‘Aakhri Sach’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Anya Find Out About The Mahipal Gang?

Aakhri Sach Episode 1 ended with the investigation team coming across CCTV footage of a young man entering the home of the victims late at night. It is not visible to the police, but it is revealed that it was Aman who visited the victim’s home with no motive in sight. Does it imply that he was somehow involved in facilitating the murders? Only the next and other upcoming episodes will reveal this and many other details regarding the motive.

Spoilers Ahead

The Family Feud And Other Memories

Aakhri Sach Episode 2 begins with a flashback sequence of Bhuvan spending time with his father, which we believe was a couple of years ago. His father, Jawahar Singh, kept encouraging Bhuvan to pursue things that were outside of his comfort zone and work hard to achieve success. Bhuvan’s father was an ex-cop who supposedly died a few years ago. Bhuvan and Jawahar seem to have a close bond as father and son. We think Bhuvan looked up to his father in a way no son does. Many times, we see father-son relationships as complex and tortured. In this case, Jawahar Singh was a friend of Bhuvan and ready to offer practical advice that would benefit him. As they were conversing in the scene, they had a horse that his father intended to ride. To give his horse a push, Bhuvan kicked it, and his father fell off the animal and died immediately. We believe Bhuvan feels responsible for his father’s death. The man never intended to kill his father, but people cannot undo their mistakes.

The entire episode is filled with flashback sequences involving Bhuvan and the other family members and how they handled things after their father’s death. The only surviving sister shares the story of her dad’s friend Daulat Singh traumatizing Bhuvan by physically assaulting him, which led to him losing his voice for a while. Here, we get to see more about the family dynamics. It is understood from this scene that the police could be looking at multiple suspects. But it is Aman who has come across the information about Daulat, not Anya or her team. The plothole we notice is that it doesn’t make sense that the sister of Aadesh and Bhuvan did not speak about the Daulat to the police. Her motives are also not clear at this point. But Bhuvan’s tragic history makes us think about how the police will realize that maybe it was Bhuvan after all and not some outsider who committed the crime.

The kid who happened to be Parth’s friend has a memory regarding a ritual he witnessed. The ritual was happening at Parth’s home, where he saw Bhuvan fainting. It seems the boy might have a lot to say about the ritualistic activities of the Rajawat family, which could help police understand the motive behind the deaths. This kid must be traumatized by the death of his friend, which could be forcing him to suppress the pain and the memories.

What Did Anya Find Out About The Mahipal Gang?

The police are closing in on the revenge motive as they understand the bigger picture behind the involvement of a gangster named Pujara. Anya uses her informant to gather information regarding the Pujara and the Mahipal gangs, which have been at loggerheads for a while. There are pictures to prove that the older son, Aadesh, was involved with Pujara.

The police assume that Aadesh may have given Pujara some information about the Mahipal gang. Mahipal retaliated by killing Aadesh and his family. On paper, the theory seems plausible, but Anya and her team will have to submit concrete evidence to back it up and make arrests accordingly.

As mentioned in the article about the first episode, this gangster angle is just a way to let the audience think that this could be the only motive. The makers also need to prolong the narrative so that they can finally tap into the actual motive behind the murders. Anya gets the local milkman to identify who he thinks might have plotted and committed the murders.

Through the arrest of such high-profile gangsters, the investigation team might also end up opening Pandora’s box regarding the crimes that happen in Delhi. Anya is dedicated to finding the culprit because she is haunted by her own memories. She must have faced a tragedy just like the Rajawat family, which made her take up the case.

Meanwhile, Aman heads out to rural Haryana to find out more about Daulat’s history with the Rajawat family. His parallel investigation starts because he learns from Anshika’s aunt about Daulat Singh. His son, Jayant, harassed Anshika for a long time. We feel Jayant may have forced himself on Anshika, which worsened familial relations. The whole idea behind Aman wanting to do this investigation is to find out if Jayant was indeed the culprit. The plot took a bizarre turn in Aakhri Sach Episode 2. We did not expect the makers to take this detour. The whole idea of this investigation drama is for the police to come to a definite conclusion. It is not Aman’s prerogative to find out unless he has some guilt in him. Only as the season progresses will we be made aware of Aman’s intentions.

Aakhri Sach Episode 2 ends with the police locating the Mahipal gang’s members. Anya is injured in the scuffle, but she and her team manage to nab who they think is the culprit. We are sure the Mahipal gang is under the impression that they are being arrested for some other crime they must have committed. We hope the police reach a definite conclusion soon instead of dragging out the narrative. Aman confronts Jayant to find out what he did to Anshika. Aman is attacked by Jayant’s men with a glass bottle, which may have mortally injured him. This episode had a lot going on in a limited amount of time, which made the entire narrative messy. I hope the upcoming episodes will provide clarity on how the makers want the show to conclude.

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