‘Big Mouth’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending – Does The Mayor Help Chang Ho?

Previously, in “Big Mouth,” Park Chang Ho got into prison after drugs were detected in his blood. One reckless act of messing up with Gong Ji Hoon landed Chang Ho in a situation he never expected to be in. Not a day had passed, and news spread like wildfire that Chang Ho was Big Mouse, a wanted drug mafia. Despaired by his life, Chang Ho tried to get himself killed and survived every time. A fortune teller had told him that he would have a long and unlucky life.


Why Does Chang Ho Confess Being Big Mouse?

Chang Ho tried to escape prison, fully knowing how ruthless the warden is and that he could shoot him dead. However, the warden is under Ji Hoon’s orders and spares Chang Ho. Chang Ho’s reckless behavior makes the warden want to believe that he is Big Mouse. If so, he has got himself a new client. The warden calls the prisoners into the assembly hall and divides them into groups. Group A has all the prisoners who either pay the warden or do some work for him. Group C prisoners are the ones with no connection or money and are put to work as laborers.

Chang Ho talks against this system, and the warden calls him for a private meeting. Chang Ho has realized that if he wants to survive in jail, people need to believe that he is Big Mouse. He has nothing to fear, because he knows that he will die inside the prison anyway. He confesses to the warden that he is Big Mouse and is not the one to mess with. This is what the warden was waiting for, and he asked Chang Ho to give him ten percent of the investment in the Lala group. Chang Ho denies this and goes back into the lower class group.


The lowest class has been working in the sewers and hasn’t been getting a good lunch. Prisoners lose their appetite and start retching. Chang Ho cannot see this class divide and inhumane treatment anymore and gathers everyone to riot against it. He leads their protest, and the warden has to back off after Chang Ho threatens him with his family. Chang Ho has become popular, and to increase it more, he tells Jerry to spread the word that Big Mouse will grant their one wish. The news spreads fast, but only three people show interest in getting their wishes fulfilled. One of them is their room leader, No Park, who wants to find his lost daughter, and the other one is the serial killer who wants to treat his mother’s cancer.

Mi Ho has joined the Gucheon hospital and notices many odd happenings. All the cancer patients on the seventh floor have signed a paper to not save them in case of cardiac arrest. She sees a patient’s guardian being forced to sign the same contract in exchange for money. Sun Tae shows her the divorce papers signed by Chang Ho, and she tears them apart. Chang Ho doesn’t want her to get involved in this messed-up situation, but she is not willing to give up on her husband. She gets called by the prosecutor for interrogation and, later, gets followed by Mayor Choi, but he only finds her crying at a bus station.


The VIP prisoners don’t like Chang Ho and want him dead, but the warden refuses to do so until Ji Hoon orders him. The VIPs offer him a big sum to let them attack him, and the warden accepts it, but he is not going to let Chang Ho die. The VIPs send a gang to attack Chang Ho, and a fight breaks out between the two groups. The VIPs have a hidden card, and that is the serial killer who is in Chang Ho’s group. He tries to stab Chang Ho, but room leader No Park stops him. The psychopath serial killer stabs him instead, but before he can hurt him more, the guards arrive and break up the fight.

What Does Chang Ho Need To Prove His Identity To Ji Hoon?

After a violent fight, both the group members are sent into solitary confinement. The VIPs lash out at the warden for not cooperating with their plan, to which the warden promises to give their money back. Chang Ho and his group members are released from confinement while the other group members stay inside. Not long has passed, and the guards find one of the inmates dead by suicide. Other prisoners believe that he was murdered by Big Mouse for trying to kill him and starting to spread rumors.


Ji Hoon visits Chang Ho and asks him to return his investment of 100 billion Won in Lala Corporation. Chang Ho declines, saying he doesn’t know who invested his money. Ji Hoon gets suspicious and asks him about the top five clients who buy drugs from Big Mouth. Chang Ho replies wittily that he doesn’t reveal his clients easily. Ji Hoon is not convinced and gives him the time of one week to come clean and reveal the names. If he cannot tell the names, he should prepare to die.

Chang Ho looks unbothered, but his mind is racing. While being taken back to his cell, he hits the guard and calls the mayor from his phone. He tells him the situation and asks him for help. The mayor is surprised to learn that Ji Hoon knows the name of the drug client, which only the prosecutor knew. He hangs up without promising help. Other confined inmates are released due to their deteriorating mental health and fear that Big Mouse will kill them. However, two of them died while having lunch, and it turned out they ate cyanide and committed suicide. All eyes are on Chang Ho again, but a thought crosses Chang Ho’s that the real Big Mouth could be in prison as well, and he has been orchestrating all these murders while framing Chang Ho.


Mi Ho confronts Director Hyun Ju Hee about malpractices in the hospital and even talks about the deceased doctor, Seo Jae Yong. Mi Ho becomes the target of other nurses, but she is not backing off. At a conference, she announced in front of everyone that she knew about the paper written by Dr. Seo. Mi Ho’s father thinks that she has invited unnecessary risk into her life. She notices someone following her two nights in a row and finally catches her with help from her father and Sun Tae. The man turns out to be the mayor’s secretary, and Mi Ho asks him for an explanation. The mayor tells her that it is for her safety and gives her a paper to deliver to Chang Ho. The mayor believed that Chang Ho was not Big Mouse and sent him the names of drug clients.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 4: Ending

The mayor has been planning to set foot in the assembly and advance his political career. Ji Hoon finds this out when he goes to visit his father and meets Ju Hee, the mayor’s wife. His father refuses to meet him until he brings back the 100 billion won that he invested, but orders him to meet the politicians that the mayor is meeting tonight and put in a good word for him. He does as his father wants but humiliates the mayor afterward, calling him his dog. Ji Hoon reveals to the mayor that he had made a fake list of Big Mouth’s clients and wonders if Chang Ho will recite the same names.


Back in prison, Jerry starts a bet if Big Mouth will survive or the VIPs will kill him, and all the prisoners participate excitedly. Most of them think that VIPs will win easily as they have money and privilege. The VIPs beat Jerry up when they found out about the bet and dragged him to Chang Ho. Unphased by anything, Chang Ho bets 300 million won that he will survive, but the VIPs won’t. Chang Ho has no idea that the list of names that he has is fake. How will he prove to Ji Hoon that he is the real Big Mouse? We will find out in the upcoming episode of “Big Mouth.”

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