‘6ixtynin9: The Series’ Cast And Characters Guide

6ixtynin9: The Series brilliantly captures the idea that life can sometimes force us into uncertain decisions, blurring the lines between right and wrong until we’re knee-deep in a mess we can’t easily clean up. The series kicks off with a bang, when the protagonist, Toom, discovers a box brimming with cash at her doorstep. What follows is a rollercoaster of moral dilemmas and choices that shape the lives of the characters involved.


Throughout the series, a motley crew of characters enters the fray, each with their own motivations and desires for the money. As their lives become increasingly entangled, 6ixtynin9: The Series evolves into a dark comedy thriller that keeps viewers guessing. The show deftly explores the consequences of greed and desperation, and the lengths people will go to to secure their own futures. It’s a masterclass in storytelling, with well-crafted characters and unexpected plot twists that keep you hooked until the very end.


At the start, Toom is this quiet, unassuming person dealing with life’s challenges and feeling like she’s flying under the radar, almost invisible to the world. But then, one fateful day, a mysterious box filled with cash lands at her doorstep, and her life takes a sharp turn. As she deals with the moral complexities of this unexpected wealth, you see her change. She becomes this determined and resourceful character, ready to face whatever challenges come her way. Toom’s character is all about making tough decisions and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. And as the series unfolds, you can’t help but root for her as she navigates this rollercoaster ride. Davika Hoorne’s performance breathes life into Toom, making her a relatable figure in this dark comedy.



In 6ixtynin9: The Series, John is the kind of policeman who works for the police and is dead set on becoming the talk of the town, trending all over Twitter. He’s got this burning ambition to be recognized, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there. He knows that being a popular cop means staying in the spotlight, and he’s not about to let anyone steal his thunder. But here’s the twist: Despite his best efforts, things take a dark turn for John. He meets his end not once, but twice, in gruesome ways. First, he dies from a gunshot wound, but then it’s his own girlfriend, who tragically misunderstands his intentions and ends his life. It’s a shocking twist that highlights just how complicated John’s life becomes.


Fon is that friend who always seems so bubbly and full of life, but deep down, there’s a lingering sense of loneliness. She’s the type who dreams of finding that one special person to share her life with. And that’s where her heart takes a hit. Fon falls head over heels for Kee, hoping for a future filled with love and commitment. But, as fate would have it, Kee’s not exactly on the same page. When Fon discovers that Kee has been unfaithful, it’s like the world crashes down on her. That Heartbreak becomes too much to bear, and she contemplates ending it all. But here comes Toom, her best friend, to the rescue. Toom’s dedication to Fon’s well-being is unwavering. She rushes in just in time to save Fon from herself. That’s the kind of friendship we all wish for.


Even in the afterlife, Fon doesn’t give up easily. She fights with the angel, stubbornly refusing to return to the land of the living. But life, or, should I say, the afterlife, takes another unexpected turn. In the end, when things get intense between Toom and Wiroj, one of Kanchit’s goons, Fon ends up caught in the crossfire. It’s tragic, but surprisingly, Fon seems content with her passing, finally finding some peace in leaving this world behind. The interconnectedness of these characters keeps viewers engaged. As the series progresses, it becomes evident that the choices made by each character have far-reaching consequences, and their paths intersect in unexpected ways.


Tong is an interesting character in 6ixtynin9: The Series. By day, he’s just a regular boss at the Thanachat Insurance Company. But here’s the twist: He’s also got a secret life that’s anything but ordinary. You see, Tong Moonlights as a Muay Thai match-fixer. He’s the guy behind the scenes, ensuring that his fighter comes out on top alongside Kanchit’s fighter. Their underground partnership is quite a secret operation, all happening right under the noses of the residents in Toom’s building. Speaking of Kanchit, he’s another intriguing character. He handles the training for the Muay Thai fights, making sure his fighters are in top form. But that’s not all he does. Kanchit’s got his own secret hustle going on: creating fake documents and passports for people who need to disappear in the shadows. In a deadly exchange of gunfire, both Tong and Kanchit meet their demise, as they unintentionally kill each other. The characters, each with their quirks and flaws, add depth to the narrative, making it both engaging and unpredictable.



Sonny is a character with a dark side in 6ixtynin9: The Series. At first glance, he might seem like an ordinary father dropping his son off at school. However, it becomes evident that he’s far from ordinary when his true colors are revealed. When the teacher tries to address his son’s violent behavior and share her concerns about it, Sonny’s dismissive attitude and indifference become apparent. He’s not one to put up with anyone’s attitude, and he operates according to his own preferences, even when it comes to the well-being of his own child. Sonny’s ruthless nature becomes even more clear when he gets involved in a drug deal with the rapper Tud Titanic. When Tud responds to him in a way that Sonny doesn’t like, he takes drastic measures. Sonny spikes the drugs, and when Tud consumes them, it leads to his untimely death. However, payback comes around, and in a heated confrontation with the police, Sonny also loses his life. Throughout 6ixtynin9: The Series, themes of survival highlight the lengths people will go to, when faced with a life-changing opportunity.

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Raschi Acharya
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