‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Miranda Upset At Che?

The ninth episode of And Just Like That Season 2 ended with Carrie finally purchasing a bigger apartment for herself and Aidan. Since it is a brand-new place, they can both make new memories there. She would also want his kids to visit them as often as they could. Lisa lets Herbert know that she is pregnant, and listening to the news, he gets excited about it. Regarding the Lily-Brady situation, the mothers stopped speculating about it, especially Charlotte, because she wants to give her daughter the space to just be herself. It was the first time Charlotte acted more mature than Miranda.


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie Is A Good Partner And A Friend

Carrie and Aidan are at a stage in their relationship where everything is smooth sailing, and they believe that nothing could go wrong. The couple runs into Steve, Miranda’s ex-spouse, who was going to launch his new pub. Carrie is happy to see Steve moving on in life at this age, which is when she starts getting worried about Miranda. Carrie is good with both, and she always wanted them to be happy together or apart.


Aidan, on the other hand, is facing issues at home. It seems his son is probably going through a rebellious phase and is unwilling to reach a compromise with his mother, Aidan’s ex-wife Kathy. It is not clear what issues the boy is facing. The makers should have specified the challenges Aidan’s son is going through to understand why he is upset. At this point, Carrie is also confused but is mature enough to not ask about his son.

At brunch with Lisa, Charlotte, and Miranda, Carrie learns that she won a raffle at their kid’s school. Her prize includes a meal cooked by a Michelin-starred chef. This gives her the idea of hosting a dinner for all her friends at her old apartment to say goodbye. The dinner is just her way of letting everyone know that she is happy about her new space and the decision to move forward with Aidan. As mentioned in the previous episode’s article, Carrie always needs to let people know that she is happy with her boyfriend, which is a weird character trait for someone who is unapologetic about her dating life.


Charlotte, The Mom

It has only been a while since Charlotte joined the gallery, and she has been doing well at her job. In this episode, we get to see Sam Mendes’s cameo as himself. He comes by the gallery to purchase a painting. This is probably one of the most high-profile clients Charlotte has handled, but her family forgets that Charlotte is not a full-time mom at the moment. They do not respect her workplace boundaries. Rock constantly contacts her with their school woes, and Lily does the same. The kids are used to having Charlotte run errands, and they forget that she cannot do that anymore. It is typical in a family setting for mothers to give up work to cater to the family, and meanwhile, men are expected to carry on with their professional lives. This problematic set of expectations is what the episode is talking about. Charlotte’s kids and her husband Harry thought that she could be a superwoman, just like Lisa, who can juggle many things at a time. This is the first time we get to see a career-oriented Charlotte who is unwilling to compromise on her work.

Lisa Is Scared

Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Lisa meet for their Saturday brunch, as mentioned above. Charlotte announces that Lisa’s documentary is being picked for a ten-part series. Lisa later requests that Charlotte not let anyone else know about this news because she might not take up the offer. Lisa revealed that she was pregnant. Her work dynamics are about to change because there is only a certain amount of time she can dedicate. Lisa’s predicament is the most relatable one at this point. The show rightfully projects her dilemma and worry of having to choose between her career and staying home for the sake of her pregnancy and a subsequent newborn baby. Lisa is quite aware that she will have to give up on her work if Herbert wins the election. Even if he claims to help her, the reality is that Herbert will be too swamped at his new job, and it is Lisa who will have to take a step back, something she is reluctant to do. Sadly, Lisa miscarries. It could be because of the stress and the age at which she became pregnant. We hope things between Herbert and Lisa will not change after this tragedy.


Miranda And Che

Miranda is happy with her career going smoothly so far. Even after a long gap, she was able to get the Human Rights Watch internship, and she has been good so far, as per her colleagues. Her only concern right now is when Nya makes the statement that Miranda tends to cut off her exes from her life. This is reminiscent of what Carrie said to Miranda in the original show, which was later confirmed by Steve as well. Miranda wonders why she does that, and in all these years, nothing about her behavior has changed. She takes this as criticism, but we, as the audience, think that it is in her nature, and she should not have taken this comment seriously. People handle breakups in different ways. It is wrong for Miranda to judge herself.

Che, on the other hand, is struggling to get gigs, and now that they have landed one, they are out of content to talk about while on stage. Che has been working at an animal rescue clinic, and they wonder if they have it in them to restart their career from scratch. Unlike Miranda, who is thriving, Che hopes the upcoming gig could help them with more work going forward. They happen to go through their old gig videos and wonder if they can get any inspiration from them. Since Che is only two seasons old in And Just Like That, we do not know as much about their characteristics and traits in detail as we do about the main characters from the original show.


Why Was Miranda Upset At Che?

Carrie is an extrovert, which implies she has a lot of friends, and they come to her to discuss their dilemmas. She has always been this way since the inception of the original show. She loves having people around and helping them. Their problems allow her to see every relationship from a different perspective.

Seema reveals that she confessed her love for Ravi, and he reciprocated her feelings. Seema has been single for a long time, out of choice, as being in love scares her. She feels it could easily derail the life she has made for herself. As an independent woman, her worries are genuine. Getting into a loving relationship changes everything. Carrie lets her know that it is okay to seek love. She is an eternal optimist when it comes to love. It also comes from having Aidan around, and before that, she had John. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, we will get to see another version of Seema who is willing to take a leap of faith when it comes to love.


Carrie invites Aidan to the dinner she is hosting for her friends at her old apartment, but he refuses because he is still concerned about how he will feel in that space. Aidan, for the first time, apologizes for compelling her to make choices when they were engaged, which eventually led to their breakup. It is endearing to watch Aidan own up to the insecurities he felt years ago, and we hope he doesn’t behave like that ever again.

To celebrate the sale to Sam Mendes, Charlotte goes out drinking with her colleagues and comes back home drunk. Harry, Lily, and Rock try to make her feel guilty for not showing up for them and are shocked to see Charlotte behave this way. We think the kids are acting like brats. Instead of understanding their mother’s situation, they are expecting her to accommodate them. A drunk and angry Charlotte lets them know that she has a life of her own outside the family, and they need to start respecting her space instead of having expectations.


Miranda tries to break her rule and decides to surprise Che by showing up at their standup act. Carrie and Aidan are also headed to the same show as a way to support Che. Miranda is shocked and upset when she witnesses Che making jokes about their relationship. Miranda walks out because she feels Che demeaned the relationship in public. We think Che’s jokes were in bad taste because even Carrie did not find any of them funny. Che comes across as an insensitive person. As they see Miranda walking out, Che tries to defend their jokes instead of apologizing. As Miranda leaves in pure anger and disgust, Che believes they need to stop apologizing for who they are. It is appalling to think that Che believed Miranda wasn’t the understanding one. Miranda made a lot of adjustments to accommodate Che and their lifestyle during their brief stay in Los Angeles. Che, on the other hand, did not show an ounce of support when Miranda wanted to be with her son at a time of crisis. At this point, we think Che is wrong and toxic, and Miranda probably feels her decision to stay away was right.

Episode 10 of And Just Like That Season 2 ends with Aidan having to go back to Virginia because his son got into an accident. He calls Carrie upon reaching her and reveals that his son went looking for him because he wanted to talk to his father. In a drunken state, he rammed Aidan’s truck into a tree. This led to the boy sustaining multiple injuries. Aidan breaks down, stating that if he had been in town, the boy wouldn’t have taken this step. He feels guilty for not being there. We think this accident could bring up issues between Aidan and Carrie. It feels like their honeymoon period is over, and reality has kicked in. Carrie comforts him by saying that breaks heal eventually. The deeper meaning of this tiny phrase could be that the heartbreak they both faced years ago has started healing. Hopefully, Aidan’s son will feel better soon. And just like that, for the first time, Carrie was worried. She is probably worried what will evetually happen between her and Aidan. This incident could change the dynamics of their relationship. Hopefully, we will get to know more about it in the next episode of And Just Like That.


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