‘Aarya’ Season 3, Part 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Sooraj Ever Know What Happened To Nandini?

The first two seasons of Aarya were tremendous, and it managed to create a niche for itself in the crime thriller genre. Drug cartels and families get mixed up to become a toxic mess that eventually leads to the destruction of the family. Season two ended with Aarya learning the truth about her biological father. She further emancipated herself from the father who raised her because of his role in Sangram’s death. Aarya, for the first time, was done running away from her past and decided to face the challenges by becoming the chief of the drug cartel. Season three was released on November 3rd, and it will further discuss Aarya’s plans for expanding the business and the obstacles she might come across on her path to glory.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Aarya’s New Plan Of Action?

Aarya season 3 began with Aarya getting shot by an unknown assailant as she was surrounded by her children. This could be the last scene of season three. The scenario moves back to Aarya dealing with local opium farmers and her willingness to buy their produce for 10 times more than the market price. One of the farmers refused to agree with her buying prices.


Aarya threatens and forces him to sign the deal to display her power at the table. She would not entertain anyone trying to one-up her in a business negotiation. Aarya’s business involved transporting Russian narcotics, but now she wanted to venture into the supplier market to obtain more profit. Aarya wanted to expand on her scope of work for the children, but we assume she was getting used to the power and money that came with running this business. Aarya was assigned a consignment worth Rs. 1000 crores by Anton to be transported, and if she was successful in completing the task, the Russians would consider her for the position of the supplier of their products. Aarya was under a lot of pressure to complete this job with the utmost ease.

Sooraj fired the opening shots of the war by aiming to finish off Aarya, but ended up killing Kedia, who tried to rescue her. Aarya decided to avenge Kedia’s death because the man, at many junctures, helped her and the family. She had to find a way to get hold of Sooraj and eliminate him as well.


Will Veer And Roop Reveal Their Relationship To Aarya?

Veer, Aarya’s oldest son in the third season, was in a relationship with her employee, Roop. In the second season, Roop was working with Sangram and police officer Susheela to hide and transport narcotics along with her handicraft products. Aarya hired her because Roop displayed good business acumen. Roop became a crucial asset in transporting out the 1,000-crore consignment. Roop and Veer were in love, and he wanted to inform his mother about it. There was a lot of transparency between Veer and Aarya over the years, as he knew the kind of business his family was involved in. Keeping that in mind, he expected his mother would give her blessing to the relationship. Veer gifted Roop a one-of-a-kind pendant that could be connected to his phone, which would help him locate her. Roop soon found out she was pregnant with Veer’s child. She was contemplating terminating the pregnancy to avoid any complications in their relationship that could emerge if Aarya refused to acknowledge them. She eventually chose to keep the child and decided to inform Veer about it in the hope that their commitment would mean something to him, and the pregnancy would make Aarya happy.

Is Sooraj Successful In Stealing The Consignment?

Sooraj made a secret alliance with Anton to steal the consignment assigned by Russian associates in the hope of trapping Aarya. Aarya and Sooraj were aware of each other’s presence and the power both wielded, and he wanted to avenge his wife’s death. The two had a conversation at the end of the second season about him coming for her life and business. If the consignment is not transported, Arya and her family will be killed by Anton’s Russian associates. In their pursuit to obtain the container number that will carry the consignment, Sooraj’s men kidnap Roop, who will be receiving all the information regarding the details of the transport. Sooraj quickly learned about her pregnancy and refused to physically harm her. He loved his wife, and he was always referred to as a good man by her. Her death saw a dramatic shift in him as a person, and he became a man on a hunt to kill the people who wronged him.


Aarya was made aware of Veer’s relationship with Roop, and she tried her level best to save the girl, but not at the cost of her consignment. She could not afford to lose the job because their lives would be on the edge. Roop’s last hope of surviving this ordeal was requesting Veer’s help by letting him know about her pregnancy. Veer discreetly involves his mother in the hope that Sooraj could be double-crossed at the container dock.

Aarya was successful in switching the container carrying the consignment. To her shock, ACP Younus Khan seized the container, and it was a triumph for him after years of pursuing Aarya Sareen. Sooraj’s plan to steal the consignment did not work, but the police seizing Aarya’s consignment was good news for him.


Is Roop Alive?

Veer was able to triangulate Roop’s location thanks to her pendant. Aarya and her henchmen were on the way to rescue her, but it was too late. Sooraj had moved her to another location. Aarya was tied up between saving her consignment and rescuing her son’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, Roop begs Sooraj to let her go. Her work of providing him with the intelligence he required was done. Sooraj could either be a good man, as Nandini always claimed, or eliminate Roop because Aarya will use her to capture and kill him. Under the pretext of letting her go, Roop was killed by Sooraj.

Roop’s body was dumped outside Aarya’s home, but as a mother, she chose to keep it secret from Veer to avoid any scenario involving her sonchasing Sooraj. Aarya was not keen on Veer getting embroiled in any kind of rivalry. Sadly, it is not for her to decide what Veer should do to avenge Roop’s murder. Sooraj was chased out of his hideout by Aarya and her men, and she was under the assumption that he would not be a threat for a while. Aarya and her men were unable to catch Sooraj, but that does not mean he was not at large.


Who Was Nalini Sahiba?

In her pursuit to seek help in acquiring the drugs back from police custody, Anton introduced Aarya to Nalini Sahiba, another aristocrat who was the biggest supplier of the drugs for the same group of Russians Aarya dealt with. Nalini was keen on helping Aarya procure the consignment, provided the latter was willing to forget her plans to become the leading supplier of narcotics. Nalini Sahiba has been in this business for many years, and she is assumed to be far more ruthless than Aarya when it comes to dealing with business associates and traitors. Just like Aarya, Nalini wanted to survive, which forced her to join the narcotics business.

Will Sooraj Ever Know What Happened To Nandini?

Sooraj deployed Plan B and decided to lure Maya into his home as a prospective buyer of a painting from her gallery. He was aware of the friendship Maya and Aarya had shared over the years, and knew she would go miles to rescue her only friend. Aarya had lost Hina after Sangram’s passing, and she could not afford to lose Maya as well. Maya and Aarya lived under one roof in the hope of staying away from the trouble after Nandini’s death. Maya felt guilty for accidentally killing Sooraj’s wife, and she might never forgive herself. Maya was not the ruthless type, but a murder is bound to cause PTSD.


Sooraj manipulated her with the only intention of keeping her hostage. This was his way to avenge Nandini because she was kidnapped by Aarya in her attempt to rescue Kedia. Sooraj wanted closure concerning Nandini’s death so that he and his children could be at peace. He knew Nandini was not alive, a piece of information Nandini’s father shared with Sooraj before his death. Sooraj was the kind man who had to take up arms and get embroiled with the drug cartels to seek justice. He drags Maya to the place where Nandini was buried, and she is forced to call Aarya at the spot for a showdown. So far, the ball was firmly in Sooraj’s court because he was finally able to find Nandini’s burial spot thanks to a battered Aarya and Maya. Sooraj believes Aarya was a monster who walked over all the dead bodies of people she killed and never felt guilty for it. We assume Aarya did not mention Udayveer Shekhawat was her biological father. Sooraj would not hesitate to kill Aarya and Maya. He probably wanted this cycle to end with Aarya’s death, but he forgot her children might come seeking vengeance. As Aarya and Sooraj came to a compromise as both families faced tragedies of monumental scale, reaching a truce and co-existing would be the only way to sustain themselves in this volatile world of drug cartels.

Veer walks in to kill Sooraj, for he was aware of the latter’s role in Roop’s death. Aarya ended up killing Sooraj in self-defense, and this would be her second killing in this fashion. She had killed her biological father in the same manner, but she quickly got over the trauma. Aarya did not know Sooraj or her biological father on a personal level to feel anything for them after their passing. Aarya was upset, but she knew she would have to move forward and save the consignment to avoid getting killed by the Russian bosses.


Part one of Aarya season three ended with Veer and Aarya giving Roop a proper cremation. Veer wanted closure, and the funeral would finally allow him to move on. We believe he will never forgive his mother for not putting enough effort into saving the woman he loved. This is the first time a rift has occurred between the mother and son. Aarya will either retrieve the consignment as soon as possible or face the possibility of running far away with her children and disappearing from the face of the earth. If she plans to choose the second option, she will have to find a new ally because Kedia is dead, and ACP Khan will not help Aarya this time. There are glimpses of Part 2 added at the end of the episode, which gives the audience a peek into Aarya’s game plan and Nalini Sahiba’s role in her survival.

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