‘Bambai Meri Jaan’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

The latest Prime Video original, Bambai Meri Jaan, is more than just a period drama. The show brings forward the tale of a dysfunctional family. Ismail Kadri and his children, throughout the ten episodes, have had different attitudes toward how life should be led. Ismail believed in being honest and put his self-respect above everything else. Dara Kadri and his siblings craved power and materialistic things. The first season of Bambai Meri Jaan chronicles the stories of several Mumbai-based gangsters and their rise to power. The highlight of the show is Dara Kadri becoming a powerful man in the city in a short period of time when gangsters like Haji, Pathan, and Anna were at the peak of their might.

The series takes the audience through the trajectory that led to a rivalry between Dara and Pathan’s gang. A bloodbath that killed many close to these gangsters eventually ceased when Dara killed every person who was responsible for the death of his older brother Saadiq. The first season ended with Pathan being killed by Dara and his gang. Chhota Babban, who joined the “D Company,” was instrumental in locating Pathan and killing Raiszada. Both had conspired to kill Saadiq. Chhota Babban, in a short period, was able to convince Dara’s family that he was trustworthy. 

The gang wars, which began right after Pathan’s death, forced Dara and his team to leave the country and move to Dubai. Their only ally in the Bombay Police Department, Assistant Commissioner Malik, tipped them off about the warrant issued in Dara’s name. This gave him and his close circle ample time to leave the city and possibly never come back. However, Dara’s father, Ismail, doesn’t want to leave their motherland. His wife and Dara’s mother, Sakina, chose to stay back as well. Habiba, Dara’s ruthless younger sister, also decides to stay back to take care of her aging parents.

Habiba plans to run the “D Company” in the absence of her brother and continues to complete the revenge by locating Haroon in Gujarat and mercilessly killing him. Haji gives Dara his blessings because he is confident of the young man becoming the next big gangster in the city. Haji never felt threatened but only admired the young man.

The makers of Bambai Meri Jaan and the network Amazon Prime Video are yet to announce the second season of this period drama. Since it is based on one of the most notorious criminals in the world, we believe his story is far from over. Many watching the show are aware that these characters are based on real people and the diabolical crimes they have committed in the last three decades. Viewers would want to know more about the life of crime they led.

This article is written purely based on speculation and in the hope that a second season will be announced by the end of this year or early next year. Here are some of the storylines and events we would want the makers to cover: It will be interesting to understand all these narratives from Ismail’s perspective.

Dara’s “D Company” was already in business with a Dubai-based Arab businessman, and that would continue without any hassles. He will have to reassure them that Habiba is equally capable of running their business from Bombay. Since Dara is now in this Middle Eastern city, he and his gang will find ways to look for new avenues and ventures to expand their business. Dara will surely realize he will garner more money and recognition if he works from Dubai. His absence in the city of Bombay will further create an air of mystery around him and his work. Dara will always be interested in expanding his power in Bombay, for “D Company” is practically powerless without it. The city was earlier under Haji, Pathan, and Anna. There is a power shift in the way things are controlled in it.

Habiba is as menacing as her brother. Her character mirrored Connie in The Godfather films. Habiba, in this case, worships her brother and will never rebel against him or his orders. She will be initially underestimated by those who only believe Dara is the rule-maker and breaker. In season two, we will get to see Habiba turn into a powerful decision-maker. Dara always believed in her and respected the decisions she made for the family. Just like she wouldn’t defy him, Dara will make sure to always keep her in the loop. The duo will run the city and have a parallel government, just like the previous gangsters did.

Haji was alive by the end of the first season. We know he was indirectly involved in making Dara a powerful man. Even though Dara was his nemesis, Haji never wanted him dead. Dara paid his respects to him before leaving for Dubai. We believe the two will maintain some correspondence, and Dara will, from time to time, seek his advice on matters concerning the business. This will be the last time viewers get to see Haji on screen. His character will pass away, just like the real gangster he is based on. We are guessing Haji will have a rather peaceful demise despite the chaos he unleashed in the city at the peak of his power.

The second season will also introduce another gangster under a fictitious name who lost most of his legitimate business during the Bombay riots of 1993. This riot triggered a series of bomb blasts that led to the deaths of thousands of people. The viewers would want to see how Dara and his men were involved in this. It will be interesting to see this man transition into a most wanted terrorist. His father, Ismail, will have a lot to say about his son becoming a person who is willing to kill innocent people. Dara’s entry into match-fixing and his desire to control the Hindi film industry will be explored in the next season as well. It will be ironic to see this subplot unfold.

Dara will probably have to end up running away from Dubai as well. We are guessing his life in Dubai would become difficult to sustain due to his involvement in the Bombay blasts. Chhota Babban will soon become his right-hand man, and it will be interesting to see how their dynamic evolves over the years. A difference of opinion is bound to happen, which could lead to two factions being formed in the city. Chhota Babban might become too powerful for Dara, and there will be an attempt on his life.

Amidst the chaos, the Bombay Police will have to come up with a foolproof plan to end the gang wars. Their first plan was to arrest Dara, but since he is a fugitive, they will have to come up with another plan of action so that no bystander ever gets caught in the crossfire.

Since a lot of characters were established in the first season, the second installment will be meatier, and it will take forward all their stories from where it was last left off. Dara and his gang will have to face bigger and more complex problems than they faced in Bombay. Hopefully, the next season will cover all of this and many more incidents concerning the “D Company.” Dara and his gang are bound to become world famous, but for the wrong reasons. The writers of Bambai Meri Jaan did a fabulous job of presenting these characters in the most compelling yet realistic manner. This gripping narrative is making viewers want a second season. It will allow them to understand the politics of these gangsters.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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