‘Big Mouth’ Episode 5 And 6: Recap and Ending – Is Real Big Mouse Inside The Prison?

Earlier on “Big Mouth,” Park Chang Ho made a bet with the VIPs for 300 million won on whether he could prove he was the real Big Mouse or not. Chang Ho asked the Mayor for help, and he provided him with the list of druggies Big Mouth dealt with. However, the Mayor finds out that the list he had was a fake one, which puts Chang Ho in obvious danger. Chang Ho has decided to act like he is the Big Mouse because it is the only way he can survive in prison, but if he tells the wrong list of names to Ji Hoon, his lie will be exposed, and no one can protect him in that case.


Spoilers Ahead

Big Mouse’s Surprise Attacks

The prisoners have put their bets on the identity battle of Big Mouse. Chang Ho has created a buzz around his name, and the prisoners cheer for him while he is being taken to meet with Ji Hoon. Mayor Choi rushes to the prison and asks for a chat with Chang Ho, but the warden denies his request. Choi joins Chang Ho in his meeting with Ji Hoon to see the result himself. Both Chang Ho and Ji Hoon write the list of names on paper, and the warden reads Ji Hoon’s list first. Ji Hoon is confident that he will win, but Chang Ho has written the same names on his list, surprising everyone in the room, especially Mayor Choi. Ji Hoon is surprised, but he is prepared for the next move. He asks Chang Ho for the 100 billion won, but Chang Ho asks him for proof that he gave his money to Big Mouse.


Prosecutor Choi and Ji Hoon have been working together, and Chang Ho gets summoned by the prosecutor because he found Peter Hong, who took money from Ji Hoon to invest in Lala Corporation. Hong tells the prosecutor that he hasn’t seen Big Mouse’s face ever, but the prosecutor wants him to give false testimony. Chang Ho sits with Hong and tells the prosecutor that he doesn’t know who Hong is. Hong is already scared of Chang Ho and refuses to even show him his face. Ji Hoon and Mayor Choi have been watching Chang Ho’s interrogation, and Chang Ho denies being Big Mouse and says that he got a list of names of druggies from someone. Chang Ho is inconsistent and gives confusing signals. On one hand, he wants everyone to believe he is Big Mouse, but again, he denies it.

In the middle of their conversation, Hong takes his insulin shots but ends up dying of poisoning. Yet again, everything points to Chang Ho, aka Big Mouse. The VIPs in prison are scared of Chang Ho now and fear for their lives. They lost the bet and had to give 300 million won to Chang Ho. He gave the warden his commission and bonus money to get privileges inside prison, and now the warden doesn’t meddle in Chang Ho’s business. Chain Gang’s boss, Yang, doesn’t bother Chang Ho for no reason, either. Mi Ho notices an odd event during her night shift at the hospital. The head nurse took a patient’s blood, which was not scheduled. Mi Ho follows her into the supply room, but the nurse disappears.


The VIPs are frightened and ask Ji Hoon to move them away, but Ji Hoon reminds them that Big Mouse has a big network and they cannot run away anywhere. Ji Hoon meets Mi Ho and asks her about Seo’s paper. The Mayor had told Ji Hoon that Mi Ho was lying, but Ji Hoon joked with him that maybe the Mayor was the real Big Mouse. Mi Ho called Mayor Choi, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell Mi Ho the truth about Chang Ho. Chang Ho tells Ji Hoon to stay away from Mi Ho and to not bring his family into their war. Ji Hoon says that there are no rules in war, but he gets a call from his wife as she receives thirty-four white chrysanthemum flowers under Ji Hoon’s name. His wife is 34 years old, and the flowers mean death as they are offered to the deceased at the funeral. Ji Hoon gets tense and leaves without saying anything to Chang Ho.

Chang Ho is now the boss of the Gucheon prison, and he has decided to follow Big Mouse’s way of doing things. His family and friends are trying their best to find a lead to help Chang Ho. His father-in-law and friend, Sun Tae, found Dr. Seo’s fishing spot and the fact that he had a mistress. They believe that the woman has the paper that Seo was killed for. Mi Ho had met a patient’s guardian in the hospital who knew Seo very well. She is a jewelry maker, and Seo had asked her to make a necklace that could fit a memory card in it. However, Mi Ho is not aware of it. Chang Ho has started torturing the VIPs one by one, and he gives Dr. Han a chance to confess everything in the trial as he was only driving the car and didn’t really murder Seo. When he refuses to do so, Chang Ho hangs him the same way the VIPs had hung him. Dr. Han comes back to life after facing death headfirst and agrees to confess.


Mayor Choi finally tells Mi Ho that Chang Ho is actually Big Mouse and she is being fooled by him. He tells her everything that has happened so far, which proves Chang Ho’s real identity. Mi Ho doesn’t know how to believe it but gets a call from her father that Chang Ho has paid his entire debt to the loan sharks. It is difficult to tell if Chang Ho is bluffing or not. He was clueless in the beginning, but his recent confidence says otherwise. Ji Hoon doubts Mayor Choi to be Big Mouse which can also be very possible as he also knows everything that has been going on, both inside and outside prison. He can move things faster than Chang Ho because he is in a position of power and is free, unlike Chang Ho. His wife is also suspicious as there are many shady incidents happening at her hospital.

The Tarot Messages

Mi Ho drinks alone, worrying about what Mayor Choi told her about Chang Ho, but decides to ask him herself. Gucheon Hospital volunteers every year to hold a medical camp at Gucheon Prison, and Mi Ho volunteers to participate. Chang Ho is not interested in getting a medical checkup and oddly chooses to read a tarot book inside his cell. The volunteers arrive, and when a guard realizes that Mi Ho is Chang Ho’s wife, he informs him right away. Chang Ho gets ready to meet Mi Ho and plans a date for her inside the prison. He has told Jerry to ask everyone to behave, or they will face the consequences. Jerry bows to Mi Ho and welcomes her, and all the other inmates follow him. The guard escorts Mi Ho to Chang Ho, but she is not interested in having a romantic lunch with him.


Mi Ho asks him right away to tell her the truth. Chang Ho understands her condition and takes her outside on the ground where no one can hear her. Strange incidents started happening to him after he received the list from the Mayor. He was attacked by someone unknown and later found a tarot card inside his pocket with the real list of names. He kept on receiving the tarot cards on various occasions and asked the room leader for help to understand the meaning behind the cards. He understands that the real Big Mouse is using him and tries to make contact with him. They converse through the bible, where they exchange their messages by hiding them inside. After all the messages he has received, he tells Mi Ho that the Big Mouse also wants to bring justice to Dr. Seo’s case as he gave him a judgment tarot card regarding the VIPs.

Dr. Han’s wife is also volunteering, and it is revealed that she is a victim of domestic abuse. Her husband has been keeping tabs on her even when he is in prison, and he hits her, thinking she has an affair with someone. Mi Ho notices her bruises, but she tells her to mind her own business. Ji Hoon’s wife throws a party after the volunteer service, but Mi Ho goes back to the hospital for her night shift. She receives a call from Kim, the jewelry designer, who tells her that a cross necklace has Seo’s paper. She hesitates to tell her the name of the woman, but falls down the building and dies in front of Mi Ho before she could. The director wears a cross necklace and becomes the first suspect of Mi Ho. She makes her take her necklace off at the party but finds nothing. However, she doesn’t know that someone else has heard their conversation, Dr. Han’s wife, who was Seo’s mistress and wears a cross necklace.


‘Big Mouth’ Episode 6: Ending

The VIPs have applied for sick bail to get out of danger from Big Mouse. Ji Hoon has been trying to get on the good side of his father as only he has connections that can help him, but he favors Mayor Choi more than his son. Chang Ho thinks he has been using Big Mouse as well, but he refuses to help Chang Ho when he asks him to stop the VIPs from leaving. Chang Ho believes that Big Mouse wants him to prove his skills, but things happen quickly and unexpectedly. The VIPs get bail, excluding Dr. Han, as he promised to confess the crime, and the VIPs find out from the chain gang.

Chang Ho claims to have been acting like Big Mouse on the orders of Big Mouse himself, who seems to be inside the prison as well. The mystery around Big Mouse has only been increasing as multiple candidates pop up while trying to guess who could be the real one. Each episode solves a new mystery but also gives rise to one more. Chang Ho says at the end of “Big Mouth” Episode 6 that the VIPs are getting all fooled, creating yet another mystery. The best point is that the writers do not stretch the mystery and answer the questions in the very next episode.


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