‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Frederick And Clara Reconcile?

Episode seven of Belgravia: The Next Chapter ended with Clara deciding to leave London with Lady Davison. Davison stood by Clara, refused to leave her side, and saved her from Ross, who was attempting to molest and rob her. Frederick was in for multiple shocks when Marquise D’Étagnac and her staff absconded, and with Ross gone, Frederick was in deep financial trouble. He returned only to witness Clara gone as well, and nothing could make him feel better at this point.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Frederick’s Father?

Mr. Enright, who was asked to leave by Frederick under charges of spying for Marquise D’Étagnac, received a letter from a person he never expected. Enright was quick to inform Reverend James about the contents of it. Enright remembered meeting a French man who claimed to have impregnated an English woman. He was aware she passed it off as her husband’s child, and Enright connected the dots to figure out the man was John Bellasis. John discharged Enright from the navy and made him join the Trenchard household to update John about Frederick regularly. Enright never received any response from the man over the years, and it was the first time a letter arrived informing of John’s ill health. Enright shared all the details with James, and both knew what to do about the information.


Who Made Frederick Meet His Father?

Enright and James tried to convince Frederick to understand the gravity of the matter in order to make him meet his real father. Frederick was very skeptical about this journey because of everything that was going on in his personal and professional lives. He was not ready to be disappointed by another person who chose to leave and never came back looking for him. Frederick took the gamble and made the trip. John Bellasis was on his deathbed, and he could not stop praising his handsome son. John was not the man Frederick had expected, and unlike the father who traumatized him, John was comparatively nicer and more apologetic about his behavior. Frederick was glad to have a father figure that did not let him down. The only drawback of this meeting was that John would not live longer. Meeting his son was one of his last wishes, and Frederick was obliged to fulfill it. John also clarified that he wasn’t sure if Frederick’s mother ever loved him or just used him to conceive a child. This secret died with her; Frederick left France content.

Where Was Clara Working?

Clara and Lady Davison moved up North and began to work in a restaurant as waitresses. They were happy to be away from the noise of London and to have their lives not being constantly scrutinized by the elite men and women. Clara did not miss that life, but she missed her mother and sister dearly, as Clara was feeling guilty about leaving them. Davison was her only solace and friend in her time of grief, and the woman tried to bring some sense into her by helping her not feel guilty about her decisions. Clara had not worked before, and this also caused some agony in her. The elite women of that era did not have to go out and work for a living, and Clara having to resort to that also made her miserable because she felt her husband had driven her away, which forced her to make tough decisions for herself. 


Why Did The Duchess Of Rochester Lose Her Temper?

Frederick and the Duchess of Rochester met, and she shared his agony with him as a friend. Both had been friends for a while, and she found solace in sharing her concerns regarding Peter. Her husband was an insensitive man who never bothered checking up on Peter because of his worsening ailment. Frederick shared his pain of losing the business and how Marquise D’Étagnac left, with him having to pick up the pieces of his failed venture, and that Ross had disappeared too. The Duchess of Rochester was concerned for him and asked her husband about his knowledge of Marquise D’Étagnac and her son. 

The duke was quick to admit being aware of the French woman and her shady businesses, but he’d never shared this information with Frederick. The duchess was livid at her husband for being careless, who not only kept Frederick in the dark but was proving to be a bad father. The duke was never concerned about Peter but only about his social standing. The duchess’ words were harsh yet true when she claimed the duke would want Peter dead so that it would pave the way for his other children with her, of whom he was proud. The duke and duchess had a major falling out, and she was not willing to apologize for losing her temper. 


Why Did Clara Decide To Come Back?

Clara missed her family, and she wondered if she made a mistake by running away from them as well instead of sharing her concerns. Emily was harsh towards her, but she felt her mother could have given her sound advice. Her mother was the only person who backed Clara when many were spreading vicious rumors of her affair with Dr. Ellerby all over the city. Clara decided to come back to London, and her family was elated to have her. Emily profusely apologized to her for believing the rumors instead of hearing out her sister’s agony about staying in a marriage that lacked love and trust. Clara was surprised to learn Frederick wrote to her, asking for forgiveness. She had not expected to hear from him, but the letters helped her find the perspective she needed regarding her marriage to him.

Why Was Clara Not Keen On Meeting Frederick?

Since she was back in London, Clara paid a visit to James to reconcile with the only friend she managed to make in Frederick’s family. The rest of the people known to Frederick were only his staff. James was delighted to have her at his place and was excited to share the news about Frederick. James was hoping Clara and Frederick would reconcile. James could not wait to share the news about his brother, who, in his opinion, had changed. As a younger brother, this was probably the only time James and Frederick were on the same page, and the latter had let bygones be bygones. James revealed Frederick was selling the townhouse to settle the financial matter, and the rest of the money from the sale would go to charity. Clara was impressed with Frederick’s moves, but she was still not keen on reconciling because both were two different people whose ideas of marriage were different. Clara was happy to have received those letters, yet she was skeptical about giving her marriage another try.

Did Frederick And Clara Reconcile?

Frederick was hoping to meet Clara at the church, but she was not present at the mass. Reverend James and Emily had tried to get Clara to change her mind, but they were unsuccessful in doing so. Clara wanted to decide on her own instead of letting anyone influence her. Frederick got back home, only to find Clara back in his study. As a person who had gone through a lot of setbacks, having Clara back was one of the best things that happened to him at that point. Frederick was not an expert at handling emotional relationships, which caused an upheaval in his marriage that led to a brief fallout. He was apologetic for remaining emotionally stunted for as long as he did and promised to make things work for the sake of the love and respect he had for Clara and the marriage. Clara finally decided to take up the risk of giving Frederick a chance and hoped he would not repeat the mistakes he made before.

Belgravia: The Next Chapter season finale ended with Clara and Frederick reconciling and deciding to travel to spend time with each other after the sale of their home. The couple eventually planned to move to Glanville to start their lives as a loving husband and wife. 


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