‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Che Decide?

The fifth episode of And Just Like That ends with Che and Miranda taking some time off from each other and living separately so that Che can recuperate from the blow of their show being canceled. Carrie wanted to date George, but she was put off by his annoying business partner. Seema dates yet another entitled man who expects women to be okay with his limitations. Rock, Charlotte’s second child, is approached by Ralph Lauren for a photoshoot, and she could not be more thrilled, but Harry objects to it.


Spoilers Ahead

Carrie’s Interview Goes Kaput

Episode 6 of And Just Like That Season 2 begins with Carrie promoting her book, and it goes very awry very quickly when it turns out the social media influencer has not done any research on Carrie and her books. The influencer comes across as one of the many out there who do not do their job properly and are always on the hunt to get new followers. Carrie is livid, but she is being herself and does not react. At the right time, her laptop crashes.


Authors like Carrie put in a lot of effort to write and publish a book, and uninformed people like the interviewee make it seem inconsequential. Her MacBook crashing would remind Sex and the City fans of the episode My Motherboard, My self where Carrie, for the first time, loses all of her work when her older MacBook crashes. Incidentally, that episode had Carrie dating Aiden, and this was the first time Aiden was mentioned in And Just Like That. Carrie rants this out to Seema, and the two decide to rent a home in the Hamptons to relax. Seema is just like Samantha, who is brutally honest in situations. This is what makes Carrie want Seema around as a friend.

As a part of her book’s promotions, her agent hooks her up with Kerry, an old acquaintance of Carrie. The former is organizing a fun-filled event for widows, naming it unofficially ‘Widow Con’, where one could meet women who are in the same situation as Carrie. It seems like an amusing place to be, but having lost a spouse and talking about it is not delightful.


Lily Makes A Big Revelation

Lily drops another bombshell on her parents when she openly reveals that she will be losing her virginity to her boyfriend. Harry, Charlotte, and Anthony are in complete dismay at the words they just heard from her. Their reaction was enough to make the viewers understand that even though all of them had a colorful life in their younger days, when it came to their children, Harry and Charlotte turned conservative.

More Harry than Charlotte because they come from a generation where talking openly about intimate personal details of one’s children was taboo, and their parents were never available to have these conversations. But again, Lily is a young girl, and she should have read the room before announcing such news without realizing how it would impact Charlotte and Harry. Lily comes across as an insensitive, privileged child who does not know her parents.


Charlotte tries to talk to Lily about the revelation, and as a mother, she tries to be friendly with her. It seems as if the young girl is not willing to listen to her mother. Lily, who had started as an affable daughter, has suddenly turned into an entitled one. Maybe Lily is reacting this way because Rock has become the talk of the town after appearing in Ralph Lauren’s campaign photos. This was most likely Lily’s way of turning Charlotte and Harry’s attention toward her.

Che and Miranda’s Rough Patch

Che is going through a period of downtime since their show was canceled before it could go on air. Miranda is trying to be there for them, but Che is dealing with the situation in their own way. Che stays indoors every day without any decent work in sight. But so far, Miranda is frustrated of moving around like a nomad and having no direct communication with either Che or Steve. It is obvious from their lack of conversation that Che and Miranda’s rough patch is taking a toll on their personal lives as well, and both need to find a solution to this rut. Miranda requests that Che head out more to feel better. Che’s state of mind is understandable, and Miranda, instead of judging them, should have left Che to deal with their issues on her own. They are both adults and will find a way to make things right personally and professionally.


During a dinner with Carrie, Charlotte, and Nya, she hears for the first time that Steve will never be the one who asks for a divorce. Miranda should have seen this coming because during their brief separation, even though it was his mistake, Steve held on to their marriage and was willing to do anything to make it work. Miranda was the one who decided to leave him, and that is why it is her prerogative to file for divorce. Carrie requests Che to attend the so-called “WidowCon” because she feels Che would be a good support since they have had the lived experience of being in the shadow of society for the longest time, till they broke out and started living their lives. Che is not keen on getting out of the house, but since Carrie insisted, they couldn’t say no to her.

Lisa’s Struggles

Lisa is to speak about her documentary at the Museum of Modern Art, and she is thrilled to be given this opportunity. On the same day, her husband has a campaign event with the deputy mayor. She knows she cannot miss the chance given to her, and she requests that Herbert come by for her talk after the campaign so that she can do her thing, and so can Herbert. It is delightful to watch the understanding between the two because neither of them expects their spouses to sacrifice anything related to their jobs, but they still manage to be there for each other. As viewers, one could only hope Herbert’s campaign does not clash with her work in the future.


What Does Che Decide At The End Of The Evening?

Everybody wakes up to a bombing snow cyclone that has hit New York City and wonders how they will get on with all their jobs. Lisa is in a grave spot when her driver cancels on her amidst the storm, but she is determined to head to the event. She is aware that people will be waiting to listen to her, and she cannot let any of them down. Lisa battles through the awful snowstorm, and as planned, she gives a talk about her documentary. Her perseverance in wanting to be there for women who look up to her made her take this daring step of battling through the storm. She knows her one step could bring out a lot of changes in how black women are perceived, and it would inspire many others to battle their storm to reach their final goal. Herbert comes by her event as a show of support, which brings joy to Lisa, for she knows she would not have been able to do this if not for her supportive husband, and Herbert feels the same for her. It is one of the very few times in the series that we get to see a man wholeheartedly supporting their ambitious wife, something that was missing from the older episodes of Sex and the City. Times are changing, and the show is doing a decent job of portraying this family dynamic.

Lily heads to her boyfriend’s home. Charlotte is uncomfortable with whatever Lily is up to, but she is a supportive mother. Lily calls up from her boyfriend’s home to let Charlotte know that they do not have a condom, and she begs her mother to get one. Charlotte, in her bid to be a cool mother, runs through the raging snowstorm and gets her daughter the condom packet. Charlotte wanted to be an understanding mother, unlike how she was raised. She wanted to teach her child safe sex practices so that Lily did not end up making any mistakes down the line. It was very uncharacteristic of Charlotte because she is a prude. She had to do this so that she would not lose Lily over it. She also did not want to come across as hypocritical to her daughter.


Che tries to make all the snowstorm-related excuses for Carrie so that they don’t have to get out of the house. Carrie trudges through the snow while wearing fabulous couture. The size of her dress will also make the viewer ponder over how she could have stored this elaborate clothing item in her studio apartment. Nevertheless, Carrie and Che reach the event, and she goes through bouts of stage fright. Che encourages her, and Carrie ends up having a good time reading from her book, and that strikes something in Che. This is the second time Carrie has been surprised by how an event cheered her up. The first was Enid’s magazine event.

Miranda, at her home, finally brings up the subject of filing for divorce and asks Steve to look for another place to stay. Miranda had to break the ice about it because she wanted a proper home where she could wake up and sleep at her scheduled time. Steve breaks down and accuses her of many things, including not wanting to have Brady in the first place, and saying that is why she should be the one to leave the house. Steve came across as the insensitive one here because not a word he said during his meltdown was right except for building a home for her and Brady from scratch.


Miranda realizes she has had it with him making her feel guilty for everything that has transpired, and she would rather do this by staying away from him. Steve quickly apologizes, but the damage is done because of what he said. The two of them should have sorted out their divorce matters from the day they separated. Miranda finally comes to know that Steve has moved on as well and has an outburst about making her feel bad for breaking up with him. The two of them finally agreed to file for divorce. Though there was no mention of what would happen to their Brooklyn home. A hunch is that Miranda will ask Steve to keep it.

Episode 6 of And Just Like That Season 2 ends with Miranda reaching Che’s home to converse about her confrontation with Steve and letting them know that she should have broken up a long time ago instead of waiting. Che chimes in and lets Miranda know they feel the same. Miranda knew this was coming, and so did Che. Both were just prolonging it for some reason or were in the hope that they would find a breakthrough, but sadly, that never came. Che and Miranda finally decided to break up on the same night she agreed to file for divorce. It will be overwhelming for Miranda to lose two partners in one night, but she is a resilient woman who will pick things up and move on. The last shot of the episode ends with Carrie sending a courtesy ‘How are you doing? email to Aiden Shaw, her ex-fiancé. She had no hope of getting any response from him, but she had to do her job of asking basic questions after all these years.


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