‘Aakhri Sach’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Anya Find Any Clue In The Registers?

Aakhri Sach Episode 4 ended with Anya and the team finding a bunch of registers written and maintained, apparently, by Bhuvan. They believe this might help them find answers to many questions, including the motive behind killings. The police also arrested Aman on suspicion of being an accomplice in Anshika’s family’s suicide, but the man had another story to tell. Aakhri Sach Episode 5 will have the investigation team find out what exactly is written in the registers and how it will further help the investigation team.


Spoilers Ahead

What do Anya and her team find?

As Anya and her team get their hands on the registers, a monumental task lies ahead: reading them and finding evidence of the motive behind the deaths of the Rajawat family. The language used in the registers is Hindi, and their daily lives are documented in a written format. More than half of the episode is a flashback sequence based on whatever Anya is reading about the family. The Delhi Police Crime Branch is desperate for answers.


Through the registers, Anya found out that Bhuvan had become the sole decision-maker in the family and a good listener. It had become the norm in the Rajawat family that Bhuvan would ask his father for answers. No one in the family thought his behavior was odd. Most of the younger generation were educated, including Anshika, and they refused to see that Bhuvan needed mental health intervention.

After initially finding much success because of their deceased father’s words of wisdom, things stopped working in favor of the family. None of the alliances were working out for Anshika, and Parth was facing issues at school. Anshika is reassured by Bhuvan that her grandfather informed him that things would work out. Bhuvan speaks to Parth in his father’s voice, which the boy finds odd. The boy must have shared this information with his best friend Kishore, which is how the kid must have known about these episodes Bhuvan was going through. Surprisingly, Anya did not find anything odd about Bhuvan’s behavior mentioned in the registers. As an investigation officer, she should have been able to guess that Bhuvan’s trauma led to his mental health spiraling.


In Aakhri Sach Episode 5, Bhuvan speaks in his father’s voice in front of the family as well. As mentioned in the register, Bhuvan preached regularly about praying and constantly working hard to make things happen. In a way, Bhuvan was asking his family to manifest things around them if they wanted results. There is a lot of emphasis on prayers and chanting. The idea that the family found this normal made Anya very uncomfortable. People usually offer prayers at religious places or at religious functions that takes place at home. In this case, Bhuvan claims his father wants all of them to follow his word as a diktat and not go against him because he claims to have everyone’s goodwill in mind.

The team also finds that Aadesh’s wife, Karuna, had issues with Bhuvan’s sermons. This is solely based on the power games between two sisters-in-law. Karuna suddenly feels powerless, even though Aadesh is her elder brother. It is Bhuvan who has suddenly taken over the responsibility of finding solutions for every problem the members face. Aadesh is not unperturbed by it, but Karuna finds something peculiar in Bhuvan’s obsession with maintaining a register all the time about everyone. Sadly, the power games happening inside the family reduced Bhuvan’s health to a trivial matter.


Will Subodh leak information to the press?

A lot of other revelations come out about Anya’s team as well. Subodh, who is Anya’s junior and a part of the investigation team, is forced by his colleagues to leak some of the information from the registers to the media. They also imply that Subodh may become their senior at work, but outside of their profession, he will always remain their junior. This conversation reeks of casteism, and these police officers are supposed to be caretakers of the law. Instead, they engage in unlawful conversation, which could cost them their job as well. Subodh tries to steal the register because of their bullying, but the man quickly confesses to Anya about it out of guilt.

Thankfully, Subodh had not leaked any information to the media and shared his inconvenience of being bullied at work by his colleagues. Anya was quick to investigate that these police constables, Nirmal and Shambhu, have previously leaked information to the press, and she intends to take strict action against them. Anya takes her work seriously, and she will not tolerate incompetence at any cost. She is also aware of the fact that the constables have trouble taking orders from her because she is a woman. This again throws light on how misogynistic society is for those who do not look beyond age-old norms. These men are not used to seeing a woman in a seat of power and making crucial decisions.

Why does Bhuvan go to a doctor?

Anya goes through the registers and comes across the episode of Bhuvan meeting his school friend Malaj, who has returned to India from America. Bhuvan, for the first time, talks to someone outside of the family about his father regularly appearing in his dreams and offering him solutions. He also talks about feeling like he is the ‘father’ and immediately gets exhausted. Bhuvan, at this point, knows there is something odd happening to him. He is unable to pinpoint a reason. It was surprising for Bhuvan to have trusted someone who is not a family member with this information.

This kind of revelation was not made in the actual story of the family from Burari. We are guessing that Bhuvan talking about his health issues helps the makers establish the fact that he did approach a doctor. Bhuvan speaks to a psychiatrist, who explains that his trauma is caused by a death in the family and that injury. A combination of the two may be forcing his mind to see things that he thinks are his reality. The doctor prescribed him medicines.


Poonam, Bhuvan’s wife, is furious at him after she comes across the psychiatrist’s prescription. She asks Bhuvan not to visit the doctor because he will be deemed mentally unfit by the family and society in general. With Bhuvan making all the decisions in the family, Poonam was enjoying the power that came with it. She was willing to overlook the fact that her husband might have some mental health issues. She is unwilling to let anyone blame him at this juncture, while every family member blindly believes Bhuvan’s words. Poonam does come across as a selfish person who is working around the dynamics of this joint family. Large families such as this one always have an alpha member who is the final decision-maker. She wants Bhuvan to be that alpha member and continue working on what his father expects from him.

Does Anya find a clue about their deaths in the registers?

The investigation team came across a lot of information from the registers, but Anya states that all of them are maintained haphazardly. This made it more complicated for the crime branch team to understand the sequence of events that led up to the deaths. The Delhi Police also assigned a psychiatrist to conduct a psychological autopsy. The doctor will draw a conclusion based on the written material in the registers and later conduct interviews with friends and other family members close to the Rajawats. Handwriting analysis will probably help them crack some of the answers. Anya sought her ex-boyfriend’s help to decipher the writings in Sanskrit.


The Delhi Police Crime Branch has increased the pace of the investigation, probably because there is pressure to find answers. The other family members and friends were keen to understand what happened on the night of the mass suicide. The final forensic investigation claims that the time of death of every family member, including the grandmother and Bhuvan, was the same. This implies the presence of a twelfth member who was an accomplice in this crime. Since there is no footage of anyone walking in and out of the house other than Aman, the crime branch has come to a deadlock.

Aakhri Sach Episode 5 ends with Anya reading Bhuvan’s account of visiting his hometown to collect some property-related documents from their old, dilapidated home. In that process, he comes across a paper that includes a picture of a banyan tree and written material describing a ritual that will help everyone seek immortality. Anya was shocked, but slowly, we thought she could find a motive for their deaths. Bhuvan also describes in his father’s voice that the opportunity to conduct the divine ritual to attain immortality is given to only certain families, and his family should feel lucky. They should now follow his instructions.


Since Anya mentioned these registers were not maintained in order, we are guessing Bhuvan came across the page with an image of a banyan tree way before moving to their Kishan Nagar house. The new house does have a banyan tree in the courtyard, which was ideal for him to start working on the ritual. It also proves that Bhuvan has been planning this for a while, implying that he might have brainwashed his family into conducting this ritual to attain immortality. What happened after that is for the investigation to find out from the registers. Hopefully, the crime branch team will find a specific motive behind the murder-suicide of the Rajawat family soon.

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