John In ‘6ixtynin9: The Series,’ Explained: What Happens To John In The Afterlife?

6ixtynin9: The Series introduces us to the character named John, and in real life, he’s played by an actor named Man Trisanu Soranun. Now, Trisanu recently became a big deal in the world of entertainment thanks to his role in a popular series called Step By Step. In 6ixtynin9: The Series, Trisanu’s character, John, has got this self-centered vibe, like he thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Spoilers Ahead 

John’s Mission 

John’s got this knack for thinking really highly of himself, and you could say he’s living a picture-perfect life. He’s got a quirky girlfriend by his side who adores him, just like John’s always dreamed of. Now, here’s the twist: John is all about impressing everyone around him, and he’s dedicated to keeping himself in tip-top shape. It’s his thing, and his girlfriend, well, she’s got her own way of impressing her friends – by having John, who they all consider a very handsome guy, by her side. But John works with the police, and he’s got his sights set on one particular target – Tud Titanic, a famous rapper. This guy is known for having secret drug parties right in the same building, where John’s girlfriend lives. John’s just waiting for that perfect moment to catch Tud Titanic, because he believes, it’ll make him super popular.


Let’s be honest; Catching someone as famous as Tud Titanic would definitely send John’s popularity skyrocketing. It’s like a golden ticket to fame, and John can’t resist the allure of all the benefits that come with it. Things take a dramatic turn when John, always in his trusty uniform, pays a visit to our main character’s house. You could say Toom’s day takes a seriously unexpected dive when John shows up. Now, John’s got a reason for being there—he wants to use Toom’s balcony to keep an eye on those drug parties we talked about earlier. But here’s where it goes from surprising to downright shocking:

As John steps inside Toom’s house, he stumbles upon something he never could’ve imagined: dead bodies stacked all around her place. Yes, it’s as gruesome as it sounds. But the real shocker comes when he realizes, there’s someone hiding in a cupboard. Naturally, John goes to check it out, thinking he’s got a handle on the situation. But then, out of nowhere, shots are fired. It’s like a sudden burst of chaos, and both John and the person in the cupboard end up losing their lives in the exchange of gunfire.


John’s Visit To The Afterlife

After John meets his untimely end, he finds himself in the Afterlife – that one place where, as we believe, everyone goes, after they kick the bucket. But here’s the thing: John isn’t thrilled about being there. He’s determined to come back to the land of the living. So, he tries to reason with the angel at the gateway, hoping for a second chance at life. But the angel, who’s also the receptionist, isn’t having it. She explains that, if everyone who passed away could just waltz back, it would mess up the whole cycle of nature. It’s a pretty understandable point, right? However, when all his pleading falls on deaf ears, John takes a different approach: he starts crying.

Yes, you heard that right. He’s pulling out all the stops, yet the angel’s not budging. She tells him to let it all go. Now, this is when things get intense. John decides to take matters in his own Hands. He sneaks up with a gun and threatens the angel to get on the ground. He’s not messing around. He handcuffs her, erases all the data about his death from the computer, and makes a run for it in the opposite direction, the one that leads him straight back to the human world. It’s a daring move that shakes things up in the afterlife, and you can’t help but wonder, what consequences are in store for John, as he tries to rewrite his fate in 6ixtynin9: The Series.


John’s Gruesome Death

Well, things take quite a twist when John comes back to Earth. He’s all geared up and ready for his mission, believing that today’s the day he’s going to grab that fame he’s been dreaming of. So he puts on his uniform, looking all official and determined. But the story takes a turn: Instead of jumping into action, he decides to just chill on his girlfriend’s couch. I guess, he thought there was a time and place for everything. Little did he know, there was a massive problem brewing. While he was off in the afterlife, his girlfriend became quite friendly with Toom. She saw Toom moving John’s body, but she didn’t get a clear look and jumped to a wild conclusion: She believed Toom and John were in some secret romance.

This misunderstanding led to some serious Revenge-Planning. I mean, her friends were in on it too. And what did they come up with? A rather extreme plan to cut off John’s genitals, and things got pretty wild. So, when John’s sitting quietly at her place, she decides to turn on the charm, and just when he’s about to leave, he doesn’t. Maybe he thought he had all the time in the world, and that’s where it all goes wrong. As it turns out, he doesn’t make it out alive. And who’s watching him slowly meet his end? His own girlfriend. It’s a shocking twist, because nobody would’ve thought she had it in her to do something like that. It makes you wonder, if maybe this was his Punishment for messing with a divine angel in the Afterlife. Or maybe it’s just a case of karma coming back to bite him.


John And The Angel

John’s return to the afterlife takes a rather grim turn. He’s back, but he’s not the confident, uniform-clad guy anymore. Nope, he’s upset, and he’s not even bothering with clothes. He’s so down in the dumps that you won’t hear a word from him on the way back. See, John had high hopes of grabbing that fame he’d been chasing, maybe even trending on Twitter. But instead of his name lighting up social media, he gets a shocking surprise –literally. Electric shocks and a punishment that leaves him without a stitch of clothing in the Afterlife.

But the angel is not done with him. She’s not just leaving him in that sorry state. She wants to send a clear message: don’t mess with her. So, she erases his entire existence from the universe. It’s pretty wild, how John went to such lengths to chase his dreams, only to end up stabbing himself in the back. 6ixtynin9: The Series serves up a hefty dose of irony and consequences that’ll keep you thinking about the choices we make and their unexpected outcomes.


John’s Relationship With His Boss

Inspector Bancha is an interesting character in this whole story. See, John has this strong dislike for him, and as you watch the series, you’ll start to understand why. Bancha is the deputy superintendent looking after the narcotics division, but he’s not exactly the kind of boss you’d want. One big reason, John is so desperate to crack that drug case before anyone else, is because of Bancha. It’s clear that he doesn’t have much love for his boss.

Bancha has this habit of taking all the credit, and John’s not too thrilled about that, to say the least. But in the end, things take a twist. Bancha meets his end in a shootout with the drug mafia. Now, there’s a huge possibility that John could’ve met a similar fate, but he chose a different path. Or maybe it was John, who somehow jinxed Bancha’s work, causing him to lose his life. Who knows? 6ixtynin9: The Series leaves room for all sorts of theories and surprises, as it unfolds.


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