‘Aakhri Sach’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Bhuvan Have Evil Intentions?

Aakhri Sach Episode 3 ended with the investigation team bringing in the godman for questioning, and he revealed that Bhuvan was affected by his father’s death. Bhuvan claimed that his father guided him to do the right thing. Through a flashback sequence, it is also revealed that Bhuvan took over as the decision-maker of the family and started speaking in his father’s voice, which shocked everyone. Hopefully, Aakhri Sach Episode 4 will further take the investigation towards a conclusive narrative.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Bhuvan Sick?

Aakhri Sach Episode 4 begins with a flashback sequence involving Bhuvan and his family, where the doctor is called in. Bhuvan speaking in a different voice and fainting scared the family, because such incidents never happened in their household. It is obvious from his demeanor that Bhuvan is severely affected by his old injury and his father’s death. Bhuvan’s wife did not share with the doctor the part where her husband spoke in his father’s voice. She was probably in fear of Bhuvan being deemed mentally sick by the doctor. She feels, the family and society will look down upon her and might ostracize or ridicule them.


This reflects how mental health was a taboo topic a decade ago, and people weren’t keen on dealing with the situation at hand. If Bhuvan had been given the right treatment, the family’s fate could have been averted. This incident also brought back his voice, much to the family’s relief. Regaining his voice could be a physiological reaction to the stress his mind went through.

Did Bhuvan Have Evil Intentions?

The Godman also claims that Bhuvan was speaking to his father in his dream, and his words were a contributing factor in buying a new house in Kishan Nagar, Delhi. Bhuvan also cleared his brother’s debts and started his own business. Bhuvan, so far, is emitting only good vibes, which he claimed is because of his father making an appearance in his dreams from time to time. His father’s words of wisdom and certain predictions benefited the family. Bhuvan does come across as a fragile person, who had nobody to help him understand his mental health situation. His undiagnosed internal trauma was manifesting in a manner that made him feel good about himself and his family, but it was causing more harm than good. The godman talks about advising Bhuvan to accept himself, which will help him move forward.


Anya and her team again reach a dead end, when they learn that the Godman had no connection to Bhuvan and his family’s mass suicide. The Police have no solid lead, except an image of the bike they caught on the CCTV right outside Bhuvan’s home at around the time of the murders. Anya and her team are probably baffled, because most of their Hunches are being proven wrong. This is the case in any murder investigation, as the police go through errors of judgment repeatedly until they finally find concrete evidence that will lead them towards the culprit.

Why Is Anya Disturbed?

In previous episodes of Aakhri Sach, we got to see Anya having a history of being traumatized by her childhood friend Vidisha’s untimely death. Anya feels guilty for not having spoken to her days before her sad demise. This is probably why she is distressed, as the investigation into this murder-suicide unfolds and triggers her memories. We will most likely understand the reason for her Trauma, as the Show progresses.


She and her team are questioned about the increase in expenses during the process of this investigation. This shows the plight of the police officers, who end up giving up a lot for the sake of work. They lead a mediocre life on their meager salaries, but are expected to deliver quick results. She is informed about the case being handed over to the CBI due to pressure from politicians and the media. Anya willingly agrees to hand over the investigation because the case has started to take a toll on her. It is interesting to watch, how Anya is willing to choose her mind over her work. The writers are trying to imply that it is okay to take time off from work when things don’t feel right.

What Does Aman Find Out About The Family?

Aman is conducting a parallel investigation to find out, what happened inside the household. He is seeking closure because he loved Anshika and feels there is more to the family than what was told to him. Aman’s Hunch might be true, because many of us are aware of how the actual story of the deceased family unfolded back in 2018. Aman learns from Kishore, the kid who was a close friend of Bhuvan’s son Parth, that the man was frequently possessed by the grandfather who had passed, and every member of the family wrote in a register about things Bhuvan used to say. This further intrigues Aman, for he is sure there must be a story behind why this phenomenon was happening. Just like Anya and her team, Aman will not put a stop to his investigation.


Aman enters Anshika’s home by breaching the police cordon to look for more registers in the hope of finding answers. He will probably want to know, if Anshika was put under some kind of torture by the family, which will help him understand their family dynamics. Unfortunately for him, he was caught at the scene by the police because the bike seen in the CCTV footage belonged to Aman. He was brought in for interrogation to understand his role in the murder-suicide, for the Police badly wanted this lead to go in their favor.

Aman reveals that he discreetly went to meet Anshika to clear up a misunderstanding, since she wasn’t picking up the phone. The electricity went off the moment he entered the house, but he heard no noise from inside, which he felt was odd. Aman confesses to having seen all the bodies hanging, due to an apparent suicide. This is most likely why Aman was conducting his investigation to find out, what made them take such an extreme step.


What Is The Crucial Evidence The Investigation Team Finds?

Anya learns of a register that the police were reading, that was found at the scene of a crime at the beginning of the investigation. This memory allowed her to wonder, if there were more Registers such as this one. Aman’s confession also proves, that the existence of more registers will most likely lead them to understand the motive behind the crime. Anya and her team are on the right path because, if you know the real story of the deaths that happened in Burari, these registers played a crucial role in helping the police find out, what was happening in the family.

Aakhri Sach Episode 4 ends with the investigation team desperately searching for these books at Bhuvan’s home. Anya was quick to conclude that it was Bhuvan who was the one maintaining these books on behalf of the family. We are not sure, how Anya came to this conclusion, because the team will find concrete answers to their questions only once the registers are read. After a relentless search, they finally locate them underneath the kennel meant for their pet dog, carefully placed in order. This is the smoking gun that the police were looking for. These Registers might include crucial information that will help the investigation.


Most likely, the books will paint a picture of what the family was like in real life, while they portrayed themselves as normal and perfect to the world. Bhuvan speaking like his father was probably the beginning of the family spiraling and blindly believing in what he was preaching. The actual contents of the register will most likely shock the police. This evidence might also help the Police close the investigation, as they are most likely to find the culprit’s Name in it. It will also put an end to Aman’s quest for answers. What Aman witnessed, is a sight that will haunt him forever.

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