‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was The Significance Of The Last Supper?

The tenth episode ended of And Just Like That Season 2 with Che and Miranda having an explosive confrontation about the jokes they made about their relationship. Aidan breaks down over his son’s accident and his inability to cater to his emotional needs. He feels he should have been there as a dad. Charlotte comes home drunk and confronts Harry and her kids about giving her some space to be herself outside of the family. Lisa unfortunately miscarries. As Carrie prepares to say goodbye to her old apartment, she invites all her friends one last time to celebrate the life she led in this place. We would love to know what happens when as many friends as possible descend on her place for “The Last Supper.”


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie Gets A Surprising Phone Call

As Carrie prepares for the big meal for all her friends, Samantha calls her from London. This is the cameo that many fans of the show have been waiting for. Kim Cattrall reprises her role as Samantha Jones and lets Carrie know that she was meant to surprise her at dinner, but her flight from London got delayed. This scene is reminiscent of Sex and the City: The Movie, where Samantha surprises Carrie by flying in from Los Angeles. Samantha is by far Carrie’s closest friend, and she has always been there for her. Carrie and Samantha have made some good and bad memories, and to think she will not be in New York with her is sad. Maybe we will see more of Samantha in the next season now that the two of them have established contact.


Charlotte Puts Her Foot Down

Charlotte wakes up with a hangover, and Harry lets her know that he cannot handle the home situation anymore. He implies that Charlotte needs to cut down on her working hours and give more time to their home and kids. Harry’s statement reeks of misogyny because he expected Charlotte to be the super mother with a commitment to multitasking. Just like the kids, Harry was not used to seeing Charlotte working. She puts her foot down to let him know that, as a spouse, he needs to step up and take on the responsibility of running the home. She loves her job, and there will be times when she will not be available like before. As a spouse, Harry is expected to be there for her and support Charlotte’s endeavors instead of giving up at the first sign of trouble.

Nya’s Dilemma

Nya is informed about her election to the prestigious American Law Institute. It briefly makes her happy as she shares the news with Miranda. She also lets Miranda know that she has no one else to share the news with. It implies that she misses having a person to come home to. She does not regret the divorce, but she craves the intimacy that comes from a relationship. Nya’s state of mind and predicament are caused by generational conditioning, where women are expected to feel guilty about their achievements. There is a lot of emphasis on not celebrating their wins just because a man would feel insecure. This forces women to suppress the respect they have for themselves just to accommodate men. Nya downgraded her win, which is upsetting. She should not have let anyone diminish her achievements.


What Did Everyone Take Away From The Last Supper?

As her friends start coming in for dinner, a lot of good and bad news are shared. From here on, we feel And Just Like That Episode 11 is just tying up all the loose ends so that the conclusion is believable. Lisa shares the tragic news of having lost the baby with Charlotte. Charlotte, as a good friend, is trying to be there for her, but Lisa is not ready to deal with the situation at hand. She speaks to Herbert about the guilt she is living with for prioritizing her work over the baby. Just like the predicament Charlotte and Nya were put in, Lisa goes through the same. It is interesting for the makers to talk about how, collectively, all women feel guilt for choosing a career over their personal lives. Thankfully, Lisa has Herbert, who does not disregard her pain but helps her get through it. Lisa and Herbert are the embodiment of a perfect couple. He is honest inside and outside their home. A refreshing change of pace from the usual bunch of men who are full of themselves

Che and Miranda meet for the first time after falling out. They decide not to fight anymore. Che apologizes for their behavior and promises not to use those jokes anymore. The sudden change seen in Che is surprising because, in the last episode, they were angry about having to apologize for who they were. It seems the makers are confused about how to portray Che during And Just Like That‘s finale, as she was not a good partner throughout the season. This sudden change was unexpected. Che and Miranda finally got closure.


Nya runs into Toussaint Feldman, who is the Michelin-starred chef of the night. He is the man who asked her out at the beginning of this season. Nya didn’t pursue him because she was unsure about her relationship status with her then-estranged husband. Toussaint and Nya seem to have picked up right from where they left the conversation a long time ago. They are attracted to each other. Nya thinks she has finally found a man who will be willing to listen to her. This, again, sets a bad precedent for grown women like her. Nya’s achievements were reduced to her pursuing the chef because she wanted to feel good about herself.

Seema walks into the dinner with Ravi, only to be terrified of his intentions. She believes Ravi is pushing her away, using his work as an excuse. Carrie calms her down and lets her know that maybe Seema’s fear of being abandoned is making her mind go into overdrive. Carrie asks Seema to take the plunge to overcome her fear. Seema confronts Ravi about him pushing her away, but he confirms that his work is demanding, which has nothing to do with him loving her. Ravi asks her to believe him so that the relationship will be smooth sailing from now on.

In the wake of letting go of her old apartment, Carrie asks her friends to let go of one thing. Carrie talks about letting go of expectations because they only bring pain. Miranda and Lisa vow to let go of guilt. Charlotte wants to let go of limits. The three women have a brilliant career ahead of them, and they wouldn’t want these emotions to stop them. Miranda gives an interview to the BBC as a representative of Human Rights Watch. After her two breakups, Miranda will want to focus on her job instead of worrying about where her personal life is headed.

Episode 11 of And Just Like That ends with Aidan finally showing up at the old apartment and entering her home without any pain or anger. It seems like he has made some progress in this relationship, but he comes bearing bad news. He lets Carrie know that he needs to focus on his younger son until he heads to college. Aidan implies that he will have to put a hold on seeing Carrie and visiting New York because Wyatt is his priority. This plan made by Aidan seems a bit far-fetched because Carrie is not the type of person who will ever be demanding. Aidan should have known this by now. Neither one of them is getting younger, and expecting her to wait for him for the next five years is selfish and cruel. Carrie, on the other hand, agrees to it, but only time will tell if she will be able to wait this long. Aidan and Carrie are supposed to be forever, but this plan to wait seems like giving up too much for the sake of love. There are a series of montages that include all the couples being intimate with each other in their own way. Seema and Carrie head to Greece to celebrate the fact that they found the love of their lives. The friendship they share is endearing. And just like that… Carrie is content with her love life, and so is Seema.


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