‘Ahsoka’ Episode 7 Review/Recap: Why Is Admiral Thrawn Satisfied In The End?

Disney’s Ahsoka premiered its seventh episode today, and it showcases a reunion between two of the fan-favorite characters in the show. The previous episode witnessed Sabine Wren finally meeting Ezra Bridgers, years after his disappearance, but she was still worried about Ahsoka. Moreover, Thrawn had sent his scouts Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati on the lookout for the Jedi and had instructed them to eliminate both when the chance arose. This episode ties up a lot of loose ends, but it leaves a lot more questions unanswered.


Spoilers Ahead

What Does Huyang Tell Ahsoka?

Ahsoka‘s penultimate episode opens with Ahsoka training with her Lightsaber as a hologram of her master, Anakin Skywalker, who gives her important tips. Huyang comes in, and she temporarily pauses her training to announce that Anakin has left her 20 holograms, and it’s evident that the recent encounter with her master in the World Between Worlds has impacted her. The droid informs her that the Purrgills, the space whales Ahsoka and Huyang have hitched a ride with, are almost at their destination. Soon after, a series of explosions and rumblings alert them that something is very wrong, and they blast out of their carrier Purrgill to find out they’re amidst a minefield, set up by Thrawn’s soldiers. As they start escaping the minefield, the scene cuts to the New Republic, where Hera Syndulla awaits trial.


What Is Hera’s Fate?

For having led a mission into an unknown galaxy, Hera is standing before the Senate as Senator Xiorno chews her out for going away on her own. It seems he’s hell-bent on proving Hera a threat while simultaneously refusing to believe that Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned. Hera’s rescue comes in the form of C-3P0, who informs the senate that Hera’s leave had been sanctioned by Senator Organa and that she was well within her rights. This convinces Chancellor Mon Mothma that there’s no other reason to hound Hera, although she pulls her aside and questions how big the threat of Thrawn is. Hera alerts her that they need to prepare for the worst because Thrawn’s threat is very real.

What Happens To Ezra And Sabine?

Meanwhile, Thrawn learns about Ahsoka’s details and is struck curious when he finds out her master was Anakin Skywalker, and it also doesn’t escape him that it was the same Jedi who’d joined the Dark Side. He knows that Ahsoka’s main goal now that she’s out of the minefield will be to look for Sabine, which is why she’s made the journey, so he asks the Dark Sisters to locate both women for the final blow. In the deserts of Peridea, a herd of Notis is traveling in their floating caravans, as Ezra and Sabine share one and recount tales. Ezra is pleasantly surprised to know everything that has happened since he fell out of contact and is amused to find that Sabine has found a mentor in Ahsoka. This happy reunion is paused when Sabine is contacted by Ahsoka through the Force, and the moment a connection is established between the two, the Sisters triangulate Ahsoka’s location. Thrawn sends his fighter planes after her, and a battle ensues.


What Happens When Baylan And Ahsoka Clash?

Ahsoka’s ship begins swerving through the attackers that are chasing her as they near the area where Ezra and Sabine are trapped. Huyang advises against Ahsoka jumping in to join the fight because it can be very dangerous for her, but she asks him to be optimistic as she leaps out. Away in the distance, Baylan Skoll and his mentee Shin Hati have been watching the Notis moving, and Shin has alerted Thrawn of Sabine’s location as well, and more Nighttroopers fly in. However, Baylan doesn’t join his trainee in the fight any longer because he says she’s rather ambitious, and his path doesn’t align with hers. Before leaving, though, he does warn that blindly chasing victory can get one killed. Soon, Shin is off to battle as Baylan is left to witness from afar, until Ahsoka’s crashlanding brings him out of his reverie. He lets her know that he can’t let her pass through, and the two Jedi exchange clashes with their weapons until Ahsoka thinks of a distraction. Using the lasers from the ships flying above, Ahsoka escapes, but Baylan doesn’t chase her. This shows that his heart isn’t fully in the fight.

Why Do The Nighttroopers retreat?

After fighting off the raiders that Baylan and Shin had led to Ezra and Sabine, the Rebel siblings face a new threat in the form of nighttroopers. They surround them from everywhere, with Shin at the forefront. Ezra offers to talk it out as Shin declares an attack, just when Ahsoka rolls into the scene, and it’s a warzone. With Sabine using the lightsaber she’d received from Ezra and her former colleague relying on his Force, they take down much of the Nighttroopers, while Ahsoka fights Shin, but now with an increased sense of confidence. Realizing that the fight is fruitless, Thrawn calls back his planes, and Nighttroopers and the Jedi watch as the soldiers retreat. Watching Shin panic without her master and stuck in the middle with enemies, Ahsoka offers a helping hand and wants to accept her. However, Shin escapes quickly, and it’s made certain that without her master, she’s not yet ready to take on all the challenges.


Why Is Admiral Thrawn Satisfied In The End?

Morgan Elsbeth feels that Ahsoka rejoining the fight and the need to recall the troops are a shame for Thrawn’s army, but he’s pleased with the outcome. The fight that ensued between the two parties offered his crew enough time to transport the cargo that he needed to get off Peridea before he could leave. Thus, Ahsoka’s attack on his forces came at the perfect time, and while she was distracted, he was now ready to leave this wasteland behind. He lets Morgan know that he possesses one thing on his side that Ahsoka lost fighting his soldiers: time. Now they can abandon Peridea and go to a better place, while the Jedi remain stranded. However, we can see a happy reunion between Ahsoka, Ezra, and Sabine, and she greets them as friends. Ezra is ecstatic to know that he can finally go home and bids farewell to the Notis as they prepare to leave.

How Does The Episode End?

The penultimate episode of Disney’s Ahsoka ends on a lighter note as the three people unite after years of searching. Ahsoka, who’d been presumed dead by Sabine, contacts her and comes to her rescue in this episode, while Ezra Bridger is discovered to be alive and well and also seems to have mastered the Force. The situation looks a lot brighter than it did two episodes ag, and they might even escape Peridea. But the bigger problem still persists, as Thrawn is still unharmed, and as long as he’s around, the New Republic will never be safe. Thus, Ahsoka and the crew need to formulate a plan quickly to put an end to Thrawn’s terror and early, before he causes more damage. There’s a possibility that Baylan Skoll may end up changing sides in the end because, by now, it’s certain that he isn’t entirely opposed to Ahsoka and her cause. Next week, the finale episode of Ahsoka premieres, so the fans will be watching excitedly.


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Disney's Ahsoka premiered its seventh episode today, and it showcases a reunion between two of the fan-favorite characters in the show.'Ahsoka' Episode 7 Review/Recap: Why Is Admiral Thrawn Satisfied In The End?