‘A Shop For Killers’ Episodes 3-4 Recap Spoilers: What Was Jeongmin’s Motive?

A Shop for Killers is replete with intense action and thrills that kept us glued to our seats. There is not a single dull moment in any of the four episodes that have been released so far! The third and fourth episodes unravel new secrets that Jinman left behind after his death. As long as Jinman was alive, he did not let Jian take the heat of his business. Now that he was no more, Jian had to fend for herself. However, a group of people tries to protect her because of the green code that she has. These episodes will witness friends turning foes, and the ones Jian had thought were her enemies will protect her!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In Jirisan Mountain?

During her time in high school, Jinman told Jian that their house was being remodeled, and hence they had to go and live somewhere else. He made her trek to Jirisan Mountain, as they would live there for the next two weeks. Jinman told Jian that he was sick and had hurt his leg, and hence, she had to go up further to get help. Jinman said that it was important to overcome difficult situations such as these. He told her that if she got into any trouble, she just had to shout out his name three times, and then he would come to rescue her.


Later, when she was gone, he called Pasin and told him how his drugs had helped him get his temperature go up temporarily. Jinman had faked his health condition to ensure that Jian would be faced with a difficult situation. He wanted to see how well she would be able to handle it. He also wanted to make sure that Jian was well-trained to handle tough situations when he wouldn’t be around to protect her. When Jian reached up to a tent, she found many dogs there. The dogs attacked her, but she fought them bravely with the slingshot that Jinman had given her. She also saw the hyena, which was a manifestation of her inner fears. She remembered Jinman telling her that only the weak barked and that she should always be strong. She fought the hyena valiantly with the help of the slingshot. Later, Jinman came to her rescue when he saw that she was surrounded by the dogs. He fired in the air, making the dogs run away, but he was happy that Jian had shown her courage and tried to take on the dogs all by herself. Slowly, Jinman trained Jian to use guns so that she could protect herself in the long run.

Why Did Jian Take Fighting Lessons From Pasin?

Jian and Jeongmin were seen spending quality time together during their high school days. When Jeongmin tried to get close to her, Jinman intervened and asked him to maintain his distance from Jian. Jian’s other classmates saw her working for extensive hours at a fast food chain and talked ill of her, saying that she was living with her uncle and that her parents had been murdered when she was very young. These comments poked at Jian’s heart, and when she returned home, she asked Jinman why he was so protective of her. She told him that she had taken so many jobs to save and move out of there because he was too involved in her life. When she asked him about her parents’ deaths, Jinman completely avoided the topic. He challenged her, saying that if she could hit his face, then he would let her move out of the house. Later, she approached Pasin and asked him to teach her how to fight so that she could hit Jinman.


Pasin told her that he could teach her how to do Muay Thai, but she needed to pay him tutor fees, as he needed a lot of money to send his son to school. When she agreed to pay him, he gave her lessons. One night, when she was attacked on the road by a few molesters, she fought back, highlighting the fact that she had already attained the training that she needed. When she later went to meet Pasin, she heard that he had taken a lot of money from people and had fled the place. However, before leaving, he had left a note for Jian, stating that she was fully trained now and would no longer require his guidance.

Why Was Minhye Protecting Jian?

Minhye came in to protect Jian when she was constantly being attacked by the killer drones. She managed to immobilize the drones and advised Jian that she should start moving like her uncle if she wished to live. Minhye told Jian that she was a green code and had a chip implanted in her hand. She further told her that her calling out Jinman’s name three times was a signal for the other codes near her to swoop in to protect her from all perils.


While Minhye was protecting her through the counter-attacks by the killers, Songjeo, the sniper, realized that someone was watching over Jian. He saw Minhye in Jian’s room through his scope and shot at her, injuring her arm. When Songjeo told Mr. Kim about Minhye, he said that she was in class S and held red and purple codes. He told Sangjeo that he would require better compensation, as killing her meant greater risk.

Meanwhile, Jian was seen making use of the blind spots in the room to fool Sangjeo and take the gun across the room. She found a sniper rifle below the sofa, and the counterattacker attacked Sangjeo. While Minhye took charge of killing Mr. Kim’s men, she asked Jian to go to the storage shed located on the floor of Jinman’s workroom. She told her that it was a door to Murtlehelp. While Jian and Jeongmin went to the storage room, Minhye covered for them. Minhye was seen fighting Kim and his army valiantly, killing them all to keep Jian safe.

Why Was Jinman Unable To Protect Jian’s Parents In The Past?

The scene shifts back to the past, when Jian was a child and Jinman was back at home with her during his mother’s funeral. He had received a call from Juncheol, and he informed Jinman that Bale was still alive and was on his way to his mother’s funeral house with Lee Seongjo. He asked Jinman to protect his own family. Jinman was seen immediately texting Honda to save Jian while he went to save his family at the funeral hall. En route, he was surrounded by men who had attacked him, keeping him from reaching the hall on time and saving his family.

What Happened In The Shopping Mall?

After Jian reached the storage room, she saw a place where she had to put a PIN code to get to the basement. She remembered that Jinman used to emphasize her learning her school ID thoroughly. When she put her ID as the passcode, it immediately opened a door. They went inside, and the floor acted as a lift, taking them to the basement. When they reached there, Jian and Jeongmin found out that it was a shopping mall for weapons.


While they were glancing through the weapons, they came across a masked man who introduced himself as Brother. He was very welcoming of Jian but seemed suspicious of Jeongmin and asked him to wear handcuffs. Jian, however, managed to overpower him and ask him about his identity. When she found out that cameras were set up all over her house, she thought that he was some kind of pervert, sitting in the basement and keeping an eye on her. She turned on the light to get a closer look at his face, and it was just then that he started screaming, saying that he was sensitive to light and had Xeroderma pigmentosum. His skin hurt if he was exposed to too much light. He further told her that he had been living in the basement since he was a child. It is possible that Jinman was the only one who knew about his existence in the house. When Jian was interrogating him further, he told her that they did not have much time and had to immediately supply Minhye with weapons and medications.

Meanwhile, Brother managed to escape out of captivity, locking Jian in a room and capturing Jeongmin. He told Jian that he, being an employee at Murtlehelp, had the responsibility of handing out the papers that Jian’s uncle had left for her. He told her that she would inherit the company as per her uncle’s will. When she agreed to take over the company, he let her out of captivity. On coming out, she asked him to free Jeongmin, but he refused. He told Jian that he believed that Jinman was dead because of him.


What Was Jeongmin’s Motive?

Jeongmin told Jian that Jinman was not someone who would commit suicide. He had seen Jeongmin stealthily coming into the house, and right after that, Jinman had died. He asked her to check the CCTV footage to see if he was telling the truth. Jeongmin, however, asked her not to click on the link, as it could be a trap for her. Jian was caught in a dilemma about whom to trust among the two and remembered Jinman advising her to make wise decisions, as every decision of hers would bear consequences.

She, however, decided to send Brother off to give Minhye the weapons and get rid of Jeongmin. Before leaving, Brother advised Jian to stay inside the shopping mall, no matter what. However, after he left, Jeongmin started showing his true colors and injected Jian with a sedative to knock her unconscious. It is possible that he belonged to the rival group and wanted to collect all the information from inside the shopping mall and pass it on to them.


What To Expect Next?

The next episodes are likely to reveal Jeongmin’s real motives. It is possible that he worked for Songjeo and was intent on stealing Jinman’s secret information and ransacking his shopping mall. Meanwhile, Sangjeo and his men are seen getting an advanced robot to kill Jian. It is possible that, in a pact with Jeongmin, they would try to get the robot inside the shopping mall to harm Jian. The real intention driving Sangjeo and the cause of his rivalry with Jian are also likely to be explored further. Will Minhye and Brother be able to protect Jian? We can expect more employees of Murtlehelp to pop up and save Jian’s life. I am pretty sure Jian’s uncle left an army of killers to save his niece after he was gone.

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