‘Ahsoka’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Ahsoka And The Others Escape Peridea?

The final episode of Ahsoka Season 1 from Star Wars was released today, and it showcases how Ahsoka and her friends launched an attack against the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn. In the previous episode, Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra fought off Thrawn’s forces on Peridea and reunited, while Thrawn continued scheming. In the final episode, the Jedi make up their minds to take down Thrawn for good, but can they finally defeat the evil Admiral? Will they be able to get off this deserted planet? Here’s everything that happens in the Season 1 finale of Disney’s Ahsoka.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Thrawn Order?

At long last, the transfer of cargo from the planet of Peridea to the ship Chimera is finally complete, and Morgan Elsbeth arrives to inform her master, Grand Admiral Thrawn, as much. He orders Captain Enoch to send in TIE fighters to destroy the ship of the Jedi, and like clockwork, two fighters head in Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra’s direction. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Ezra is fidgeting with a tool, trying to fashion it into a working lightsaber, as Huyang continues to object to his process. Apparently, Kannan Jarrus, the pupil of Huyang, had taught Ezra, so he’d do better to heed the advice of Professor Droid. In the end, Huyang hands Ezra a particular piece of equipment that helps him complete the lightsaber, and it reveals a spark of blinding blue. Sabine meets Ahsoka outside, and the master and Padawan get to talking. The apprentice apologizes to Ahsoka for following her heart and going away with Baylan Skoll, but Ahsoka quickly forgives the young Mandalorian-turned-Jedi. She knows that she’d been Sabine’s age once, and she promises to keep her vow as a master and support her through thick and thin, just as Anakin had supported her.


Where Are The Jedi Going?

The conversation is broken up as two TIE fighters zoom past the ship and the Noti moving houses, and Ahsoka’s ship takes continuous damage. Realizing they can’t shoot down the fighters with their current weaponry, Sabine launches the ship into the fighters, and they shatter like straw houses. However, Ahsoka’s ship has taken a beating as well, and they need to repair it before it can fly anywhere. Leaving Huyang and the Notis to repair their ship, Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra head towards Thrawn’s HQ atop two howlers.

What Is Morgan Presented With?

Morgan has proven herself to be quite loyal to Thrawn and the Night Sisters of Peridea, so it’s time to reward her actions. The three sisters join hands and start chanting a spell, which gives Morgan the same blackish face tattoos and darkened pupils as the sisters, making her one of the Night Sisters. Moreover, they join hands to produce the blade of Talzin, which exudes green embers. Now, Morgan is ready to take down any foe that might stand in her way. With the Jedi charging towards Thrawn, he commands his pilot to fire at them from the ship because he knows it’s futile to argue with the Jedi that Darth Vader trained. The heroes dodge the raining hellfire and use the Force together to pry open the massive gates to Thrawn’s palace, making their way inside.


What Happens To Ezra?

The trouble isn’t over, however, as a horde of Night Troopers rush towards the three Jedi, now brandishing lightsabers. With a plethora of slashes and blaster shots (thanks to Sabine), all the troopers are cut down and killed. But with their backs turned to the army of Thrawn, the Jedi don’t realize that the Trooper corpses are brought back to zombified life by the magic of the Night Sisters. Again and again, the Jedi kill the corpses, and repeatedly, they return to attack as an army of the undead. With Ahsoka engaged with the undead troopers, Ezra and Sabine take on two super troopers, but they prove more difficult to defeat than the usual cannon-fodder troopers. With Sabine almost on the verge of being strangled and her saber flung out of her reach, she finally masters the Force and uses it to stab it into her attacker’s throat, while Ezra decapitates his opponent. They start running towards Thrawn’s ship, which has by now taken flight, and there’s an enormous chasm between themselves and the Chimera, but Sabine asks Ezra to trust her. He takes a leap of faith, and using her Force, she helps him up Thrawn’s ship. However, when it’s her turn to jump, she realizes there’s something she needs to do before.

Does Ahsoka Catch Up To Thrawn?

Ahsoka has been fighting with Morgan until now, and with her new Night Sister powers, she proves to be a formidable opponent for Ahsoka. With rapid exchanges of the sabers and the blade, the Jedi loses one of her sabers, but in a last-ditch attempt, she manages to cut Morgan across her stomach, killing her. Thrawn learns of his follower’s death and just comments that she’s fulfilled her part in the story. With the zombie troopers now surrounding Ahsoka to take her down, she’s aided by her Padawan Sabine, who helps her fight off the undead, until Thrawn’s ship starts firing at the building they’re fighting in. With the building on the verge of collapse, the master and her Padawan jump off the wing of Ahsoka’s ship as they race to catch up with the Chimaera. With a little distance between the two ships, Thrawn makes the jump into hyperspace, as Ahsoka’s ship is heavily impacted by the blowback.


Do Ahsoka And The Others Escape Peridea?

On the planet Peridea, Ahsoka, and Sabine live amidst the Noti settlement, and they’re busy fixing their badly damaged ship as Sabine wonders whether Ezra went home safely. Ahsoka assures her that he has definitely found his way home. We see a brief scene of Shin Hati walking up to the red bandits and raising her saber to find her way into their tribe. Her master, Baylan Skoll, stands all alone on a carved rock, overlooking a vast expanse, and his fate remains unknown. Meanwhile, a New Republic ship receives a small Empire ship, and out comes a Night Trooper. As Hera Syndulla and the others raise their blasters at this sudden arrival, the trooper takes his helmet off, and underneath the uniform is Ezra Bridger, showing that he’d managed to find his way home. Sabine had completed her duty, although she didn’t know it yet. Ahsoka stares into the void, and what she doesn’t notice is that the spirit of her master, Anakin Skywalker, is studying her, waiting to see her next move.

How Does The Series End?

Thus, the first season of Ahsoka ends with Grand Admiral Thrawn escaping and Morgan Elsbeth’s death. However, the death of Morgan seems very rushed, and there isn’t enough character building for this devoted follower of Thrawn to make her death seem very impactful. There needed to be more of a backstory to this character, and once again, it showcases how “Star Wars” in the later years relied more on fancy and colorful lightsaber battles than actual stories. Be that as it may, the first season ends with Ezra Bridger managing to go home and meeting with his old crew from “Rebels,” which was what Sabine had set out to achieve from the beginning. However, she and her master Ahsoka stay stranded on Peridea for the time being, so we need to wait and see how they can go after Thrawn in Ahsoka Season 2.


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