‘Aakhri Sach’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is The Next Suspect?

Aakhri Sach Episode 2 ended with Aman tracking Jayant down and immediately accusing him of killing Anshika. He was attacked by Jayant’s men in retaliation. Anya and her team at the Delhi Police crime branch capture the gangster Mahipal’s henchmen in the hope of getting some answers regarding the death of the family and investigating the revenge angle. The police think they have reached an end to this murder-suicide case, but the truth is far from what any of them can imagine.


Spoilers Ahead

Aman’s parallel investigation

Aakhri Sach Episode 3 begins with Aman being questioned by Jayant and his men for an unprovoked attack on them. They do not know Aman at this point, which is why their anger is justified to some extent. Without giving away anything about himself, Aman starts asking questions about Anshika and Jayant’s relationship with her family. Aman is deeply disturbed by the way Anshika and her family passed away, which is why he must find answers that will give him closure. Jayant reveals that he and Anshika had gotten married as per family traditions when they were kids, and he has a photograph to prove that. Jayant doesn’t realize that his marriage is illegal because it happened without their consent. Jayant’s claim to have a right over Anshika is wrong. Aman lets Jayant know that Anshika and her family have committed suicide together. This news breaks Jayant’s heart, which proves that despite his abusive nature, he might have loved Anshika.


This whole plot throws light on how conservative Anshika’s family was and their belief in age-old customs. It makes us wonder if some of the age-old beliefs might be the reason behind their deaths. We are aware of the actual reason behind the tragic deaths. The writers, though, are taking another route. It seems the makers of Aakhri Sach have taken some liberties with the actual story and added some extra elements just for entertainment purposes.

The police find a new lead

Mahipal’s henchmen are captured and taken in for questioning for their role in the deaths of the family of eleven. Anya and her team are confident these men will give some conclusive reasoning behind the murders. To their disappointment, the men were quick to confess that Aadesh, the elder son of the family, had taken a loan, which he repaid the previous year. The henchmen were hiding from the rival gang’s men. This puts the whole investigation team on the back foot. The henchmen’s revelation proves that there is another angle to these multiple deaths. Anya was sure about her hunch. Just like we predicted in episode two’s article, the revenge angle was a red herring. The investigation has barely touched the tip of the iceberg, as there is a lot to uncover.


The investigation team came across a contractor who had done some renovation work at the house. He talks about having fixed eleven pipes at their home, and their placement raised eyebrows among the investigation team. They feel the number eleven has a strong connection to their deaths. Eleven members of the family died inside a home that has eleven doors and windows. The plot on which the house was built is the size of 11/11. Anya and her team quickly conclude that there is a connection between their deaths and astrology or numerology. We feel the team is on the right track to understand what went behind the doors in the name of blind faith. They learn from Aman as well that his wedding was scheduled to take place in November, which is the eleventh month of the year. Knowing the full story behind their deaths, we feel the brainwashing caused by blind faith makes a lot of sense. One person must have been responsible for manipulating the entire family into believing in their truth, which forced them to take this ghastly step.

Who is the next suspect?


Aman’s parallel investigation leads him to the neighborhood where Anshika and her family lived. He is keen to understand the family’s dynamics with neighbors and local shopkeepers. The neighbors and friends claimed to the media that they were a friendly family. This narrative is repeatedly used by the media to put pressure on the Delhi Police to find answers to this murder or suicide. A local shopkeeper discreetly reveals to Aman that nobody visited the said family’s home. Aman is intrigued by this revelation because he never got a sense of aloofness from Anshika or her family. The shopkeeper might be exaggerating here, but it alarmed Aman. The shopkeeper also reveals that only one kid from the neighborhood was friends with the kid from the deceased family. Aman will probably question the boy about his affinity with the family to understand what was happening inside the house. The story has taken an interesting turn.

The investigation team, on the other hand, is keen to find out if there was a hermit or a godman involved in the brainwashing of the family. In cases such as this, which are a rare occurrence, there is always a man who claims himself or herself to have a connection with God. Such men or women tend to manipulate and brainwash a group of people into carrying out ghastly acts. It is also referred to as a cult group. Anya and her team are sure about this lead. They believe this time, they will surely find a motive.


They get a lead from Anshika and Aman’s engagement video. They come across a godman who is involved in a conversation with Bhuvan. The team was quick to conclude that this man would be able to give them answers about the family dynamics. Initially, the team was unable to track him down in the city. The police traced his location to Kanpur within a few days using CDR. We feel the narrative from here on is picking up, and there is an inkling that a big revelation is bound to come out once the godman is taken into custody for questioning. So far, the police do not have any concrete proof that would help them arrest the godman.

The godman is taken into custody in Kanpur, and he starts speaking about the family. He reveals that Bhuvan, ever since his father’s death and injury, has sought him to attain peace. We feel Bhuvan was filled with guilt, and his inclination towards spirituality and blind faith was on the rise after his father’s death. The godman claimed that Bhuvan spoke about having dreamed about his father. He claims his father promised to be with him from this point on. The godman also revealed that Bhuvan may have been involved in the burning down of Daulat Singh’s store after their falling out.


Aakhri Sach Episode 3 ends with a flashback sequence involving Bhuvan and his family after their evening prayers. It seems the man has taken over as head of the family, and the rest are okay with it. His mother, being the pragmatist of the lot, points out that he should not have gone after Daulat Singh and his store. We think she was right because there is no reason to be involved with a man who had no respect for Bhuvan or his father. Bhuvan starts speaking to his mother on a first-name basis. His voice transforms into his father’s, which shocks the family.

Bhuvan, in his father’s voice, lets his mother know that they need to believe in Bhuvan’s actions and words. This revelation makes us think that Bhuvan was severely traumatized. Trauma manifests in different ways. The family wasn’t aware of the psychological issues Bhuvan was dealing with. He had started showing signs of dissociative personality disorder. This shows that a lack of understanding about mental health leads to such drastic steps being taken by people. Bhuvan’s family was probably quick to believe in the spiritual aspect of this phenomenon. Bhuvan faints right after the spell. This will probably be the beginning of the chain of events that led to the family’s suicide. The police are yet to find out about Bhuvan taking control of the family slowly and steadily as shown briefly in Aakhri Sach Episode 3. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will reveal shocking revelations that might answer many of the questions the police were looking for.


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