A Shop for Killers Episode-5-6 Recap Summary: What Did Jinman Do After Killing Bale?

The fifth and sixth episodes of A Shop for Killers portray the events that led to Jinman’s family being butchered. The way Jian tries to save herself from the perils that surround her using the skills that Jinman has taught her is beyond exceptional. The screenplay of the series is intensely dark, making it a treat for lovers of gore. Almost every character in this series seems to have a dark past, making them completely lose their minds and become cold-blooded killers! Will Jinman be able to survive Bale’s wrath? Will Minhye and her brother be able to protect her? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Jeongmin Helping Bale?

Jeongmin captured Jian and wanted to pass on all the information about MurtleHelp to Seongjo. He had dreamt of becoming a great hacker when he was in college. One day, he casually hacked into MurtleHelp out of curiosity and found out that the website was for arms dealing. When Bale’s men got to know about it, they kidnapped him and asked him to give them more information about Jinman’s website. When Bale’s men saw his tenacity in hacking, they hired him and asked him to gather as much information as he could on Jinman. They also told him that if he failed to meet their demands, they would kill him!


Jeongmin was seen joining Jinman’s warehouse and helping him around with his hose business, just to get more information on his weapon business. Jeongmin got access to all his information when Jinman had asked him to repair his computer. When Jinman asked him what he would charge for it, he told him that he would do it for free, as he had been quite close to Jian since their school days. He was later seen sending all the videos of Jinman’s arms dealing that he had extracted from his computer to his kidnappers. After getting their hands on the information on Jinman’s weapon business, they wanted to kill Jeongmin as they did not want to keep any loose ends. To save himself, Jeongmin told them that if they killed him, then Murtlehelp would reset and all the information on Jinman would be lost. It is since then that he started working with Jinman’s opponents.

Later, when he captured Jian, he showed her clips of how he had managed to kill her uncle. When Jinman got to know that he was leaking all his information to his opponents, he had captured him. Jeongmin blackmailed him by making him hear a voice note where Jian was pleading with her uncle to help her. Jeongmin told him that if he died, then his niece would be released. After Jeongmin assured him that his death would help ensure Jian’s safe release, Jinman committed suicide just to save his niece. However, later, he told Jian that he had used a deep fake voice note from Jian to lure Jinman into the trap.


How Did Minhye And Brother Protect Jian?

Jian told Jeongmin that Minhye would kill him if something happened to her, as she was the only code green left after her uncle. When Jeongmin was about to attack her, she overpowered him and tied him up. Meanwhile, Brother told Minhye that he had left Jian alone to handle the situation, as it would help her grow stronger, which is exactly what Jinman wanted. Brother then broke a wall and found new ammunition hidden in a secret closet. Jinman had made all the preparations for the worst-case scenario, which was helping them keep Jian safe even after his death!

On the other hand, Seongjo was seen deploying a killer robot just to murder Jian and the ones protecting her. The robot and the soldiers went inside the house with the intent of killing Minhye first to get to Jian. Minhye managed to raise an iron shield between them and the soldiers, but the robot started drilling a hole in the shield to shoot at them. Minhye somehow managed to dismantle the robot and fight the soldiers with Brother by her side.


Jian got a handover guide for MurtleHelp, where Jinman had left her two options. She either had the option to run away with the money that he had saved for her and start a new life or to stand in line with the people who had come to save her. Jian chose the second option and was seen fighting alongside Minhye and Brother. The trio managed to wipe out all the soldiers, but Kuma somehow managed to save himself and attacked Jian. Right before he was about to stab Jian, Pasin came in and saved her.

What Caused A Rift Between Jinman And Bale?

A feud that had started 14 years ago was still ongoing and was never likely to stop as long as Bale was alive. We are taken back to the past, when Jinman was working as a defendant along with Bale. While on a mission to escort a businessman safely back to Korea, Bale mindlessly killed nine civilians. During Bale’s trial, commanding officer Jinman was questioned about whether Bale had murdered the civilians. He did not testify against Bale, as Younghan had asked him not to do it, as they were very important defendants for him and he would require them both for his next mission. However, the court let Bale off due to a lack of evidence against him.


After the trial, Jinman asked Younghan not to send Bale with him on any of the missions, as he did not approve of his mindless murder of the civilians. However, Younghan did not stick to his promise and put Bale on another mission alongside Jinman. He asked Jinman to keep a check on Bale as he wanted the drug lord, Tao, to be captured alive! Jinman had decided that if anything went wrong this time, he would report Bale’s activities to the company. Right before the mission, he warned Bale to not act irrationally and to hand over the civilians to the police if any of them were found at the site.

What Happened During Jinman’s Final Quest?

During the quest, while Jinman was busy capturing the drug lord, Tao, from his den, Bale was again seen acting irrationally. He started killing unarmed civilians just for his own sport! When he saw that there were a few escorts at Tao’s residence, he bombed them to death. When Jinman learned about Bale’s heinous activities, he told him that he would definitely report his activities this time and would also testify against him in court.


Jinman ordered the other officials to escort Tao to the vehicle and destroy his residence by bombing the place. Later, he found an escort there, whom we recognize to be Minhye. She was so weak and vulnerable at that time that she begged Jinman to kill her and not torture her unnecessarily. When Bale found out that Jinman was protecting an escort, he went after her and tried to kill her. When Jinman asked him to stop his atrocities against weak civilians, Bale told him that he simply liked killing people.

In a quest to save Minhye, Jinman fought Bale. When Minhye saw that Bale was about to kill Jinman, she shot at him, making him blind in one eye. Later, Jinman stabbed him, thinking that he would die. While taking his final breath, Bale warned Jinman that if he failed to kill him then and there, then someday he would come after his family, kill them all, and then kill him. Jinman managed to take Minhye out of the building right before it was about to blast. The fact as to why Minhye had been constantly risking her own life to protect Jian in the present time has now been made clear to us. Minhye had just been trying to repay Jinman’s debt for saving her life from Bale in the past.


What Did Jinman Do After Killing Bale?

Jinman came back and told Younghan that Bale had lost his life in the blast. Jinman also resigned from his post and told Younghan that he was about to take a break from his work for some time. Having doubted Jinman’s version of Bale’s death (because of Jinman and Bale’s previous bad blood), Younghan set spies on him to find out the truth. Later, it was revealed that Bale had not died, and he approached Seongjo to help him take revenge on Jinman. Seongjo was flabbergasted to see that Bale was alive! Meanwhile, we see Jinman contacting his family members after eight years, as he was planning to return to his home. He was, however, unaware of the fate that his family would meet if he went back to them! Bale was about to make good on his threat of killing Jinman’s family. 

Why Did Bale Plan To Take Revenge On Jinman?

These episodes in A Shop for Killers clarify Bale’s motive behind attacking Jinman’s family. The motives of characters like Minhye and their purpose have also been shed light upon by digging up Jinman’s past life. However, the next episode is likely to show the power that Bale has and what hell he would unleash on Jian. We will also get to know what Younghan was up to and why he was digging into Jinman’s ammunition business. Minhye, who has been a solid pillar of strength for Jian up to this point, is most likely to lose her life after being shot and will be replaced by Pasin. It is likely that he would take up the charge of protecting Jinman’s niece along with Brother. Many more people might pop up just to protect Jian, as it is still not known how many people Jinman had saved in the past, just like Minhye. The next episode will mostly be about the green code versus Bale. Let’s see who will eventually win the battle!


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