tame that evil within us if we make an effort to regulate ourselves. But Jess’s life was devoid of such control. She continued giving Owen blood only to keep him alive. After receiving his hospital discharge, Owen stayed with Jess. She continued taking from the blood bank because she was convinced that feeding him blood was the best thing for him at this stage. Without realizing it, she continued to feed the disease without seeking a solution to cure it. The more she fed the desires, the more they would surface and eventually consume Owen. Jess had a history of drug use, and although she’d managed to get clean, she continued to make the same error by letting her kid slide further and further into an addiction that was even far more dangerous. Therefore, her moral development did not actually occur.

Even though the hospital was informed of the theft of the plasma, they were unable to track down the thief. The blood bank’s lock was changed, making it impossible for Jess to enter. Jess had no choice except to butcher animals, but it turned out that Owen only craved warm human blood. Therefore, she fed Owen vials of her own blood. But realizing that she was getting weaker due to blood loss, she found another way to collect blood. She thought about Helen, who was dying and had lost hope for survival; thus, she used Helen as a source to acquire blood.


After Helen was released from the hospital, Jess offered to give her a ride. Helen appeared content since she was no longer experiencing the continual discomfort caused by medical and surgical intrusions into her body. Even though she only had a year to live, she was once more optimistic about life. Jess, however, was so absorbed by her love for her son that she was oblivious to the nature of the crime she was about to perform. Helen was a dying patient, but Jess had no right to steal her hope and positivity. She sedated her in the middle of the street and drove her home. Helen awoke in Jess’s basement to discover that Jess was pumping her blood. She attempted to scream and ask for help, but Jess gagged her mouth. She continued, very covertly, the process of drawing blood from Helen’s body and feeding it to her son, but after a few days, Tyler discovered the truth.

‘Blood’ Ending Explained – What Happened To Helen? Was Owen Alive Or Dead?

Tyler found Helen in the basement, but Jess explained the purpose. Tyler maintained her composure because she wanted her brother to live as well, but she didn’t appreciate that her mother was letting this happen rather than seeking medical advice. Jess had a history of being a careless mother, but when she was given the opportunity to raise her children, she did everything in her power to protect her son. However, she was unaware that a blood-sucking monster was living inside Owen’s body. Therefore, by giving her kid the blood, she was actually helping the devil inside of him. Even though Helen was severely injured and had no prospect of survival, she fought to escape the cellar and fled into the woods. Unfortunately, she became entangled in a fence post, which caused her throat to bleed heavily. When Owen discovered her, he sucked the blood out of her body. Even after this, Jess continued to provide for Owen, who became a threat to other people.


Meanwhile, Patrick was worried about his children. After learning from Owen’s school that he hadn’t shown up for classes since he was sent to the hospital, he was mad at Jess for her irresponsibility. Patrick became concerned when he noticed Owen was doing well and wondered why Jess hadn’t been sending him to school. He decided to take the kids to his house. Jess made an effort to persuade Patrick but in vain. She gave Tyler the final blood container and told him that she would provide more. As Owen was becoming more of a demon day by day, Tyler was aware that Owen was no longer a human. His eyes resembled those of a ferocious beast, and his skin was turning pale. Tyler understood that the main problem with all of these was the big tree at the lake. As a result, she went there by herself and discovered a hole in the tree where demonic whispering was coming from. When she got home, and Patrick took the two of them to his house, she discovered Owen was about to attack Patrick’s newborn for warm blood. She brought her brother to that lake, so they might light the tree on fire to put a stop to all of them. But as they proceeded, Owen mutated into a monster and charged Tyler, threatening to bite her.

When Jess arrived, she discovered two of them were mired in the mud of the lake. Even though she was able to hold Owen and tried to calm him, he was no longer a human. She eventually had to do what was best for everyone because his inner demon was battling to attack Jess. She turned to face Owen, who was pleading with her to act morally. She finally took Owen’s life in order to exterminate the devil inside of him. Owen’s death was staged by Jess as an accident, but Patrick didn’t pardon her. He obtained Tyler’s custody through legal means, demonstrating that Jess was unfit to care for her children. Jess had counseling and had a very rare opportunity to see her daughter. She admitted to Tyler that her decision to stay with the demon was a mistake, but Tyler didn’t have any resentment. She reassured her mother that she had made the correct decision in the end. 


Final Words

The final scene of “Blood” showed an unidentified evil that we were unable to comprehend. However, we can infer that the enormous tree served as the evil entities’ birthplace and that these entities attracted helpless creatures to serve as hosts. By attacking Pippin first, it was able to impair Owen’s body. It gained strength by consuming the blood, but Jess ultimately realized her mistake and put an end to it before it could prey. She ultimately set the tree on fire after all of this, putting an end to the evil. But the relief was short-lived.

In the post credit scene of “Blood” we see Jess had a new pet dog. Jess accidently threw the ball into the woods while playing with the dog, leading the animal to run into the woods. But the evil followed the dog back when it came. The dog appeared to have been bitten, just like Pippin had been. This situation illustrates the idea that evil wasn’t really gone; rather, it had come back to wreak havoc, and Jess would be its next prey.


“Blood” kept the audience guessing and told a tale of an unidentified terror that takes over people’s minds like a parasite and feeds off of them, but overall, it failed to succeed as a horror movie because it only kept the audience guessing rather than delivering a satisfactory ending. This movie lost momentum because of its dramatic exaggeration, which failed to make an impression on us and, unlike a true horror movie, failed to haunt us anytime we talked about it.

“Blood” is a 2022 horror thriller film directed by Brad Anderson.

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