‘Average Joe’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

BET+ presents Average Joe, a ten-episode dark comedy thriller that delivers a captivating narrative around Joe Washington, a Pittsburgh-based plumber. The series takes a riveting turn as Joe’s seemingly ordinary life gets a chaotic makeover right after the death of his father, Teddy Washington. However, little did Joe know that his father lived a double life. While masquerading as the regular owner of a truck towing store, Teddy worked as a drug mule for Nicolai Dzhugasvili, one of the most powerful and evil Russian drug dealers.


Average Joe quickly became a fan-favorite comedy thriller, but unfortunately, it concluded as a typical formula thriller with an unnecessarily dragged-out and predictable ending. The open-ended nature of the final scenes might be intentional, possibly to set the stage for a future season. Although the release date for the next season on BET+ is yet unknown, the ending of season 1 offers ample potential for introducing new plotlines that could take center stage in the upcoming season.

What Happened In Season 1?

Average Joe explores the idea of the complexities that lie beneath our daily lives. The show emphasizes how it can be hard to trust even people we’re close to. This becomes clear in the complicated relationship between Joe and his father, as well as in the fragile trust between romantic partners like Jenn and Demitri. The series shows us that trust is volatile and even family connections can be challenging, reminding us to be careful about who and what we put our trust in. The show opens by introducing Joe, his wife Angela, and their daughter Jennifer. Joe’s life seemed to be content as he went about his plumbing job and spent time with his family. However, the series took a sharp turn with the sudden passing of Joe’s father, Teddy. Amidst the grief, Joe uncovered a dark revelation about his father’s true identity—one of the drug mules of Nicolai Dzhugasvili. But what startled Joe the most was that his father had stolen a Lamborghini as well as $10 million in cash from the mobster.


The show depicted Joe’s transformation from an ordinary plumber to an unwitting player in a dangerous game. As he looked into his father’s secret life, Joe was confronted with the harsh reality of the criminal underworld. Joe and his family dealt with the decision of whether to pursue the money and the car or leave things untouched, but greed ultimately played a significant role in shaping their eventual choice. With the aim of securing a better future for both Angela and Jennifer, Joe decided to search for the money. On his journey, he encountered a series of harrowing experiences, each more intense than the last.

The show’s strengths lie in its humor and character development. Joe’s personal growth is evident as he deals with the revelations of his father’s life and navigates through a treacherous situation. He deals with his personal conflicts and his strong greed for money. Angela’s character also evolves as she learns about Joe’s father’s secret involvement. Initially terrified, all she cares about is protecting her family, so she supports Joe through thick and thin. Her strong support adds an emotional layer to the story. The introduction of supporting characters, such as Joe’s friend Leon and cop Benjamin “Touch,” definitely adds humor to their serious situation. It also introduces additional plot points that portray the journey of each individual. Touch’s role as a drug-addicted cop questions his sense of legality, while Cathy and Leon are the type of characters who prioritize monetary gain, regardless of the consequences that may follow. 


What Can We Expect From Season 2?

While the details of Average Joe season 2’s storyline remain uncertain and speculative, there’s a strong possibility that the upcoming season will shed light on the mysterious aspects of these characters’ existence. Given the somber conclusion of the first season, which saw nearly all characters facing unfortunate fates, the next season may explore various developments regarding their future. The horrific choice made by Leon to kill an undercover cop disguised as a drug dealer has serious consequences in the ongoing part of the story. The fate of Cathy—whether she survives her injury—remains unknown. She might recover and understand the consequences of her greed to learn a lesson in her life. Leon has usually followed his wife’s decisions, but he might decide to take a stand and choose a better path, leaving the darkness behind. On the other hand, Touch’s complex character arc holds a significant mystery. We are unsure if he actually shot himself or if he struggled to go through with it and fired his gun into the air. Since we didn’t witness him shooting himself, it’s uncertain if he really died. Perhaps in the upcoming season, he will return and confront his trauma to find a healthy resolution.

Angela’s choice to temporarily separate from Joe has the potential to lead her on a journey of self-discovery. This might involve her taking on a more self-reliant role, perhaps using her abilities and life experiences to construct a new career for herself and her daughter, Jenn. In the previous season, it was shown that she had abandoned her career as a lawyer to support her husband and raise their child. So, in the current season, we might learn more about her past, uncovering the reasons behind her career decision—whether it was due to health issues or something else. Her decision to reunite with Joe might lead her to come back home in upcoming episodes. However, another complication arises when Jenn becomes a mother, adding a new dimension to the story. While the family could have concerns, they might also embrace the child, moving beyond the horrifying past regarding Demitri and Nicolai.


In Average Joe Season 2, Joe faces the challenge of solving the mysteries that have reappeared in his life. With his wife Angela and daughter Jenn leaving due to safety worries, Joe might start a journey to find them and bring them home. There’s also the chance that Leon seeks his help with the recent incident involving a police officer’s death. This could lead Joe to try and cover up the crime, which might become a central or initial theme in the ongoing storyline.

As the second season unfolds, we can expect a blend of suspense, emotional exploration, and the introduction of new characters, as well as a little more mature storytelling that provides a satisfactory conclusion, unlike the first season.

Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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