‘Aarya’ Season 3 Part 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?

Aarya Season Three Part One was an extension of the previous installment as the leading lady finally took over her family business. Aarya dreaded being a part of the drug cartel, but she was also not keen on running away from her past. Deaths in her family turned the tide, and it helped her decide for herself and the children. Aarya Season Three is all about the new don taking up the responsibility of expanding their business prospects, along with some new allies and old friends.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Part One End?

Part one ended with Sooraj accidentally getting killed at the hands of Aarya. She wanted to protect her son and keep him from not going after Sooraj, who had killed his girlfriend, Roop. Aarya was on the verge of forging a truce between Sooraj and herself since they had lost way too many people in this battle. But her plan fell through because Veer appeared out of nowhere to confront Sooraj. It is not clear if there’s anybody left from Sooraj’s family who would go after Aarya. ACP Khan also figured there was a mole in his team, and with time he would be able to catch that person.


Aarya and Veer gave Roop a proper cremation, and unlike Sooraj, Veer got closure. This was just the beginning of the rift between him and his mother. Aarya also receives threats from the Russian bosses regarding the 1,000-crore consignment that is in the custody of the narcotics department. Aarya is keen on getting the entire shipment back so that she does not become their target. Part one also gave the audience a sneak peek into what the fans could expect in the episodes leading up to the finale.

Will Nalini Sahiba Help Aarya?

Aarya was informed by Inspector Susheela, who was the mole in ACP Khan’s team, that the police were planning to incinerate the narcotics at a dilapidated factory. Aarya will have to prepare a meticulous plan to get the narcotics back without causing much noise. So far, Aarya has always remained ten steps ahead of ACP Khan, but this time, the ball is in Khan’s court, and he will take maximum precaution to make sure she or her men do not come into the vicinity. The burning down of the narcotics will be symbolic of Aarya’s failure as a businesswoman and the death she might await at the hands of the Russian mob bosses.


Aarya will most likely be helped by Nalini Sahiba to get the shipment back. She will have to spend a lot of time convincing the aristocratic businesswoman to trust her. Nalini Sahiba has no reason to trust Aarya, but they will probably find a middle ground and agree on terms that mutually benefit both. Either Nalini will be too powerful and influential for Aarya to take on, or Aarya will double-cross Nalini at some point to become the biggest supplier of the narcotic drugs. Aarya will not forget her goal to bring more money into her business.

Nalini Sahiba might have a hard time believing Aarya, but she will eventually have to trust her words to sustain the business. The two ladies might also counter the Russians and eliminate them so that they could take control of the narcotics transport, supply and the distribution chain. In the opening sequence of the third season, we see Aarya getting shot in front of her kids. Viewers will be keen to know who targeted Aarya and what their motive could be. It could be anyone at this juncture because Aarya made many enemies on her way to becoming one of the most powerful and richest people in the region. It could be the deceased Sooraj’s ally, an associate of Nalini Sahiba, or someone else from the past that Aarya must have forgotten. There is a possibility that ACP Khan will not abide by the books for the first time and will try to assassinate Aarya if there is no evidence to legally file charges against her.


What Could Be The Reason For The Conflict Between Aarya And Her Children?

The short montage in the end also included her children, Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya, finally standing up to their mother and seeking answers to many questions she had pushed under the carpet. Adi is far from over the trauma of witnessing his father’s death, and he might start asking questions regarding Aarya’s work. Aarya might come across several dilemmas regarding her children, and she will most likely prioritize saving her business over facing their problems. Veer is livid at his mother in Part 1 for plenty of reasons. She had refused to acknowledge his relationship and did not save Roop. Even though Aarya tried her level best to save Roop, Veer will most likely remain under the impression that his mother purposely delayed things because of premeditated notions about their relationship.

Aru and Dhruv kiss each other in Part 1, but the former is a mole sent by ACP Khan to seek intel on Aarya and her movements. Aarya will be livid if her only daughter wants to be with a henchman instead of working in the line of work she has chosen. Aru might start feeling claustrophobic in the house, and she will most likely rebel against her mother. Aarya will probably find a way to bring her children back into her life and be in sync with the plans she made for all of them. Aarya could also be planning to leave India and possibly never come back.


Is Aarya Going To Forgive Her Parents?

Aarya resents her parents for being selfish all their lives. Her father might pass away in the second part due to cancer, and it will probably be the last time she will want her mother around the family. They never understood the repercussions of their failed marriage for her and her now-deceased siblings. The parents made the whole ordeal about themselves, and this time Aarya will most likely leave all that baggage behind to seek a new life with her children. She does not plan to emulate her parents. Her immediate family will have to face one last obstacle before finally coming to terms with the reality of the situation. Either Aarya will get rid of her rivals in the ‘Godfather’ style once again or she will manage to leave India and move to another country where no one can find her, especially the Russians. This is a big risk she might take, but Aarya will have to take the leap of faith to witness and embrace what awaits her on the other side.

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