‘Belgravia: The Next Chapter’ Episode 1 Recap Summary: Why Was Lord Trenchard Upset With Clara?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter is a British Victorian television series that is about a high-class society that would put the audience in the mind of Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, Pride and Prejudice, War and Peace, and many more. The show is a sequel to Belgravia, another British Victorian historical drama that was released in the year 2020. The current show takes the audience through the life of Lord Trenchard, the oldest son of Susan Trenchard, and the struggles he faced growing up being bullied by his now-deceased father and how it affected his marriage.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Lord Trenchard And Clara Meet?

Lord Frederick Trenchard was the oldest son of Susan and Oliver Trenchard, but as per the prequel, his biological father was someone else. He met with Clara Dunn, the oldest daughter of a rich man from the countryside, who had recently moved to London after her father’s passing. Frederick was mesmerized by her singing at a party thrown by another aristocrat. Both were introduced to each other by the Duchess of Rochester, who was good and generous towards Clara Dunn and her family.


As per the norms of society in that era, he and Clara courted, and both were inseparable for many days. Clara was excited to be in the company of a man who understood her love for singing, walking, and other simple things in life. After receiving permission from her mother, Lord Trenchard asked Clara to marry him, and the two were married in London. Clara quickly became her Ladyship Trenchard, the wife who was now the owner of Lord Frederick’s business enterprises as well.

Was Trenchard A Victim Of Childhood Trauma?

Frederick was a victim of neglect, insults, and emotional and physical abuse inflicted by Lord Oliver Trenchard all his childhood. Lord Oliver was aware of Frederick’s parentage, and that did not stop him from putting the young kid through trauma. The effects of the trauma came up years later and affected his adult life as he kept replaying his childhood memories in his head. He had yet to share these experiences of his with Clara, but the suppressed anger from childhood slowly resurfaced after their marriage, which puzzled Clara in many places. Frederick, at the beginning of the marriage, promised her to be the perfect husband she always wanted, telling her he did not intend to pander to what society expected of him as a spouse. Clara was delighted by his clarity of thought and what he was willing to offer, despite his background.


What Did Clara Witness About Duke Rochester’s Son?

A few weeks after her marriage, as she was walking down the street to her new home in London, she witnessed a young boy of the Duke of Rochester having an anger spell and being carried by one of the servants. It is implied that the boy had some physiological issue that he could not control, and a young doctor, Ellerby, was called in. Dr. Ellerby seemed to be more of a sympathetic physician and was able to talk to the kid to help him understand the importance of breathing whenever he had such spells. It was rare to find a doctor in that era who would be understanding of the human mind instead of just prescribing medicines or recommending harsh treatments that would further deteriorate the health of the child.

Was Emily Interested In Reverend James?

Emily was the younger sister of Clara, and as she witnessed the courtship and the marriage, she desired something similar for herself. It was her first time in London, and she made acquaintance with Reverend James of the local parish of the church she joined. James was young, sensitive, and handsome, and Emily was unaware of his relationship with her brother-in-law, Lord Frederick Trenchard. James was the younger brother of Frederick, but neither had a good relationship with each other. Though James loved and adored his older brother, Frederick kept a distance growing up, as his father never hid his love for James while Frederick was treated like the enemy. James might be unaware of the pain, but he tries to be the loving younger brother and offers gifts on the news of Frederick’s marriage. Emily was smitten by his generosity, kind nature, and the fact that he was related to Frederick. This could possibly be a reason to marry him as well, without a scandal.


Is There A History Between Davison And Fletcher?

Davison was the lady-in-waiting for Clara at her new house, while Fletcher was the new valet to have joined the group of workers at the mansion. Davison was shocked to find Fletcher here, and she could not be more saddened to see the man in flesh and blood. Their silent acknowledgment of each other would make the viewer believe they had a romantic past. It was later revealed that she was a witness to something horrifying that happened to Fletcher many years ago in the countryside of England. The incident was mentioned in passing and not in detail to emphasize the deep impact.

Why Was Frederick Trenchard Keen On Meeting Marquise D’atagnac?

Frederick Trenchard had many business investments, and he was looking for money and investors that would help him grow and bring in more profits. At this juncture, he heard of a rich French woman who had recently moved to London from Paris and shifted all her business and other assets to the city. The French lady happened to be Marquise d’Atagnac, who had not only acquired a lot of wealth from her late husband, but had put her business acumen to good use helped her gain a lot more profits later in her life.

Lord Frederick was hoping to make acquaintance with her and wanted to find out if she would be interested in investing in his new ventures that would mutually benefit both. It was a fine idea that would involve Clara, who could charm the lady with her endearing personality. Frederick did not have any other motives but to find the right kind of business partner, and he was hoping Marquise d’Atagnac would be the one.

Why Was Lord Trenchard Upset With Clara?

Clara and Marquise d’Atagnac become fast friends at a party thrown at the latter’s arrival in town by one of the lords. The party was also thrown to give visibility to the new rich person in their neighborhood and make her feel welcome. Marquise d’Atagnac and Clara were seen conversing about being new neighbors and friends, which trudged into the territory of the former, asking Clara about Frederick as a husband, which unfortunately he overheard. As Marquise d’Atagnac left the room, Frederick was upset by the kind of conversation he heard and was under the impression his wife would gossip about their marriage at such parties. This reaction was the result of childhood trauma, when he was constantly reminded that nobody could love him, and he wondered if his wife would eventually treat him the same.


Clara was confused about his reaction because he had never behaved in that manner before, and she needed clarity on the reason for his anger. She wanted a conversation to understand his trigger points instead of being lashed out at and accused of things she never did. Clara was a devoted wife who claimed it was Marquise d’Atagnac who twisted the conversation down that alley. Clara was a deer caught in the headlights who was taken by surprise by Frederick’s outburst about what the people of London think of him. Frederick feels like a loser, someone who has inherited the money and not made anything of his own. This was the result of what his father put him through, and it was becoming obvious to him that his anger towards Clara was not justified. Clara was trying to be the consoling wife, but in a fit of anger, she headed out of the mansion for a walk when she fell down the stairs and got injured.

The episode ended with Dr. Ellerby being called to look at Clara, and he suspected the injury was a case of domestic violence. The story is set in an era when such cases were normalized and only a few considered it wrong to physically violate their spouse. This scene probably included introducing Ellerby to Clara, and there could be a possibility of the two forming a friendship over time. As Clara was asked to rest for the small injury on her forehead to heal, Frederick was angry at himself and broke an artifact that either belonged to him or his father, symbolizing the hatred he had for Lord Oliver Trenchard even years after his death. His anger never got closure for the abuse he was put through, and he was suffering the consequences of it.


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