‘And Just Like That’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Carrie & George’s Relationship Status?

The fourth episode of this season of And Just Like That ended with Carrie attending Enid’s party, and she surprisingly had a good time meeting plenty of aging women who strive to live independently. Che and Miranda are just trying to get along with each other as partners now that they are back from the shoot. Miranda is not as flexible as she thought she would be. Charlotte and Harry had a good month with their kids out of the house; meanwhile, Lisa and Herbert salvaged their anniversary party by announcing that Herbert would run for the post of City Comptroller.


Spoilers Ahead

Miranda And Che’s Early Morning Woes

The episode begins at Che’s apartment, where Miranda and they have two different sleep schedules. Miranda, for the longest time, was used to a certain lifestyle, but with Che and their friends around, she hardly gets her glory sleep. She must wake up for her classes and help Brady with his morning chores. This is very unlike Miranda’s ability to be accommodating. The divorce pushed her into a defensive mode, and she is unable to say no to anyone. The younger Miranda had a set of deal-breakers. This time, it seems having Che in her life, followed by her separation from Steve, has made her go from an uncompromising individual to a pushover. This new approach does not look good on her.


Charlotte’s Halloween Fundraiser Party

At her fundraising Halloween party, Charlotte and Harry dress up as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings because they are big fans of the show The Americans. Their characters from this party start to rub off on their real lives as well. Rock is approached by Ralph Lauren to model their campaign. While Charlotte is excited, Harry goes into the forever-shape-shifting Philip Jennings character to find out if there is anything shady about this whole setup. This subplot in the episode might just be the smartest one if you’ve watched The Americans. The couple compliments each other so much that it is heartening to watch how they handle their child’s situation. Thanks to Charlotte’s support, Rock gets to be part of the photoshoot. This is a dream come true for both Rock and Charlotte because they never imagined a luxury brand approaching them for a campaign, and Charlotte, being the upscale mother, could never turn down this opportunity.

Seema’s New Date

Seema ends up meeting an alcohol sales representative who happens to use a device to combat his erectile dysfunction, which Seema is cool with. The man and herself are probably of the same age, and she understands that age brings with it issues that could harm their performance in bed. Unfortunately for her, the man does not turn out to be as considerate as she is because he has a problem when Seema ends up using a device to pleasure herself. This is a typical example of the male ego being easy to trigger, where women are expected to be tolerant, but the man couldn’t be understanding of women of her age who require avenues to pleasure themselves. It shows that men remain conceited about things that happen in the bedroom, and they cannot seem to move past it.


Nya has tapped into one-night-stand territory, and she loves the attention coming her way. For the first time in many years, she is single, and she is loving every bit of validation she is receiving. It makes her feel like divorce was probably the right call for her. Hopefully, these hookups will not lead to a pregnancy, something she and her husband Andre were working on when they were married. It will put Nya in a spot and probably force her to make a quick decision.

When Carrie Meets George

Carrie, while on a phone call with Seema, ends up in the bike lane, which leads to a man crashing his bicycle just to protect her from getting injured. It happens to be the most awkward meeting because the man, whose name is George Campbell, now has a broken wrist, and she is guilty of causing it. Carrie happens to have a bit of luck meeting men most randomly. She dated a writer she had met at a park and another man she met at a coffee shop who turned out to be a recovering alcoholic. Just to make sure he is okay and can function normally with this broken wrist, Carrie shows up at his apartment with tons of food, and amidst all this, the two of them end up kissing. George is an app developer by profession, and he could be her next after Franklyn.


What Is The Relationship Status Between Carrie And George?

Miranda is having trouble staying over at Che’s because of their erratic work hours and their friends showing up at odd hours as well. This is disrupting her daily schedule, and she is unable to find a resolution. Nya offers her husband’s room to Miranda to crash in for some time, as it is closer to Brady and Steve’s home. Nya turns out to be a considerate friend who is helping Miranda out with her problems, which Che should be doing as a partner. The two of them are hardly speaking about the issues at hand, and they are gradually distancing themselves from each other as they have nothing in common. Che has a bad reaction to the focus group that did not like their television show and the message they were trying to give out through this medium.

The negative response to the show led to the producers and channel canceling Che’s show. They are spiraling because they dedicated a big part of their life to writing a show that could bring out their story and struggles. They do not know what their path is from here on, as they are unaware of avenues to help them remain steady financially. Miranda tries to be supportive, but they are irritated. Che’s reaction to Miranda seems insensitive, as Miranda wants to be there for them, and it seems Che does not know how to be in a committed emotional relationship. Che was the one who reacted in a heartless manner when Miranda wanted to be with a heartbroken Brady. They expected the same from their partner, but Miranda is not built this way, and her supportive nature comes from her being like that for years to Charlotte, Samantha, and Carrie.


Che proposes the idea of separating for a bit because they need to figure their lives out, find ways to get a stable job, and maybe simultaneously work on a different project for television. Their proposal makes sense because they don’t want Miranda to rely on them. Their work could be unpredictable, and they might have to travel a lot. Miranda agrees to it because, as a partner, she is sympathetic to what Che wants and gives it to her. The separation will also give Miranda time to work on her studies, career, and Brady.

Carrie and George get along very well. There is an attraction and spark that neither of them can deny, and both are keen to date each other regularly. Dating comes easy to Carrie because she is a pro at carrying on conversations, and it is hard not to like her. George’s nosy business partner takes up most of his time by calling him at odd hours and showing up at the apartment at awkward times. This does not allow Carrie or George to give each other enough time.


The business partner behaves exactly like a nagging wife, which is why Carrie refers to him as such, for she realizes she is the other woman in this relationship. She knows if this app tanks; both men would blame her. She would rather exit right now because, at this point, she has nothing to lose. This entire subplot of Carrie and George would be reminiscent of many older episodes of S*x and the City, where she quickly gets a vibe of which way this relationship is headed and concludes that this man is not for her, and she leaves the party before it gets ugly. The episode ends with Carrie leaving George’s apartment one last time and probably making a promise to herself not to get personally involved with anyone she helps without knowing their history.

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