‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: What Happened With Genevive’s Guardianship?

In the previous episode of Fire Country Season Two, Episode Six, we saw Cara pass away. It’s been tough for Jake to move on, as he was on the verge of proposing to her. For Genevive, losing her mother has been even harder, especially since a paternity test revealed that Bode isn’t her biological dad. Meanwhile, one of the Three Rock Camp prisoners escaped, and the sheriff was murdered by the superintendent on the same day. This made people in the community think the camp was dangerous with no security. They wanted it shut down, even though the escaped prisoner didn’t kill the sheriff—it was someone from their own police department! Now, in this new 7th episode, we’ll finally learn what’s going to happen with Genevive’s legal guardianship. Will Bode and his family step in as her guardians? And what about Three Rock Camp? Will it be shut down? Let’s dive into Episode Seven to find out all the answers!


Spoilers Ahead

What happened at the Three Rock Camp? 

As the episode starts, we see news reporters all over Eve, the captain of Three Rock Camp, eager to hear her thoughts on the decision to shut down the camp. Eve boldly suggests that shutting down the camp is a stupid idea! She argues that the camp has made prisoners’ lives better, helping them make better life decisions and training them in firefighting to keep the community safe. The prisoners don’t want to escape the camp; instead, the camp is their sanctuary, their way to escape their past and make positive changes. But despite Eve’s passionate defense, the decision has been made to put up fences to prevent escapes, ignoring the camp’s positive impact. Meanwhile, amidst the interviews, shouting can be heard just outside the camp. They discovered that there were protestors who wanted the camp shut down. The media captured footage of this, showing how the community believes the camp is full of prisoners with dark pasts, making them untrustworthy. Even though Manny, who was once a prisoner and turned his life around and became the ex-captain of Three Rock Camp, tried to reason with the protestors by sharing his own life story as an example, they didn’t seem to budge. Eve, Manny, and everyone else realized it was a lost cause. They knew their arguments would fall on deaf ears, and they came to the realization that the camp would eventually be shut down.


What happened to the driver? 

Meanwhile, as the protest raged on and Manny tried to reason with a protester, they got into a verbal confrontation. Suddenly, a car came speeding towards them. Manny acted quickly, risking his own life to save one of the protestors by pulling him out of the way so he wouldn’t be harmed, and obviously, the saved protestor was grateful to Manny! But in the chaos, two other protesters and the driver of the car got hurt. Two of them were taken away by ambulance, but the driver’s condition was critical. Gabriela, the new paramedic, rushed to help him. However, disaster struck! The car had crashed into an electric pole, causing the cord to tear and fall to the ground, electrifying it. The patient lost consciousness, trapped in the car, while the ground around them became electrified. Gabriela and the driver were both stuck, unable to move. Manny tried to shut off the power from Edgewater, but it wasn’t working! So Jake then made a bold decision. He called Vince, the captain of Station 42, and together they decided to go into the electrified area to rescue the patient. Meanwhile, Bode from the Three Rock Camp, seeing the danger, rushed to help, not only to save the patient but also for Gabriela. He joined Jake in the risky mission to save the patient and Gabriela. With their combined efforts, they managed to safely bring the patients out of the car and get Gabriela out too! As this heroic rescue mission unfolded, the protestors witnessing it realized they were wrong about the prisoners. They saw the bravery and kindness in these individuals, understanding that they were valuable members of the community who were willing to take risks to help others. 

What happened with Genevive’s guardianship? 

After losing Cara, her mother, Genevive seemed lost. Even though she knew Cara had wanted Bode to be her legal guardian, thinking he was her father, it wasn’t what Genevive wanted. You see, Genevive always imagined her favorite uncle, Jake, marrying her mother, Cara, and becoming a family. She saw Uncle Jake as her father figure. She didn’t know Bode well since he had been in prison, and she felt like he didn’t know anything about her either! With Bode away and Cara gone, Genevive felt alone. She was just a pre-teen girl, dealing with mood swings and not knowing how to cope. She felt like everyone was making decisions for her without asking what she wanted! So, when Sharon and Vince, Bode’s parents, wanted to sign the legal forms to become her guardians, Genevive threw a tantrum and wanted to leave. Jake realized what was really bothering Genevive. While Sharon and Vince thought she was acting like their late daughter, Riley, who used to throw similar tantrums, Jake understood Genevive’s true feelings. When he talked to her, Genevive expressed her wish for him to become her legal guardian, not Bode or his family. Jake promised her that he would be there for her and talk to Bode about it. When he spoke to Bode, you could imagine how heartbroken Bode must have been. He had been working hard to get out of prison to be with Genevive, and now he realized he couldn’t force her to accept him as her guardian. But Jake said something meaningful. He reminded Bode that all his life, he had been striving to be better for others, first for Gabriela and now for Genevive. He had never been selfish. Jake made him realize that from now on, he needed to live for himself too, accepting the fact that Jake would soon be Genevive’s father figure.


At the end of Fire Country episode 7, when Vince went to move the electric cord from the ground after the patient was rescued, he got electrocuted and was sent to the hospital unconscious! Everyone was devastated, but thankfully, he regained consciousness. However, he pretended everything was okay, even though it really wasn’t. When Gabriela visited him at the hospital, she noticed his hands were shaking terribly. But we all know Vince—he’s been knocked down before and always bounces back stronger! We know he’ll be just fine. But something unexpected happened at the end of the episode. Even though the Three Rock Camp prisoners proved they were do-gooders and not harmful to the community, Eve received official notice from CDCR about the shutting down of Three Rock Camp! What will happen next? We know the community is strong, and there are many examples of them being good people despite their pasts. Maybe the camp won’t get shut down. At least, that’s what we can hope for! We’ll find out more in the next episode!

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