‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Is The Sheriff Dead?

In the last episode of Fire Country, we saw a massive fire tornado. Vince and Station 47, along with the inmates from Three Rock Camp, managed to help calm down the fire. But amidst the chaos, a heartbreaking incident occurred: Cara, Jake’s girlfriend, tragically passed away. Now, in the sixth episode, we see that a month has passed since Cara’s death, and Jake is still trying to come to terms with his grief. Even though everyone on the crew is doing their best to lift his spirits with jokes and support, Jake remains focused on his work only. He hasn’t taken any time off; maybe he is using work as a way to cope with his loss. Meanwhile, there’s trouble brewing as an inmate from Three Rock Camp has escaped. The police and fire sergeants are on high alert, determined to catch him. But as they search for the escaped prisoner, they stumble upon another shocking discovery: a case involving money laundering and drug dealing within the police precinct itself. How do they manage to solve this case? And will they capture the escaped inmate? All these questions will be answered in this episode, so let’s dive in and find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Are Sharon And Mickey In A Fight? 

One day in the mountains, the fire drill was underway between Three Rock Camp and Station 47. All of a sudden, they saw the Sheriff and Sergeant Mickey flying in on a chopper, chasing a guy who’s a money launderer, carrying $50,000 in cash in a bag. He was in another chopper, and Mickey was hot on his tail. As she said that she would catch him eventually, the guy got nervous, and from his chopper, he threw the bag full of money to the ground. Imagine this: as everyone from the crew watched from the mountain, money started raining down from the sky! It was like something out of a dream. The folks from Three Rock Camp, along with everyone from Station 47, couldn’t resist; they all scrambled to collect the money like excited kids on a treasure hunt. They finally got hold of the money launderer, who also turned out to be a drug dealer. Naturally, Sheriff and Mickey wanted to know where he got all that cash and who he was working with. At first, the guy kept quiet, but then he said he’d spill the beans only if he could talk to Sergeant Kubiak. While Mickey stepped out of the room to let them talk, she met with Sharon, her sister, after a long time, and it’s not a pleasant meeting as they’ve got some history, you see. Their father was a drug dealer as well. On top of that, Mickey had arrested Bode back in the day, when he was just a teenager, for stealing shoes. Sharon later blamed Mickey for Bode’s downward spiral into drugs and crime, saying she had affected his fragile mind without understanding him or giving him a chance. But the truth is, Mickey arrested Bode, hoping to set him straight and not push him further down the wrong path. All these years, Mickey’s been carrying the weight of Sharon’s blame, and it’s been tough on her. So, even though Sharon wants to mend their relationship, Mickey’s not quite ready to let bygones be bygones.


Who Is Rudy? 

Rudy is an older guy at Three Rock Camp with stage 4C thyroid cancer. He’s got about six months left to live. He talks to Bode about how he wishes he’d spent more time with his kids. He tells Bode to make things right with his supposed daughter Genevieve, to hang out with her, take her shopping, and do fun dad-daughter stuff once he’s out of jail. But after that chat, Rudy goes missing. He’s escaped from the camp. The whole gang of fire sergeants, along with the police, went to find Rudy. Gabriela and her father, Manny, go looking for Rudy in the woods. They spot him hiding in the bushes. Manny tries to calm Rudy down, saying they can ask for a special release because of his health. But Rudy thinks it’s too late for that. He’s scared they won’t let him out now that he’s run away, and he’s worried he won’t ever see his son again. Rudy tells them to turn a blind eye and let him go his way. But being an ex-con, Manny knows the consequences of such things, and thus he has to call the sheriff about Rudy’s escape. Knowing how difficult life can be after jail, Manny gets why Rudy ran. While Manny’s on the phone, Rudy bolts, disappearing into the forest.

Who Killed The Sheriff? 

Sharon and Mackie tried to sort things out. Sharon felt like Mackie was always judging her, especially since Bode hadn’t turned out great. But Mackie had a bombshell: her daughter Sky, who’s smart and used to be a good kid, is now in rehab. Mackie had tried to reach out to Sharon for help, but Sharon never responded. Sharon realized she should’ve been there for her, especially since she’d faced similar issues with Bode. But as they were on their way to find Rudy, they spotted the sheriff’s car. As they went before the car, they found Fred, the sheriff, was dead, and Sergeant Kubiak had been shot but was still alive. Kubiak told them that Rudy, the escaped prisoner, had a gun and shot them. Now it wasn’t just an escape; it was a hunt for a cop killer. The FBI was getting involved. Sharon knew this would be tough for Mackie because Fred was like a father to her, so being a sister and making up for old times, she decided to stay with her.


Meanwhile, in prison, Rodman showed Bode a stash of money he’d collected the other day, saying it could change their lives. But Bode insisted they turn it in. That night, some angry locals, believing Rudy had killed the sheriff, came looking for him at Vince’s house with guns. Bode warned Kubiak about it, thinking that if those people found Rudy, they might kill him, so he would be better in custody, and told him where he could be, in an old cabin. But here’s the twist: Kubiak was the real killer of Fred. He was the real money launderer and knew the sheriff was onto him. So he’d killed the sheriff to cover his tracks. So, Kubiak and Bode headed to a fishing cabin where Rudy was supposed to be. Just as Kubiak was about to frame Rudy, he realizes Bode knew the truth, and Bode called Sharon and Mackie to inform them about this situation so that they could arrive just in time to arrest Kubiak. Bode tried to talk Rudy down, telling him to stop escaping and not get himself framed. But Kubiak tried to kill them, holding them at gunpoint. So, to save themselves, Bode knocked over a lantern, setting the cabin on fire. Because, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Fire Country without some fire, right? With the cabin in flames, Sharon and Mackie arrested Kubiak. Bode convinced Rudy to listen to him, and Rudy finally agreed, realizing he didn’t want to lose his chance to see his son. With Vince’s supervision, Station 47 came and calmed down the fire. 

As the series wraps up, and as Rudy was previously falsely accused of killing Fred, the sheriff of Three Rock Camp faces criticism for not having bars. People are worried that with no confinement, inmates could roam freely and pose a risk to the community. So there’s even a petition to shut the camp down. But Manny and Eve are determined to show that the camp actually makes the town better, not more dangerous. Just when things seem to be looking up for Bode, the paternity test results come in: he’s not Genevieve’s father! But you know what? Bode doesn’t care. He made a promise to Cara, and in his heart, Genevieve is already his daughter. Of all the mistakes he’s made throughout his life, this is one thing he wants to get right. He’s committed to being there for Genevieve and being the family she needs.


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