‘A Shop for Killers’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Pasin?

The seventh and eighth episodes of A Shop for Killers take drastic turns with the revelation of the smallest of details. There is a peek into the past that the seventh episode takes, and we’re brought back to the time when Jinman’s family was killed. How Jinman was able to save his niece from extreme situations has been brought out. The current-day scenario has been stressed in the eighth episode, where Jinman’s comrades have been fighting tooth and nail to keep Jian safe. Will Jian be able to fight the battle diligently? Will she be able to match herself to her uncle’s expectations? Will Jinman eventually come back? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Honda Help Jinman?

Jinman was opening up to Honda and was also entrusted Minhye to him, as he knew that he could keep Minhye safe. He had also made a plan with Honda to run an online arms-dealing business. Honda told him that his brother could help in the business as he was tech-savvy. Honda also told Jinman that they could include Minhye in the business, as she was smart and had assembled a gun without his instructions. Later, when Jinman got the news of his mother’s death in the hospital, he thought that something was fishy. Jinman asked Honda to check the footage of the hospital to find out the truth. He also entrusted Honda with Jian’s custody when he got the news that the rest of his family was in danger. When Seongjo had come in to attack Jian in the past, Honda tried stopping him. While trying to save Jian, Honda was killed brutally. As a token of gratitude for his friend, Jinman had built an underground mall of arms and taken in Honda’s little brother to look after all the technical segments of his arms business.


How Did Bale Take Down Jinman’s Family?

Bale was determined to finish off Jinman’s entire family. He killed Jinman’s mother in the hospital while she was struggling with cancer. Meanwhile, Juncheol was reluctant to kill a family and was being blackmailed by Seongjo. Juncheol was told that if he did not assist them, then they would kill his family as well. It was from Juncheol that Jinman learned about Bale being alive. And he was also told that his nemesis was coming to finish off his family. This was later revealed as a trap, as when Jinman was on his way to the funeral house, he was attacked by Juncheol and other men. However, Jinman managed to survive the attack and fled the scene after killing Juncheol and the other men.

Meanwhile, Bale and Seongjo were seen dragging Jinman’s brother and sister-in-law to the terrace of the funeral house. They killed them both there and framed it as a case of infidelity, where the wife had been cheating on the husband, and after getting to know about it, he had killed his wife and then committed suicide. Bale’s men also tracked down Minhye, as she was a witness to their misdeeds. However, Minhye managed to kill some of their men and flee the scene.


Jinman went to Pasin to seek refuge after he was shot twice. Pasin helped him recover, and after he was feeling a bit better, he asked him to leave, as Pasin did not want to invite any unnecessary trouble. He gave Jinman a gun to protect himself, and he bid him farewell. Later, Younghan went to Bale to confront him and asking him to stop his murder spree. Younghan said that he would deal with Jinman and make an example out of him for cheating the people of Babylon. However, Bale was adamant and wanted to make sure that he was the one to take Jinman down. Bale also sent his men to kill Jian in the hospital, but Jinman came in and saved his niece after taking down the killers.

How Did Jinman Try To Protect Jian?

Jinman went over to Younghan’s house and told him that he could have killed his family if he wanted, but he did not want any more bloodshed. Jinman told Younghan that Bale had killed his family and friend, which was enough punishment for him, but now he wanted to stop the war. Younghan called Bale to come to an understanding, but Bale turned a deaf ear to his words. It was evident that even though Babylon would stop, Bale wouldn’t! Later, Jinman built a house with an extreme security system and a shopping mall for arms beneath it. He took in Honda’s brother to handle the technological aspect of the mall and also ensured that Minhye was trained. He also trained Jian himself to ensure that she could defend herself when the time arose. Jinman was constantly having nightmares of Bale, where he feared that he would turn up and kill Jian.


How Did Minhye, Brother, And Pasin Fend For Jian?

The scene shifts to the present day, where Minhye, Pasin, and Brother were giving their all to protect Jian. Pasin was collecting the guns on the dead soldiers to increase their ammo. Meanwhile, Brother came up from the mall to tell them all that Jinman had ensured that the security was set in such a manner that a manager was to be present at all times there. If the mall was left unattended, then it would be shut down for 24 hours. However, when Brother was checking the accessibility of the mall, he realized that someone had been accessing the mall server. They realized that it was no one other than Jeongmin, who might have come back to his senses there. Meanwhile, the robot was rebooting and emitting a high-pitched sound, shattering all the glasses nearby. A car came in, crushing the robot! It was Seongjo who had come in along with the twin brothers (assassins). Just as Minhye was about to shoot Seongjo, one of the brothers shot at her, injuring her again. Pasin took the responsibility of combating the twin brothers, trying to keep Jian safe. Meanwhile, Seongjo was looking for Jian to kill her, and Brother came to her rescue. While trying to protect Jian, he got shot twice but was able to dodge death as he was wearing a life vest. Pasin, Minhye, and Brother were all  gravely injured while trying to protect Jian.

What Happened To Seongjo At The Warehouse?

Jian was followed by Seongjo into the warehouse, where she was hiding. Meanwhile, Jeongmin was looking for Jian, cursing at her and at Babylon for using him as a tool. Seongjo was  going up to Jeongmin and killing him. It is possible that he wanted to take down Jian all by himself and hence killed Jeongmin. Later, Seongjo followed Jian into the mall, where he was amazed to see the set-up that Jinman had created. He tried emotionally manipulating Jian to come out of hiding by saying her parents were nice people and her uncle was evil, as he had killed many people. He also told her that she could choose to walk out of the dungeon and never look back, as she would not want to end up like her uncle. Jian, however, gathered herself to stay on the battleground and win the war! She tried to run over Seongjo with a truck. However, she managed to push him into a puddle of petroleum, and just as she lit it up and Seongjo’s body caught fire, the smoke detectors started sprinkling water, ceasing the fire. Seongjo thought that he was invincible and tried to attack Jian with his ax. Jian, however, managed to dodge the attack and shoot him right in the middle of his head!

How Did Jian Tackle More Killers?

More killers were seen coming in to kill Jian, and Brother told her that she had to think of a way to handle the situation, as she was the boss now. Brother also told her that Babylon put all of them on their hit list, and the killers who had come to the spot used to be in business with Jinman. When the men came inside the warehouse, Jian sent Brother a message for them. She made an announcement, saying that she had just killed Seongjeo, and asked Brother to drop his severed head in front of them. She further announced that there were a lot of hidden red codes inside the house and that it would take just an order from her for them to kill all the assailants. She told them that if they would leave, then nothing would happen to them, and she would give them the four million dollar bounty amount that Babylon was paying them without any taxes. She also asked them to become her business partners, as Jinman was not there anymore. Jian gave them a choice: to either be on her side or to die waging a war against her. After this announcement and looking at the severed head of Seongjo, the killers started retreating. Even though Jian had no power to fight the killers, her sheer presence of mind was enough to save her life at that point.

Was Jinman Alive?

After dealing with the killers, Jian came out of the mall to see that Minhye and Pasin had left to get Minhye’s wounds treated. When she saw a bus coming toward the house, she thought that more killers were coming. Out of desperation, Jian ran up to the bus and yelled at them, requesting that they stop attacking her. Later, it was revealed that the bus belonged to the people of the ‘Yellow Code’, who had come to do their job and clean up the mess at her house. Later, when Jian spotted a car approaching, she realized that Jinman was alive. Two of his comrades had come in to hand a very injured Jinman over to Jian.


What Will Happen In Season 2?

The very end of the eighth episode baffles us! We keep wondering how it is possible that Jinman was alive, as we had come across his dead body previously. It is possible that Jinman placed one of his body doubles in the bathtub just to make his enemies think that he was dead. He clearly had some hidden intent, which will be revealed in the next season. There is also a possibility that Jinman had disappeared just to check whether his niece was strong enough to tackle the enemies on her own. He had, however, placed her responsibilities on Minhye and Pasin and went underground for a few days, just to complete some of his unfinished tasks, which would provide him and Jian immunity in the long run.

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