‘Big Mouth’ Episode 1 And 2: Recap And Ending – How Does Lawyer Park Become Big Mouth?

“Big Mouth” is a 2022 South Korean thriller drama featuring Lee Jong Suk, Lim Yoon Ah, and Kim Joo Hun in the leading roles. Directed by Oh Choong Hwan and written by Kim Ha Ram, the series follows a lawyer with no connections or money who messes up with the wrong people and gets himself framed as a criminal, and his life changes for the worse. His wife is a nurse but can go to any length to prove her husband’s innocence. 

Does Chang Ho Survive The Car Crash?

Park Chang Ho is a lawyer with no big cases under his name and has a low win rate. He is under a load of debt but still treats his wife and her father to a fancy meal on their third wedding anniversary with Ko Mi Ho. He promises her that he will become a big lawyer soon and that his face will be all over television. Chang Ho gets a call where he introduces himself as the defense counsel for the Gucheon Hospital murder case. It is a big case, and Chang Ho’s family is surprised at how he got such a case. He leaves the dinner in the middle to go and meet Prosecutor Chung Dong Hwa. The waiter gives him a goodbye coffee, and Chang Ho drinks it while leaving. However, when he takes a sip in the car, he starts hallucinating and ends up crashing his car.

Chang Ho had lost a money scam case a week before. He not only lost his own money but many other people’s as well. He had all the right cards, but the other party had money, and they bought off the judge. Chang Ho had even taken a loan from the loan sharks to bribe the previous judge and win this case. Mi Ho was angry at him and Chang Ho didn’t go home until the loan sharks barged in and took away his personal belongings. In those days away from home, Chang Ho did many things he never thought he would do. He received a call from the mayor of Gucheon to represent the suspects in the Gucheon murder case. Everything is already planned and he only has to do what he is told in exchange for money that can solve all his problems.

The Mayor, Cho Do Ha, doesn’t really want to protect the suspects, but his hands are tied. He did, however, inform Chang Ho that the dashcam from the car in which the dead were discovered was missing. The mayor wants to know who the murderer is, and Chang Ho has to work for both the mayor and the suspects. Chang Ho is naïve and feels ecstatic to enter the jail to meet the suspects. The suspects have a rather luxurious cell and Chang Ho follows everything they say to look obedient but leaves behind a bug to hear their talks. 

Chang Ho had told his friend to tip off the prosecutor about the dashcam video, and the suspects got a call from the jail regarding the same. Chang Ho hears their conversation where they mention that Han’s wife knows where the dashcam is and that there is also another accomplice in the murder. He tells the mayor about it and rushes to meet Dr. Han’s wife. By the time both of them reached there, she was already attacked by someone, but she survived thanks to Chang Ho. She gives Chang Ho the dashcam after he scares her, saying that it is a crime to hide the evidence. However, after getting the evidence, Chang Ho visits the fourth accomplice instead of the mayor.

Gong Ji Hoon is the president of a big newspaper agency and didn’t have a good relationship with the murdered doctor, and all the suspected doctors were his lackeys. Chang Ho drives to Ji Hoon’s vacation home and asks him for three billion won in exchange for the murder video. Ji Hoon doesn’t bat an eye and tells Chang Ho to get lost. Chang Ho has threatened the wrong person and he will pay the price soon. The mayor asks him for the dashcam video, but Chang Ho volunteers to give it to the prosecutor himself. On the night of his wedding anniversary, he leaves the dinner to give him the video, but gets into a deadly accident. Mi Ho had asked a fortune teller about Chang Ho, who told her that he would live a really long life and, surprisingly, he survived the car crash.

Why Does Chang Ho Instigate Murderers in Prison?

Chang Ho is taken to the hospital, and even the doctors are surprised that he is still alive. He wakes up and dresses up to meet the prosecutor but gets arrested by the police because his blood test shows the presence of drugs. He gets taken to the prison right away and everything happens so fast without giving Chang Ho any time to realize what is happening around him. The murderers that hired Chang Ho tortured him with the help of the Chains gang, and after beating him, they hung him to death. However, surprising news starts surfacing on the television that Lawyer Park Chang Ho is the mysterious Big Mouth, a wanted criminal.

Gong Ji Hoon calls the jail warden hurriedly and tells him to not hurt Chang Ho. He has to get his money back from Big Mouth and has finally found him. The warden brings the doctors, who succeed in bringing Chang Ho back to life. His wife and friend tried to meet him in the meantime but were told that he refused to meet them. Rumor spreads quickly in the prison, and the inmates become eager to see the Big Mouth. Chang Ho gets transferred into a cell where an inmate called Jerry turns out to be his fan. Jerry promises Chang Ho to serve him well as he sees him as a role model.

Chang Ho requests to let him meet the mayor, but the mayor tells him to ask Ji Hoon for help. He is completely helpless now and gets bullied by other gangs in the prison. The jail warden tries to make him confess that he is the Big Mouth, but he refuses to accept this. Even the prosecutor is not sure if he is really Big Mouth or not. The prosecutor pretends to be on Ji Hoon’s side, but he has been helping the mayor. Ji Hoon often humiliates the mayor, and hence, the mayor wants to show Ji Hoon his place. Among these, Chang Ho is the victim of a rich person’s power play.

Chang Ho’s lawyer friend tells him that it is going to be difficult to prove his innocence because his office was raided by the police and they found gold, cash, drugs, burner phones, and pistols hidden inside. Mi Ho is taking up a job at Gucheon Hospital to find out the reason the doctor was murdered. Chang Ho doesn’t want Mi Ho to get into trouble and asks his friend to send her a divorce notice. Chang Ho gets depressed and thinks about killing himself. However, one of his cellmates can see into the future and tells him that he is going to live a long life, so he shouldn’t invite a disability by trying to kill himself.

If Chang Ho cannot kill himself, he can get killed by others. There are many murderers in the prison, and provoking one of them would be enough to get him killed. He provokes Chairman Yang of the Chains gang by throwing his food on his head, but Chang Ho’s one punch makes Yang faint. Chang Ho never knew the power he had. After a failure, he tries to provoke a serial killer and slaps him. However, the serial killer starts crying after hearing his mom’s name from Chang Ho. All of his attempts fail, but Chang Ho becomes infamous in the prison as the deadly and fearless Big Mouth. His actions themselves establish his identity as Big Mouth.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 2: Ending

Jerry is the one who provides information to Chang Ho about everything inside the prison. He tells him about a prisoner who was killed by the warden when he tried to run away. This makes Chang Ho realize that the warden is the cruelest murderer in the prison, and now, all he has to do is try to run away. As planned, Chang Ho runs away from his cell and calls out to the guards to shoot him. The warden orders the guard to kill him, but he has promised Ji Hoon to keep Chang Ho alive. Everything that Chang Ho has done so far has only made him look more like the dangerous mafia boss, Big Mouth. Will the warden really kill him or keep his promise to Ji Hoon? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Big Mouth.”

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